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Genesis Healthcare Careers – It specializes in the post-acute treatment, rehabilitation, skilled nursing, and lengthy treatment. Genesis has around 500 nursing care homes and assisted/senior living homes in 34 states as of January 2017. Around 1,700 healthcare professionals in 45 states and the District of Columbia receive Genesis’ rehabilitation therapy. Around 80,000 people work for Genesis.

Genesis Healthcare Careers

Genesis Healthcare is one of the leading firms in the healthcare sector in the US. They boast of about 68,700 employees and have a total revenue generation of about $5.7 billion. They have different positions available for skilled and dedicated individuals and professionals. Applicants with no or little amount of experience are usually hired for entry-level positions in the organization.

Job Description 

They are various positions available at Genesis Healthcare. They are keen to employ honest, dedicated, and skilled individuals who serve in different capacities and regions of the company. Genesis Healthcare assesses an individual’s applications without any form of discrimination of religion, race, or background. Below are some of the jobs available at Genesis Healthcare:

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse 

A licensed practical nurse (LPN) assists physicians and nurse practitioners and operates within their supervision (RNs). Although a certified nurse doesn’t really require the same amount of education or experience as a registered nurse, they play an important role in healthcare services by aiding professional nurses and doctors with patient diagnosis and treatment.

Below are the duties of a Licensed Practical Nurse:

  • Observe the patient’s health status and keep track of them in their report. 
  • Bathe, feed, and clothe each patient to ensure their hygiene and comfort. 
  • Assist nurses and doctors with fundamental medical chores such as drug administration. 
  • Maintain patient records in a secure manner. 
  • Evaluate the patient’s health and alert medical personnel if there are any issues. 
  • Ensure that patients are mending appropriately by changing dressings and bandages

Job Requirements:

  • Communication abilities that are powerful 
  • Management skills and planning are essential. 
  • Ability to solve problems 
  • Lifting and moving patients is a skill that must be developed. 
  • Cooperation and coordination skills are excellent. 
  • Basic health-care practices are well-understood. 
  • Measuring and delivering medicine knowledge 
  • Long-term ability to stand or sit
  1. Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

An OB-GYN or a gynecologist-obstetrician identifies and treats several medical issues that affect the health of women. Its tasks include diagnosing and managing disorders, healthcare for expectant mothers, and regular checks of females. There are many obligations for OB-GYNs. This field brings together obstetrics — a particular care area covering childbearing and childbirth care — with gynecology covering all areas of women’s health. They carry out initial diagnostics, provide the best available therapies, and explain complex diseases in simple terms.

Below are the duties of an Obstetrics and Gynecology physician: 

  • the diagnosis and treatment of women’s diseases such as some forms of cancer and menopause disorders 
  • Communicating with expectant moms to describe the process of birth 
  • Conduct routine patient checks 
  • Supplying young moms with labor and postnatal care 

Job Requirements:

  • Active ability to listen 
  • The ability to control others in the care of a patient 
  • Capacity to develop customized treatment plans 
  • Knowledge of all medical devices required for therapy 
  • Competencies in problem solving 
  • The capacity to give precise, efficient care, even under pressure
  1. Nursing Assistant 

A nursing assistant or caregiver assists patients in performing specific day-to-day duties that they cannot do by themselves due to illness. They work in homes, penitentiary, hospitals, nursing, and other health centers. Typically they work under a certified health care professional, and they are the main carers of patients in nursing institutions.

Below are the duties of a Nursing Assistant:

  • Patients can’t help themselves with everyday activities 
  • Patient Administration of Medicines 
  • Patients bathing and clothing 
  • Meals and assistance for patients 
  • Support beds by shifting or repositioning patients on the bed 
  • The vital signs of patients examine (such as pulse, blood pressure and temperature) 
  • report changes in the attitude or status of a patient to a registered nurse
  • Help patients feed their food. 
  • Regularly clean linen. 
  • Check for vitals and report RN indicators of concern. 
  • Clean bed closets and supplies. 
  • Help movement difficulties patients move freely

Job Requirements:

  • A legitimate nursing authorization. 
  • Previous experience as a caregiver 
  • Completed education as an assistant nurse. 
  • Patience. 
  • Compassion. 
  • Outstanding interpersonal abilities. 
  • Capable of working long shifts. 
  • Patient lifting and transportation strength
  1. Unit Director 

A director of the unit is a manager responsible for supervising a group of physicians in an organization. This director is responsible for managing medical and management activities for experts working in initiatives for mental health. To optimize the revenues of the medical facility, the director must aid in recruiting health professionals. The Director should also participate in meetings with the OCFS Program to discuss program performance and results measures.

Below are the duties of a unit director:

  • Plan and manage payroll and purchases which include budget balance; build daily customer interactions. 
  • Establish and maintain significant collaborations of strategic importance including joint development agreements. 
  • For 20 five employees, including psychological assistants, LPN’S and RN’s, serve as unit managers. 
  • Provide each RN and LPN with quarterly reports. 
  • Ensure that JCAHO, the federal and state requirements are observed.
  • Give the residents of the Alzheimer’s division case management assistance. 
  • Direct unit to become JCAHO certified in cooperation with all disciplines. 
  • Get Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies’ authorizations for services. 
  • Migrate all activities with a successful implementation to a modern ERP and retail platform. 
  • Examine business functions and implement new procedures, roles and responsibilities, as well as new KPIs

Job Requirements:

  • Unit manager roles minimally demand an active Registered Nurses license provided by the state the person works in. 
  • Most employers either demand a BSN or are required to have an Associate Degree in Science in Nursing (ADN). 
  • Strong applicants have a master’s degree in nursing science (MSN), two years of previous administrative expertise and leadership, and experience in the long-term care of senior patients
  1. Director 

A corporate director supervises daily operations, including a corporation’s business and financial activities. Managers shall ensure that business activities are performed by rules and regulations previously laid out. They must be persons who have strong integrity, honesty and comply with the law.

Below are the duties of a Director:

  • Create ideas and apply them to manage the industry and economic activities of a company 
  • Preparation and completion with agencies and the company bureau of the appropriate statutory documents 
  • Call for the stockholders’ annual general meeting
  • Proper documents must be kept and maintained 
  • Ensure business activities are carried out in accordance with the obligations and responsibilities established in the company constitution

Job Requirements:

  • Certified Dental Assistant
  • CNOR
  • Child Development Associate Certification
  • RN
  • PALS Certification
  • ACLS Certification
  • Infection Control Certification
  • BLS Certification
  • Driver’s License
  1. Regional Manager

Regional managers monitor the company’s operations in a geographically determined area, like in a particular county or multiple countries. You should manage and manage employees, guarantee business run effectively, and accomplish revenue goals to succeed as a regional manager. Ultimately, a leading regional manager must work efficiently and show exceptional problematic solutions and decision-making skills under high pressure.

Below are the duties of a regional Manager:

  • Achievement of corporate objectives and income objectives. 
  • Control of day-to-day operations, budget management and achievement goals.
  • Recruitment, training and support of General Managers and performance assessments on a regular basis. 
  • Internal and external interactions and contract negotiations management management
  • The efficient and economical planning, evaluation and optimization of operations. 
  • The norms and procedures of the company are respected. 
  • Addresses increasing customer complaints, reports of incidents and legal action

Job Requirements:

  • Required high school certificate/GED. 
  • Bachelor’s degree in corporate governance, management or the same discipline desirable. 
  • 3+ years of expertise in management and management. 
  • Excellent abilities for communication, both written and verbal. 
  • Microsoft Office expertise, CRM systems and tools for project management. 
  • Strong expertise in analytics and problem solutions
  1. Receptionist 

Administrative professionals are receptionists that work at the front desk of a company. They welcome customers and guests friendly, answer telephone calls, and conduct several administrative responsibilities. Terms, visiting directly, and general requests can be arranged. They work with employees, including senior managers and managers, and the public in general. Employees can pursue positions in marketing, sales, or office management responsibilities to develop their careers.

Below are the duties of a Receptionist:

  • Welcome customers and guests and answer questions 
  • Respond to telephones and call the relevant employees 
  • Time schedule, reservation of rooms and maintenance of daily appointments 
  • Customer document management and updating of the company database 
  • Response to emails, mail delivery and outgoing management
  • Telephone replies, transmissions and filtering. 
  • Mail sorting and delivery. 
  • Lease, manage and develop the junior management team. 
  • Offers outstanding client support. 
  • Terms of reference

Job Requirements:

  • Being a receiver or in a related field before. 
  • Professional clothing is consistent and fashionable.
  • Excellent communication abilities in writing and verbal. 
  • Competency in software such as Word, Excel and Outlook in Microsoft. 
  • Good talents in time management
  • Administrative and clerical experience. 
  • You can make a positive contribution as part of a team and assist with various tasks if necessary.
  1. Data Entry Clerk 

A data entry agent is needed by entering data in tablets and databases to assemble, arrange, manage and update data and information. Inputs are often transferred from documents to a computer system by the data entry officer.

Below are the duties of a Data entry clerk:

  • Data collection and entry into the relevant computer system 
  • Support for general administrative duties such as telephone calls, sorting and mail input 
  • Electronic and hardcopy scanning, printing and stocking of documents 
  • Error checking data 
  • Keep customer accurate and record keeping information 
  • Secure information through the regular backups of databases
  • Enter and update the respective databases. 
  • They Create Data backup
  • Information about errors encountered by relevant parties. 
  • Organized storage of hard copies of data to maximize recuperation. 
  • Additional tasks are handled sometimes

Job Requirements:

  • Diploma in high school. 
  • 1+ years of experience in the appropriate field of expertise. 
  • Good Command in the English language 
  • MS Office Word and Excel literacy 
  • Strong communication and interpersonal abilities. 
  • The ability to focus and perform with acceptable speed over long durations. 
  • Competent skills in touch typing

Application Process 

To submit recruitment forms, applicants must develop online profiles on the firm career page. To build online profiles, users merely need to supply personalized usernames and passwords. In addition, genesis HealthCare requires prospective employees to establish security concerns for additional protection of personal information. 

The whole process of building an Online Profile takes around 10-15 minutes; however, an applicant can repeat the information provided for the most open positions once the profile becomes operational. It takes three to six weeks for Genesis healthcare to be recruited routinely. Job seekers are usually contacted through improper telephone interviews by recruiters. If applicants are successful, the job hopefully receives on-site interview invitations. Because of the company’s nature, employees normally don’t check application progress and expect the hiring staff to inform us instead. The staff can apply simultaneously for several jobs to indicate continuous interest in existing jobs, which significantly boosts employment chances.

Genesis Healthcare Interview Questions 

  1. What do you think is your weakness?
  2. How do you do working under pressure?
  3. Did you like or dislike your previous job?
  4. What is a good salary for you?
  5. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
  6. How did you hear about Genesis Healthcare?
  7. Tell me about yourself 
  8. Did you leave your last job? Or you got fired?
  9. Do you have a reliable form of transport?
  10. Why and how did you choose your Career path?


Licensed Practical Nurse $49,376 per annum 
Obstetrics and Gynecology physician$437,298 per annum 
Nursing Assistant $28,390 per annum 
Unit Director $97,894 per annum 
Director $63,624 per annum 
Regional Manager $548 per week 
Receptionist $14.44 per hour 
Data Entry Clerk $20.58 per hour 
Genesis Healthcare Careers – Job Opportunities, Salary, More

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