Cute Ways To Say Goodbye

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye

Goodbyes can be difficult, saddening, and downright awkward. Spending time with family, friends and loved ones is what makes humans the social animals we are often defined as. We spend time together doing fun-packed activities and making new memories. But, at the end of the day, we must part ways. The awkward, dreaded “Goodbye” looms large. A way to lessen the dampness of Goodbyes is to play with them. Here are the Cute Ways To Say Goodbye.

There are many cute ways to say goodbye. Ways that vary significantly from the lame, regular ‘goodbyes’ that we awkwardly let out after having a splendid time. The way you part ways with your friend, family, or loved one should easily communicate what the activity fone means to you and what the person concerned means to you. Below are the numerous ways to say goodbye to friends, family, and loved ones.

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye To A Friend

Friendships are a beautiful thing. Friendships represent one of the most, if not the most generally accepted and universally emulated forms of relationship and human interaction. Lifelong friends are not uncommon, but they are hard to find or grow to the stage where the relationship earns the tag-lifelong. Regardless of the level or depth of the friendship, a friend is someone to joke around with and have a good time with and to have those serious conversations with. After a fun hangout, you shouldn’t just say ‘goodbye’ and be on your way. Here are some cute ways to say goodbye to a friend:

“Try to stay alive!”

Friends are important to maintaining a good life balance regardless of your marital or relationship status, and the older you get, the fewer new friends you typically tend to make. Hence, the need to keep your current friends alive- for the selfish reason of not having to go through the talking phase with a new stranger. This playful greeting is sure to warrant a response the next time you see each other.

“See ya!”

In case you have a set daily syllable limit or programmed word count, you do not want to waste that on saying goodbye. It’s short, It’s apt. It is less awkward than a traditional goodbye.

“Don’t miss me too much”

This is for friends that are practically family, it is a playful way to get around the “I’m gonna miss you” you are both too awkward to say out loud. This packs a nice playful punch. Your friend may get defensive and try to feign independence, but deep down, they know they are going to miss you.

“I’m leaving now, don’t cry”

This cuts through the tension that may build up as the clock ticks towards part-ways Ville. It does so while simultaneously being a decent joke.

“I’ll be back” (In Your Best Schwarzenegger Accent)

This remains one of the most culturally relevant quotes from the terminator. It is a sure-fire quotable to avoid any awkward goodbyes. Plus, with time, you will perfect your Schwarzenegger accent.

“Adios amigo!”

Have you been Spanish? No? Doesn’t matter. This still beats saying “goodbye friend”.


A little whimsical, two syllabic goodbyes popular amongst snobby theatre, and broadway goers from those classic Hollywood movies we all love to hate. Ta-ta!

“Later Dude”

This is recommended for people that do not typically utter the word “dude”. Using this cute goodbye by non-dude-rs would warrant a hilarious response from the recipient. This hilarious response would bypass the awkward goodbye moment.

“It’s been real”

It means it has been great/I had a good time. However, depending on usage, it has been used to express displeasure goodbyes, goodbyes that are not worthy of the ‘good’ in ‘goodbye’. Despite the complicated backstory and baggage attached to it, it remains a top contender in this list.  

–insert name here— out!”

This is more of an announcement of your exit and less of a cute alternative for the traditional goodbye, But, it could be cute depending on the dynamic of the friendship, the tone used to say it, the finesse with which it is said, etc. Just play with it.

“Au revoir mon ami”

Have you been French? No? Doesn’t matter. This still beats saying “goodbye friend”. For the best results, throw in a french accent. You can perfect your french accent by saying “croissants” a few times into a mirror. 


Cut out the good part and stretch out ‘bye’ till the point you run out of breath or your friend punches you in the face. 

“Cry now, laugh later when I return”

This cute phrase helps to cut the tension with a close friend when you have to part ways. Albeit the blatant unseriousness, it is a more heartfelt goodbye worthy of those friends that are practically siblings.

“To world peace” (While holding up the peace sign on both hands)

This is an alternative to the awkward goodbye. Throw up the peace sign and slowly back out of the premises walking in reverse. It’s cool and cute, at the same time. There are not many things that one can describe like that.

“Peace out!”

This is lazy, but the equally cute version of the former item on this list. With this, you are providing subtitles to what your fingers are doing.


This is a popular way to say goodbye amongst guy friends. It comes in handy when you have no idea how to take your leave.

“In case this is the last time I see you… Goodbye”

The chances of every goodbye, in any way or form, is the last time you see the recipient of the goodbye are 

“See you later, Terminator”

This is a cute knock-off from “See you later alligator”. It represents another fun alternative way to say goodbye. 

“I’m out!”

This very straightforward way of saying goodbye plays off the exaggerates the type of directness that is typically expected from friendly goodbyes. Just yell “I’m out” and walk out.

“And scene”

 When you reach your final act of defiance or just the end of a fun day spent with a friend, take a bow and drop the curtains because that is a wrap. This is especially cute if your friend likes that type of thing.

“You can take your leave now”

This pleasantry is for instances where it is your friend doing the leaving. When she/he says goodbye or any of its variations, you reply with this. Keep a straight poker face for as long as you can.

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye To A Loved One

Saying goodbye to a loved one is different from saying goodbye to a friend. Admittedly, lovers are friends first and foremost but they deserve something extra cute and extra special. In addition to the exhaustive list of cute ways to say goodbye to a friend listed above, here is a list of cute ways to say goodbye to a loved one:

“I hate that I have to leave

Vulnerability plays a big factor in connections in a relationship. Telling your loved ones this lets them know that if you could, you would spend your entire time with them. It would put a smile on her/his face and it will surely warm her/his heart.

“Counting the days, hours, minutes till I see you again”

I miss you” is too boring. Your loved one is already aware that she/he would be missed in the time apart so play with it a little by delving into the degree of the desire to want them around when away from them.

“Missing you already baby”

You should say this to a loved one right before you leave to reassure them of the importance of their presence in your life. The use of “already” is very flattering and they would be sure to appreciate the level of love you have towards them.

“Goodbyes suck”

They do. If you are lost for words when leaving a loved one. The truth is the best way to go. Goodbyes suck, and they will continue to suck, admit it and see where the conversation leads before taking your leave.

“Stay groovy my precious ruby”

A little cute, playful and simple rhyming goodbye. Regardless of what you and your girlfriend or boyfriend are into, no one under 90 says groovy. It is a sure-fire phrase to turn something as nerve-wracking as goodbyes to golden laughable moments.

“Love ya!”

Say goodbye to your boyfriend or girlfriend/wife or husband by restating your love for them. This is one of the cutest ways to diversify your goodbye portfolio. If that is a thing.

“One kiss for the road?”

 You already get an automatic kiss when you say goodbye to your girlfriend or boyfriend/ wife or husband. But, asking makes it that little bit cuter. It communicates to your significant other that you are interested in that contact with them and that, for you, it represents a conscious gesture and not a default programming that you may have become accustomed to.

“Bye babe”

A “bye babe” works where you are not going to be gone for long. It is arguably the most casual cute way to say goodbye to your significant other.

“Call me!”

Your loved one may be embarking on a trip. Inform your boyfriend or girlfriend/ husband or wife to call you right before they leave on their trip as a form of goodbye.

“Don’t be gone for long”

This cute alternative to the dreaded goodbye, like the former, applies when your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, seeks to embark on a journey that will last for a fair amount of time. They’ll keep you at the back of their minds for the duration of their trip and ensure you are not kept waiting for too long.

“I owe you a kiss for every hour I’m gone”

Set yourself up for a lavish makeout session with this one. It is a kiss bank. The cuteness associated with this variation of the cute ways to say goodbye may make your boyfriend, husband, girlfriend, or wife take you up on that offer. Get started in those lip exercises that you have been skipping out on.

“Can’t wait till I return to you”

This heartfelt phrase will put a smile on the face of your wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other. It’s sweet and a compliment that your partner would appreciate.

“Bye-bye boo boo”

This is a playful, and cute exit phrase that is sure to leave your significant other smiling, unless your significant other knows ‘boo boo’ to mean something else. 

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye To Family

There is no place like home, no bond quite like the bond we have with family members. With family, you may not see each other for years until the next big family event when everyone comes together. In these settings, words are important, what you say when you leave might be what they hold on to until they see you again. Remember to also try with family, as Kacey Musgraves puts it- “friends come in handy but family is family”. Here are a few cute ways to say goodbye to the family:

“I’ve had so much fun today”

End your family event on a cheerful note by letting everyone know how much fun you had spending time with them. It will mean a lot to everyone who helped put the event together.

“Thank you for a lovely day”

Gratitude is a great trait to demonstrate at a family event. This phrase is gracious, humble, and cute. 

“I’ll have nothing but fond memories about today”

Your goddaughter may have puked on you at the dinner table because you couldn’t ignore her tears when your cousin specifically told you to leave her in the crib and continue with your dinner, but those are still fond memories. Memories that can only happen with family, around family, my family.

“Thanks for a memorable evening”

This is another cute and gracious expression of gratitude that would be appreciated by all planners involved. Try to make the best of every family outing so you would not have to make this one up, and mean it when you say it.

I can’t wait till the next  time we get together, It has been a blast

This is a cute alternative to the dreaded, traditional goodbye that could have been under either of the two previous headings. This phrase makes its appearance in this article under this heading because we all get to stages in our lives where family outings and interactions are a rarity. Life is a clutter of simultaneously moving parts and it’s hard to keep track of everything and anything, even family. The ‘next time’ referenced in the phrase denotes the rarity of the occasion and how much it means to you that you were even able to make time out for this one. 

I can’t say this hasn’t been a good one

For those of us who find it slightly difficult to give out compliments even though our bodies are aching to do so, here is a way out. It is indirectly hinting at how much fun you had with your family and how successful the event/dinner/outing/fun day was. 

Viva la Familia !

Scream this at the top of your voice on your way out having said one of the other forms of goodbyes. It translates into “Long live the family !”. 

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye To A Co-Worker/Colleague

Work interactions work best when limited to work matters. The attempts to limit the scope of these interactions, however, should not hinder the effort we put into our interactions with our co-workers and/or colleagues. Here are a few cute ways to say goodbye to a co-worker/colleague Here are a few cute ways to say goodbye to a coworker/colleague:

“Can’t wait to be pushing paper with you again tomorrow”

You can say this when you are headed out of the office. It is a cute way of saying “till tomorrow!”. Throw in a fist bump or a wave to make it less distant.

“Stay alive, we have a lot to do tomorrow”

This is lightheartedly funny, cute, without sacrificing the seriousness that should typically accompany workplace conversations.

“Take care” 

This would probably score considerably less on the cute meter if that is a thing. It is more straightforward, however, it does show some form of concern towards the wellbeing of your colleague, hence, its place in this list.

“Good work today, more of the same tomorrow”

Positive feedback is one of the key drivers of performance in a workplace. Any feedback at all is good, but positive feedback tends to spur an individual to complete tasks. Commend your coworker and/or colleague on the good job they are doing for the organization.

“Lunch is on me tomorrow if I make it through the night, Bye!”

This is a nice way to communicate your sense of humor while saying goodbye to a coworker and/or colleague. This is applicable where a coworker/colleague is one with whom you typically have lunch. 

“I want to see more of that can-do attitude tomorrow !”

This is another phrase that both commends and encourages whilst saying goodbye.

Cute Ways To Say Goodbye

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