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About Disney 

The Walt Disney Company, fondly called Disney, is an American multinational conglomerate with ventures in amusement parks, films, and music, video, and website portals. Currently, Disney is one of the largest employers in the United States with a whopping revenue of $67.48 billion as of 2021. On October 16, 1923, Disney was founded by brothers Walt and Roy. Formerly called the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio, soon the brand “Disney” grew stronger. Disney started as an Animation company in the United States, and today, they are diverse in Live-Action Media and Theme Parks. Let us know ‘Disney Relocation Package’.

Disney Relocation Package

Career and Relocation

Disney offers abundant job opportunities in various fields like Business Support, Consumer Goods, Guest or Customer Service, Innovation and Technology Sciences, Operations along with Marketing and Sales. Their dedicated job portal is flooded with vacant opportunities and is consistently open for employment seekers. Disney is committed to providing career opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds, and voices for equality and inclusion. In 2020, Disney employees ensured an effective and safe work environment that focuses mainly on employee protection and customer satisfaction.

To keep talents within their bounds, many companies offer relocation conveyances to their top talents. Gone are the days when only the top management was offered this benefit. In today’s competitive market, a potential candidate can bargain such benefits with the companies. Like many other companies in the United States, Disney also offers relocation packages to their employees moving between states and countries. While every company has its customized policies for relocation, Disney has its relocation packages limited and available only for particular titles. Based on the level of the employees, the relocation package comes in different sizes. 

Read on to know more about the relocation packages offered by Disney for its employees.

Disney relocation package

As mentioned above, Disney has relocation packages curated based on the employee experience with Disney and the role they play. In general, Disney offers assistance in finding new homes for the employees, selling their old homes, making new leases at the recently moved state or country, breaking the lease, flight services, hotel accommodations as and when required by the employees, and packing and moving the belongings. All the services are not available to all the employees and are limited to a few roles. We will take you through the services offered to employees with different titles.

A typical relocation package offered by Disney would include the following.

  • The entire cost for packing your belongings
  • The entire cost of moving the belongings to the new place
  • Selling the old house and any assistance required
  • Breaking the lease for a smooth transition
  • Assistance with house hunting
  • Flight tickets 
  • Hotel accommodation in the new place
  • Storage cost for belongings
  • Temporary housing facility in the new place
  • Assistance in settling down in the new community

While the relocation package is curated to meet the needs of the employees, Disney also provides reimbursement options if required in the place of assistance. 

How Disney benefits from relocation package?

If you wondered why most companies offer attractive relocation packages, you are not alone. Providing relocation assistance has made a trend among the hiring companies in the hunt for top talents. It benefits both the employer and employee. 

Let us have a deep look into the benefits of the relocation package for Disney.

  • Disney can keep the talents if there comes a need for transfer rather than losing them to the competitors. When a high potential employee requests transfer, be it within the United States or abroad, Disney can offer relocation assistance for the employee.
  • Sending employees to foreign countries will help hone their leadership skills. A leadership role in foreign countries will benefit Disney to widen its network.
  • Imagine the cost it would take to hire talent locally while relocation assistance can help move their employees with the relevant profile.

In recent news, Disney started expanding its business to Florida and expected to relocate over 2000 employees from California to Florida. Note that most of the top executives have already started their relocation process.


When a company offers you a position, it is significant to research the benefits and packages that come along with it. In recent days, attractive packages are becoming a huge trend and cannot overlook the benefits. Ascertain the inclusion of all the services that come under the relocation aid. Also, you can make more requests with them if any other assistance is required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is the average relocation package in the United States?

For a renter, the relocation package would cost somewhere between $20k and $24k. If the employee is an owner of a house, it would be as high as $70k.

  1. Are relocation packages taxed?

Yes, the relocation package is considered income to the employee from the employer. Hence they fall under taxable income.

  1. Are the relocation packages negotiable?

Yes, you can negotiate with the company on the relocation package offered to meet your needs.

Disney Relocation Package – Know More

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