Hiring Managers – How to Impress Hiring Managers?

To know about how to Impress Hiring Managers…read on this article…!

Have you ever wondered about those little things that can help you impress your hiring manager? Yes, those are the little things that we often underestimate. But these things should also be considered important things that one should know before going for an interview. 

A hiring managers may have been receiving 300 applications on a daily basis, so you have to be impress top of mind of the hiring managers to be considered for the next round of the hiring process. 

So, let us discuss how you can stand out from the group of your competitors by impressing hiring managers or recruiters. This might look basic, but it really makes a huge difference.

Hiring Managers - How to Impress Hiring Managers?

Things to do to Impress the Hiring Managers

1. Come prepared for the interview

If you ask what coming prepared means, then it means that you know about the company. Like, maybe the latest projects they are working on, certain awards, and things like that which you can easily find out from the company’s official website and LinkedIn. It hardly takes an hour to do deep research. But if not that, you should at least know the little things about the company. The more you know, the higher the chances will be for the hiring manager to get impressed with your performance. 

Jeff Bezos Career Advice
Jeff Bezos Career Advice

If the interview is in person, come prepared with certain documents like multiple copies of your resume, cover letter, references sheet, etc. Ideally, you want to have three professional references and three personal references. And then you should also carry a notebook for you to take notes and look professional. You can write the list of the questions that you want to ask the hiring manager in the notebook. So you can refer to those questions at the end of the interview to learn about things you need to know.

2. You should know who is interviewing you

You should know who is going to be the lead interviewer. If it is a first-round interview, it is probably going to be the hiring manager or recruiter depending on the size of the company. It is a larger company, it could be a department head. But just know who is interviewing you. And the good idea to find out about this without connecting to them is by going to their LinkedIn and looking for their hr or department head. After finding their profile you can learn more about them through that. You may end up having similarities with them such as the same hometown, or sometimes you may have the same schools, you never know. 

You can find out about the hiring managers’ duties, roles and achievements. Then you can talk about that in your interviews to show the hiring manager that you value their work and achievements. By doing all of this, the hiring manager will surely get impressed.

3. Show some energy

It is said that you should have 10 percent more energy than the other person, to show that you are really enthusiastic about them. It goes the same with the interviews as well. When you are getting interviewed by your hiring manager, you should show some energy while responding to their questions. That does not mean, you show over-excitement and actually freak them out. You must match their energy but should have just slightly more than them. When you are not matching their energy at least, you will look as if you are not that excited about joining the company. 

Even when you walk into the room, it should feel energetic. So, it is a really good thing to have to make a first good impression. And if you are low on energy because you are nervous, it is another thing, because they can really tell if you are nervous or just have no interest in them. 

4. Carry yourself well

You should dress well according to the role you are going to be interviewed for. You must look clean and well-groomed as well. Because this is the least you could do to impress the hiring manager. Even though it seems very basic, it is the only thing you can do to make a good first impression. And it is needless to say, that first impression matters the most. It is believed that, if you have a negative first impression, it takes around 7 positive impressions to make up for it. So you want to stand on your right foot in the first meeting. 

Another thing you should do is put a smile on your face and be cheerful. Because if you light up the room when entered with your energy, it really impresses the hiring manager. That shows how positive you are as a human being which is really important in the work environment as well. So, do not be dull and untidy.

5. Show some respect

When you are getting interviewed by someone, you must not forget to show respect for them. You must understand that they are higher in the position. Even if you know that you have more achievements and experience than them, you must still be polite and not show arrogance. It often happens due to some reasons you are applying for the lower position or company. You should not forget that at the moment they carry more power by having the right to hire you or reject you. Yes, you must be proud of your achievements but you must never be arrogant.

If you are feeling comfortable and confident while getting interviewed, remember never to break the professional bond between you and the hiring manager by being over-friendly. This is something very important to note. 

6. Answer the question

When somebody asks you a question, please answer them, do not just sit idly. You should use brevity in your answers. You should be answering the question in a 30 seconds to 1-minute span. A lot of people will miss out on positions, where they will get through all the processes. But in the end at the panel interview, they trail off in their answers. And it is really important that you should not do it. Because a company wants to see that you are communicative and can get things done that you are direct to. When you are practicing for your interview, use a timer. But you want to use brevity and answer those questions.

It is really good to demonstrate in stories what you can do. You should not just think about answering the question but also think about how you can frame it properly to impress the hiring manager. And you can do this by practicing a bunch of interview questions, especially behavioral ones.

7. Ask questions at the end of an interview

You should always ask the hiring manager some questions at the end of an interview. Once the interview is over, they will always ask you whether or not you have any questions for them to answer. And when they ask this, the hiring managers are actually expecting you to have some questions for them. But if you simply say no, it will make you look like you do not have any kind of interest in finding out about the job details or company details. 

What it does is flip the script. So they were asking you questions at the beginning of your interview, but this is your chance now to ask them the questions. A lot of people do not ask them and even if they did, they just ask one question and that too regarding the money. Always remember, if you have the right skills, they will offer you the range that you want if it is within their budget. So, please focus on improving your skills and never ask about money in the interview until they ask you about your salary expectations.

8. Always send thank you note after the interview

You should never forget to send a thank you note to your hiring manager, once the interview is over. You can send it through an email and then you can also connect to them on LinkedIn. You should thank your hiring manager for their time because they really spend a lot of time interviewing people and choosing the right candidate. Then you can add in your note that you are really interested in joining their company. This just shows them that you appreciate them. But make sure to keep the thank you note short and straightforward. Because they cannot spend a long time reading your thank you speech.

And in case you do not hear back from them within 3 days maybe, you can send a quick short email to them asking whether they have any updates for you.


We all want to impress our hiring managers so that they can offer us the position. But a lot of us think that it is really tough to impress the hiring manager. And it is not actually very true. In fact, you can easily impress your hiring manager in the interview by doing the minimum. Many people try to focus on huge things and ignore small things that could make the biggest difference. 

In this article, you will find those key techniques for impressing your hiring manager. Just follow these, and you will definitely end up getting the job in your hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to know if the hiring manager is impressed?

You can tell that the hiring manager is impressed if they continue the interview for a long time.

2. Why are hiring managers rude sometimes?

If the hiring manager is being rude to you, they are most likely checking how you would react in such situations especially if you are interviewing for retail. This is to help them figure out how you would handle difficult customers.

Hiring Managers – How to Impress Hiring Managers?

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