Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers – Examples

Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers- Examples

Farewell can be an emotional time for both the one who’s leaving and those left behind. Especially when you’ve worked in an organization for a large amount of time, your colleagues and coworkers become an extended family to you. And when you leave such a workplace where you’ve invested a good amount of your time, you should say goodbye to coworkers on your last working day. 

When it comes to thanking or bidding farewell to your coworkers, you ought to do it properly and wholeheartedly because they were the ones who made working fun for you. Our coworkers and colleagues often become our best friends who support us through the thick and thin of our lives. So when you leave, they do deserve a sweet, heartfelt, and courteous goodbye message from your side. You should keep it cheerful, polite, and fun instead of pointing out that you’re about to get separated.

Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers 

To help you with your goodbye speeches on your last working day, here are few ways in which you can say the final goodbye to your fellow employees who are soon going to be your ex-employees: 

  • Working with you never felt like working. You were an extended family to me. I still remember my first day when I joined as a shy boy/girl who knew nothing about the job, but you all helped me to learn, know and grow. I will miss our lunches at the dine-in, miss our regular coffee breaks, miss the crazy workload during the closing, and miss us thinking of excuses not to attend the weekly meetings. I will miss you all very much. Hoping to always keep in touch with every one of you.

  • From now on, I won’t call you my colleagues, but I will always remember you as my friends. Thank you for giving me some of the most beautiful days of my life. Thank you for supporting me and rooting for me in times of crisis. There has never been a team as helpful and as loyal as you. A team like you would be hard to find anywhere else. Thank you for always having my back. Yes, it is a difficult time. But let’s not get weary. Change is the very essence of life. Although I am no longer a part of this company, I will still be just one call away, as always. Feel free to reach me anytime you need and oblige me by letting me assist you in any way I can.

  • So, finally, the day has come. This is my last day working with you all. I see some of you crying and most of you with a glum face. I urge you not to be sad. We’ll surely keep in touch. This is just a new beginning for me as well as you all. You were more like friends to me than just my colleagues. Thank you for being a source of constant support and strength. Friends like you are hard to find, and I will miss every day of my job here. I wish every one of you all the very best for all your future endeavors. I hope our paths keep crossing time and again. Stay in touch!

  • We come to a close to an eventful and enriching journey. Thank you for making every day of my tenure extremely productive and valuable. You were always there to push me to bring the best out of me. I am glad to call you people my friends whom I once used to call my colleagues. This was not just a workplace for me but more like my home. You are why I am finding it so difficult to leave the job today, but circumstances need me to. Wishing you all the very best for your future possibilities and hope that we keep in touch.

  • It is time that we bid goodbye. It is time that we part. But we must not be weary. I had the best time working with all of you, and I want to end it on a good note. There were days filled with the happiest of feelings that I could muster. There were also days when the workload would get to us, and we would have to meet a short deadline. We have seen it all. Whether the day was bright or dark, we went through it all and came out stronger. Thank you for being the reason for my confidence and my belief in myself. This journey wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for your constant support and encouragement towards me. 

  • This has been an amazing ride. We did it all together, from meetings to deadlines, and today, I stand before you all, asking for leave. Tomorrow will be the same old day in this building with just the difference that you won’t see me at my desk, you won’t eat with me at lunch, you won’t walk with me to the cafeteria, and I won’t be there working with you. All things would be the same. But for me, nothing would ever be the same again because I will not be having my friends around me anymore. I hope we keep in touch and keep crossing each other’s paths time and again. 

  • It is hard even to imagine that tomorrow I won’t be seeing your faces. In the coming day, we will all start afresh. Though it does sound exciting, it comes with the incomparable sorrow of losing some of the best colleagues in the world. My time with you all has been utter bliss. I will miss every day that I worked here. Thank you for making each day of mine such a success. Thank you for always sending me back home smiling. You were a gem of people, and I will always cherish you in my heart. May all of you do your very best in the future.

  • Although I am leaving today, I know I am leaving this place in good hands. I am honored and privileged to have worked with such fantastic and diligent co-workers. Kudos to you on everything you have achieved as a team and bring this company to a greater height. May you all keep flourishing and prospering the same way for the great of your lives. Hoping to come across you someday somewhere. I will always keep in touch. You all will always be cherished in my sweetest memories.

  • That cabin will have a new owner tomorrow. That chair will have a new person to sit in. This place will have a new person to work with you towards achieving your daily goals. But for me, some people will always remain stagnant in my heart. Some people will always be there no matter what comes and goes. You, my dear friends, hold a special place in my heart. I may be leaving the office, but you will always be there with me. The experience I gained while working with you is unparalleled to any other experience in this world. 

  • We have come a long way, seen a lot of things. It’s time to bid adieu now. I know this farewell won’t be taken well by many of us, but we must part with smiling faces and not sad ones because this is a new beginning, and we must accept it wholeheartedly. I know you will all do very well in your lives. I hope I was as fruitful and helpful to you as you all were in my life. I made a new family here, and a family always finds a way to stick together. I will always stick to you in the times to come. Good luck with your future. 

  • Thank you for making me a better person every passing day. Thank you for offering me such an extraordinary adieu. Today, I am a confident and a grown man, and it wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you. I have learned some of the most valuable lessons of life while working with you all. The kind of dedication, teamwork, diligence, and assiduousness that you all showcased was something incredible to experience and learn from. Thank you for helping me build from my mistakes and become a better person each day. 

  • From my very first day to today, it has been a roller coaster ride. We have seen the highs, and we have seen the lows, and we all took it with a smiling face and resolute determination. We worked together like a marvelous team for whom nothing was ever impossible. No matter what came our way, we tackled it the best possible way. I will miss all of you in my coming life. It is not going to be easy to work without such talented minds like you. May you all do your very best in the future, and we meet again soon. 

  • Our weekly lunches to our Friday night movies, I’m gonna miss it all very much. Life is taking a new turn for all of us. We all will have to adjust to the new changes. But, I urge you all to do it with a smile. Don’t bid me goodbye with dry and sad faces. This is a new beginning, and we’ll meet again. You were the best team I have ever worked with. You were the reason why I could look forward to work each day. Thank you for giving me a memory to always cherish in my heart. You all will always hold a very special place in my heart. 

  • I know it was not easy putting up with me. It can be a lot to take sometimes. But you did it all with a smile. Thank you for always correcting me with my mistakes and helping me develop from them. You helped me lay a foundation for a strong and successful career. I will never be grateful enough to you and your immense contribution to my life. People loathe going to work and hate their colleagues, but I have had a different experience altogether. I do not look up to you as just my coworkers but my dear friends who always held me back when I needed it the most. I will always keep in touch with you. 

  • I look back at my time here with you all, and I only see happiness. There are so many beautiful memories that it is almost impossible for me to bid you all the final goodbye. You gave me an experience I had never experienced before and proved to be the kind of co-worker I had not expected. You made every project seem so much fun, and every task appear as if it was a piece of cake. Thank you for imbibing in me the valuable lessons of determination, hard work, diligence, endurance, and persistence. Thank you for making me a better person with every passing day.

  • I am one of the luckiest people worldwide to have such an amazing team and diligent coworkers. I couldn’t have grown and achieved every day if it weren’t for your constant support and dedication. You are my second family and will always hold a very special place in my heart. From regular meetings to weekly lunches, I’ll miss it all. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to work with such diligent and hard-working coworkers who make each task so easy and much fun. Thank you for such an amazing time.

  • Work here did not work. It was enjoyable. People here were not my colleagues but my dearest friends. I have never had a more enriching and fulfilling experience ever before in my life. Working here seemed like the easiest thing to do, even if the tasks we were given at hand were strenuous and arduous. I can proudly say that I am a more confident and grown man today, and it has all been possible because of you. The things I have learned from this team have taught me more than I had gained in my entire life. Thank you for being the sole reason for my well-being. 

  • You are the kind of coworkers anyone would yearn to work with. I doubt if I will ever come across a team like you. The kind of spirit and vitality with which you helped me overcome the daily challenges was incredible and really commendable. I learned how to finish my task on time, avoid procrastination, and give my best output. I will surely keep in touch with all of you. I may be leaving the office today, but you all will always have a place in my heart. 

  • There was a day when you welcomed me with good wishes and warm regards, and then there’s today when you all have to bid me goodbye. I say you do it with the same smile on your face because it is life, and the show must go on. Today, I don’t drown in the gloom that it’s all ending. I am glad that I made the best use of my time here and am leaving as a grown and experienced person, far different from what I was on my first day. It was only possible because of you. You were my building stones and my guiding light all through my journey. Thank you for your undying support. 

  • There were days when I didn’t feel like working. You were always there to lift my spirits high. There were days when I was too demotivated to work. You were always there to get me back on my feet. There were days when the workload seemed impossible. Yet, you were always there to help me achieve it. Thank you for your continuous support and assistance. Today I can confidently say that I have worked with one of the best teams in the world and some of the world’s sweetest and kindest people. Thank you for giving me memories that I can forever cherish. 

  • You come across many people in your lifetime. Some stay, some don’t, but there are very few who remain in your memories forever. That lot is a special one, and we must always hold on to them. I am one of the lucky ones to come across that lot in my life. You all have been the light of my life, my supporting pillar who always helped me take a step forward each day. You were there when I needed your support the most and helped me in my downfalls to getting better each day. I will never forget the kind of impact you had on my life. I will always stay in touch. 

  • Working is so much fun when it is done with your friends. It makes the process a lot more enriching and prospering. Every day that I came here to work with you all, I learned something new and gained a different experience. The kind of love that I received here would be hard to find anywhere else, which makes this farewell so much more difficult. Bidding goodbye to coworkers or colleagues is easy, but it is a very tough and hard thing to do to friends. I hope you all do your very best in the future and look forward to staying in touch. 

  • The day has finally come to bid goodbye. The good times and the bad made up for the most beautiful experience I ever had working anywhere. You are the people who made working for me extremely fun and fulfilling. It was you who made me look forward to work every morning when I woke up from bed. Every day here was filled with immense and comparable joy. Thank you for filling every day of mine with such positivity and goodwill. I will never forget my time here and will always cherish you as some of the best people I have ever encountered in my life. 

  • I look at people unsatisfied with their jobs and unhappy with their working environments, and I feel so lucky. I was grateful to have people like you as my colleagues, as it is only because of you that I could get better and better each day. Because of you, I could recognize my mistakes and work on them towards betterment and improvement. I am a grown and better person today, and it has only been possible from your constant support and ardent assistance that you provided me in every stage of my journey. I will miss you a lot. I hope our paths keep crossing time and again. 

  • There are no other colleagues like you people in this whole wide world. You helped me grow not only professionally but personally, morally, and ethically. This was not a workplace but an abode of development and continuous improvement. It never felt like working in a busy workplace with people driven only by money or recognition. Instead, you made me feel like I was working with my family members, who were all committed to bringing the best out of me. Thank you for giving me such an enriching and wonderful experience.

  • I joined this work with a lot of doubts and fears within me. I was worried if I would fit in, if the people working here would accept me, or if I would be able to do my job at all. But you made it all seem so easy and fun that today I look back and feel proud of my tremendous growth and success when I worked here. I would have been able to do it all if it weren’t for you. You are a team of talented people, and I believe that every one of you will do really well in the coming times. I will always keep you at the bottom of my heart. Good luck with your future. 

  • Many people in this world have a family. But I am among the select few who have not just one but two different families. I am very blessed to have joined this company because it made me come across beautiful people like you. There was not a single day when you didn’t make me feel special. Working with you filled me with new energy and vigor and helped put my best efforts into anything I did. So I am not sad that it is ending today. Rather I am glad that it happened. Thank you for filling my life with immense joy. Thank you for giving me wonderful memories to cherish. All the best for your future! 

  • It is so difficult to say goodbye to you all because you gave me a time when I had not lived anywhere before. The kind of growth and development that I got to see on a professional as well as on a personal level wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for you. I will miss you all very much wherever I go from here. Because of you, I came to work smiling and went home with the same smiling face. Thank you for making this work a place of utter bliss and joy. 

  • I know that today is not that pleasant a day. I know that bidding farewell to a friend is not that easy a task. I see many sad faces. But I want to request you all to please cheer up. This is just another phase of this journey called life. The time we had together was marvelous, and we must not bid it goodbye with gloomy hearts and glum faces. I will always cherish the joyous times we had together, and you will all be placed very carefully in a safe corner of my heart. Hoping to always keep in touch. May you all flourish and prosper to your greatest extent. 

  • On my last day, I look back at my first and am delighted to see my growth curve only ascending with every passing day. The only reason behind it is this team of hardworking and diligent coworkers like you. I am one of the luckiest people to have come across such a team, making everlasting bonds and strong relations. You all will be deeply missed by me and will always be in my happy memories. Thank you for making me the person I am today. Thank you for making me believe in myself and being my strength for all the endeavors that are there to come. I will always keep in touch. 


Bidding farewell can be a tough and emotional job, but it can be done well if you have the right thing to say at the end of your journey. Every good story has a good closure to it in the end. These were a few ways in which you can say goodbye to your fellow workers if you’re near the end of your tenure. So take a glass of champagne, get to the stage and pour your heart out to those people who deserve it well. 

Ways to Say Goodbye to Coworkers – Examples

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