Jobs Where You Don’t Have to Deal with People

Jobs Where You Do Not Have to Deal with People

Social interaction is a natural aspect of life that we frequently encounter in our personal and professional lives. Engaging with others can be fulfilling but it can also be challenging. If you prefer to have as minimal contact as possible with people, why not opt for a career that grants you the luxury to do so? Here, we’ll discuss the Jobs Where You Don’t Have to Deal with People.

We have great news for those of you that would rather not have to worry about dealing with people in your line of work! Picking from different industries, levels of expertise, qualifications, and more, we have gathered an array of options for jobs that do not require high social interaction. We hope you enjoy your reading and find something you like.

So, you do not want to deal with people in your job, that is perfectly normal, and we will delve into what that means and what you can do to get yourself a satisfying career that accommodates your need to not have to deal with people.

Is It Odd That You Do Not Want a Job that Deals with People?

As individuals, we all have our distinct preferences, needs, and dislikes. We need to be true to our innate desires to live a life we do not feel the need to escape from. One of the most important aspects of our lives is the way we engage with other people. While some enjoy regularly working with customers, interacting with a large team of co-workers, or just simply being amidst other people in their work, others prefer to have their own space, a sense of solitude, and very little contact with others to get their job done.

Reasons can vary as to why people would want jobs where they do not have to deal with people. Dealing with people can be taxing, challenging, anxiety-inducing, and just generally exhausting. You may easily also just identify yourself as not a “people person.” One could simply also just not be great with interpersonal skills and just prefers conditions where they do not have to exercise that.

Whatever the reason may be, it is a valid desire to want to work alone or with little customer engagement. There is nothing wrong with wanting work that does not put you on the spot when it comes to human engagement. Work that has little need for dealing with people gives you the space to be more productive, less distracted, and maybe even more energetic if you have introverted tendencies!

What Jobs Will Ensure You Do Not Have to Deal with People?

We have organized a list of jobs that are sure to make you feel content and comfortable if you do not want to deal with people constantly. Whether you have a passion for the arts and want to immerse yourself into creative work, or you may be keen to get into the medical industry, or the legal sector. You may also simply just be financially savvy, with prominent business insight, or economic expertise. Wherever your interests, ambitions, skills, or expertise lie, there are plenty of job options for you that will not force you to have to deal with people. You are sure to find a job that will keep you excited and give you space to not have to work with people.

The jobs are listed as follows:

  1. Writer – You could become a writer and grant yourself the freedom, depending on the type of writer you become, to work independently. You rarely have to deal with other people as an integral part of the job requires you to work alone and just get your writing done – leaving little room for unnecessary social interaction! Depending on the type of writing you do, you could earn an average rate ranging from $25 to $31 an hour. 
  2. Artist – Another great job is that of an artist. You will need a lot of space to exercise your creative expression which prevents the need to engage with other people unless you need to. You can attain a great amount of control over your work and how you choose to work which is great for those of you that want to work on their terms. The average rate you can expect to earn ranges from $48,026 to $65,712 per year.
  3. Photographer – Photography also gives you the option of working with minimal social interaction. The field itself is very versatile and can allow you to execute your work successfully without having to deal with people at all. It is a very fitting career choice for you if you have a creative eye and want to minimize how much you work with others. The average annual pay for photographers is estimated to be about $66,942 with an hourly average rate of $32.
  4. Graphic Designer – If you have an artistic flair, you may be interested in building a career as a graphic designer. Graphic design grants the benefits you may be seeking in jobs that allow you to do all your work in your own space without having to frequently collaborate with others. You may earn an average rate ranging from $22 to $25 per hour.
  5. Accountant – Accounting is a great career that grants substantial progression and is not heavily demanding when it comes to dealing with people because accountants are expected to mostly work independently. So, besides the few times you may need to contact a client or management, you will be working in the comfortable solitude you desire. Accountants are estimated to earn an annual salary that ranges from $51,130 to $106,150 per year!
  6. Actuary – You could also opt to be an actuary. This role does not place you in a position to constantly have to be dealing with people. Your priorities will be making sense out of numeric data and carrying out calculations to identify financial risks. There will be little to no need for you to engage with other people on a highly demanding scale. This job will give you the thrill of dealing with all types of financial challenges while also giving you the privilege of having exceptionally low social interaction. An actuary can earn an average annual salary of $107,640 per year.
  7. Statistician – The job of a statistician is also sure to keep all the social stress away as your work will require you to spend a lot of your time alone or with relatively little social distraction. You will be expected to focus on examining and analyzing data that will be useful for all sorts of purposes – social interaction will not be a major part of what your job entails. As a statistician, you may earn an estimated annual salary that falls between $32,458 and $43,861 per year.
  8. Financial Analyst – A financial analyst also experiences the benefits of working without having to worry about dealing with people. Your job will prioritize how well you can interpret and gather financial data over how well you communicate with other people. This is bound to relieve much of the pressure that comes with having to deal with people on the job. The salary range of a financial analyst ranges between $26 and $32 per hour.
  9. Entrepreneur – You could also opt for self-employment and just become an entrepreneur. This will give you greater control over your work, how you choose to work, and whom you work with. While completely avoiding social interaction is unheard of for entrepreneurs, you can minimize how much you have to deal with people in your work! The role of an entrepreneur is quite unpredictable so the earnings one may make as an entrepreneur fall between a wide range of $29,000 to $134,000 per year.
  10. Instructional Coordinator – There is also the option to become an instructional coordinator. This job lies in the academic world which means you will be working with an academic institution. Your job requirements in this role need you to assess school curricula, teaching supplies, textbooks, teaching methods, and several more school processes. You will not have to constantly deal with people to the same extent as your fellow teaching colleagues do. The average salary for instructional coordinators may range from $27 to $35 an hour. 
  11. Computer Hardware Engineer – Another interesting job option is to become a computer hardware engineer. This position gives those who have aversions to high social interaction the opportunity to work independently solely because the job requirements push computer hardware engineers to focus more on gathering and analyzing data for optimization than dealing with people. The average salary for a computer hardware engineer is $35 per hour with an annual average rate of $73,255.
  12. Marine Engineer – A marine engineer is another choice to consider for those who want a career in engineering. The job does not call for immense levels of human interaction as the average marine engineer will mostly spend their time working on marine system designs, which is work that is effectively done in solitude. So, you can happily and comfortably work without stressing about your interactions with other people. You can expect an average monthly salary of about $6,798 with this position, within an estimated range of $6,000 to $8,750 per month.
  13. Artist and Repertoire Administrator – If you have a thrill for the entertainment industry, would love to be a part of the thriving industry but dislike having to deal with people, consider becoming an artist and repertoire administrator. You will get to be a crucial part of the music industry, without having to constantly deal with people, as you will be the one to identify, budget, and deal with all the costs incurred in music-making. A benefit to this is that you have access to the unique experience of watching music artists build their craft and witnessing music records come to life. You stand a chance of earning an average rate of about $40,753 per year.
  14. Online Reviewer – Being an online reviewer, your job will allow you to immerse yourself into the excitement of all types of industries, products, services – the list goes on! The job enables you to get to experience all that while letting you have minimal human interaction. Your job will be to cover and give your opinion on a range of topics, depending on your field of interest or expertise, and you can comfortably do this in the comfort of your home. An average range of $48,021 to $73,507 per year can be earned working in this position.
  15. Computer Programmer – You could also consider work as a computer programmer. This job enables you to place your energy and focus into dealing with computer software and applications. Rarely will you have to worry about dealing with people in this position? Your value in this role mostly lies in how well you interact with computers – not people. A computer programmer can make an average of $27 to $36 per hour.
  16. Software Developer – Another great option for you is to become a software developer. As a software developer, you will have ample time alone to effectively do your work. You may have to engage with co-workers when it is necessary for projects and other teamwork tasks, but this will be outweighed by the time you have where you get to work alone. You can earn an estimated average of $107,510 per year as a software developer.
  17. Web Developer – Given how digitized our world is today, consider going after the job of a web developer. Web developers are given plenty of time to work alone so they can incorporate all the necessary detail and focus that goes into designing websites. If you are tech-savvy, have a creative eye, and do not want to have to deal with people, you might make for an excellent web developer. An average annual salary of $69,430 is estimated to be earned by people with this job.
  18. Database Analyst – Another job in the technology world that will not force you to regularly have to deal with other people is that of a database analyst. This position requires you to utilize your analytical and problem-solving skills way more than it requires you to use your social skills. If you are interested in a career in the IT sector, the role of a database analyst is worth considering. As a database analyst, you can earn a range of $50,049 to $64,822 per year.
  19. Paralegal – Fortunately, you can still be incredibly involved in the legal field without having to struggle with your interactive skills. A paralegal is a great option for people who want to be involved in the legal world but do not want to be dealing with other people much. This job allows you to be out of the spotlight but still do comprehensive legal work that will be especially important to the performance of a case. You will not have to carry out much social interaction as compared to your legal practitioner colleagues who will be engaging in court and with clients frequently. Paralegals stand the chance to earn an estimated range from $51,880 to $102,190.
  20. Court Reporter – You could also consider the job of a court reporter if you do not want to have to deal with people in your job. You will not be required or expected to highly engage with people as your responsibilities mainly lie in how well your observational skills are and how you record your insight. It is a great job for one who wants to stay away from having to engage with people. You could earn an average of $58,983 per year in this role.
  21. Blogger – If you have a knack for media platforms and can see yourself building a career out of the media industry, the job of a blogger is a plausible choice for people who want to minimize how much they have to deal with other people. Of course, you may likely receive engagement online if your blog content becomes widespread, but that will not be to your detriment as it at least reflects your success and reach while still allowing you to work on your own. The estimated average annual salary of a blogger is $45,831.
  22. Social Media Manager – At first glance, the suggestion to become a social media manager might sound contradictory to those who do not want to deal with people. We are here to assure you that to be a social media manager you are not required to be around other people. It rather requires you to study how people behave and interact on social media for you to find ways to optimize engagement on social media to promote business interests. You can make a range of $42,791 to $55,245 per year.
  23. Medical Lab Technologist – The job of a medical lab technologist is a job that allows you to significantly delve into the medical world and contribute substantial work to the field. One of the benefits of this job is that you do not have to worry about engaging with patients and all sorts of other people. You will have the space to work on your own in your workplace and not have to deal with high social interaction. You could earn an average of $55,775 per year working in this position.
  24. Veterinarian – A veterinarian is another excellent job for people who prefer minimal human interaction. What better job than that which enables you to work with animals instead? This way you can still fulfill your medical aspirations, skills, and dreams without having to significantly deal with other people. Veterinarians can earn an estimated range of $77,153 to $124,655 per year.
  25. Radiologist – You could also become a radiologist to have that much-desired solitude in your work. Radiologists spend a lot of their time working to examine medical images as opposed to participating in high engagement with patients. This position is great for you if you want minimal social interaction in your work. Being a biochemist will grant you that much-desired solitude and confinement from the rest of the world as you work. The estimated annual salary range for this profession falls between $368,990 to $490,990 per year. 
  26. Biochemist – You can become a biochemist and spend most of your working hours on your own in a lab. This job provides the peace that most who prefer to not deal with other people can thoroughly enjoy. It is a rewarding and versatile field that can lead you into many industries and prevent you from experiencing the burdens that come with high social interaction. You may find this to be a fulfilling job that saves you from having to deal with other people. You can earn an average of $68,801 per year, within an estimated range of $62,701 to $75,301 per year.
  27. Astronomer – Another intriguing prospect is to become an astronomer! The work of an astronomer is close to ideal for anyone who does not like working with people constantly. The job is commonly done independently, in a solitary space, and at night. All these being conditions that reduce the chances of having to deal with other people. Astronomers have been estimated to earn $113,848 to $133,489 per year.
  28. Economist – You can also delve into the vast field of economics and align yourself with work that does not require you to have to deal with people. While some economists constantly have to engage with others in their line of work, it is also just as possible to have a career as an economist which puts you in the position to mostly work alone and without the interference of other people. As an economist, you can earn $73,906 to $100,465 annually.
  29. Chemist – As a chemist, you can expect to mostly work in laboratories, offices, and industrial facilities. Your job will be to conduct analyses and experiments which will grant you a lot of room to work alone and not have to worry about dealing with other people. Chemists earn an estimated average annual salary of about $59,639.
  30. Medical Transcriptionist – This job will prioritize and focus on writing, preparing, reviewing, and editing medical documentation. The job requirements of a medical transcriptionist do not push you to deal with other people which makes this a fitting recommendation for people who want to minimize their dealings with other people in their jobs. $47,822 is the estimated average earning for medical transcriptionists.
  31. Seismologist – Being a seismologist, there is very little social interaction that is required for the job to be done effectively. Seismologists study the earth and its geophysical reactions, activities, and movements. Human beings, not being a core point of focus in this job, are unlikely to be a major part of the job description which should bring a great sense of satisfaction to those who do not want to be dealing with people. You can earn an average of $51,826 per year and as much as $96,600 per year in this job.

More Jobs to Consider

Transcriptionists, data entry clerks, librarians, and archivists, are additional jobs that do not require much human interaction and will grant people in these positions space and option to work without having to deal with people. 

Other jobs that are recommended for those that do not want to be dealing with other humans are laboratory technician, microbiologist, research scientist, marine biologist, oceanographer, meteorologist, hydrologist, truck driver, surgical technologist, billing specialist, pet sitter, conflicts analyst, stenographer, document coder, court clerk, law clerk, ceramist, information security analyst, computer network architect, software tester, computer systems analyst, software engineer, IT specialist, network administrator, horologist, geological engineer, proofreader, dog trainer, mail deliverer, fire-fighter, pilot, farmhand, and private chef.

Lucky for you, the possibilities are endless and the options you have are numerous because there is plenty of room for people who prefer to work alone when it comes to careers.

Jobs That Are Not Ideal If You Do Not Want to Deal with Others

Since we have covered jobs that are great for people who do not want to deal with other people, we have to briefly mention jobs that are not great for such people. The following are jobs that require high interaction and engagement with other people: news reporter, lawyer, shop assistant, politician, promoter, events manager, customer care agent, call center worker, sales agent, wedding planner, consultant, actor, host/hostess, human resources, teacher, waiter, bartender, life coach, public speaker, and salesman.

We would not recommend the mentioned jobs to anyone who prefers to have solitude in their working space and small engagement with others. This is so because the jobs listed are highly interactive and socially demanding. You will struggle to enjoy your work under the necessity to constantly engage with clients, customers, co-workers, and the general public.

In Conclusion

That brings an end to our guide on jobs for people that do not want to deal with other people. We hope this made you feel more validated in your wants and helped you identify the best jobs for you.

Jobs Where You Don’t Have to Deal with People

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