Best Careers for ENTP in 2021

The Best Careers for ENTP? What is ENTP?

As individuals, we all have distinct personalities that enable us to thrive differently under varying conditions. If you are trying to figure out the type of career that will best suit you, it helps to learn what your personality type is. If you are an ENTP or are simply curious to learn more about this personality type, this article is just for you. The main focus of this guide is to discover more about the ENTP personality type and the likely characteristics, preferences, strengths, likes, or dislikes you may have if you fall under this personality type. We will also delve into the careers that are most fitting for ENTPs. We will discuss Careers for ENTP here in this article.

To begin, we look into what exactly an ENTP is and where it originates from.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 

According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, ENTPs are among the 16 personality types that people can be classified under. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which was inspired by Carl Jung’s theory on personality types, is an indicator that helps us identify our personality type and helps us understand what our preferences or even weaknesses are to help us learn more about ourselves.

What is an ENTP?

First and foremost, we must clarify that the ENTP is an acronym for Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving. These four characteristics are unified to represent an individual’s personality type, which is ENTP. 

People that fall under this personality type tend to be more extroverted than others. You are more likely to be highly interactive with the world around you if you are ENTP because you tend to thrive in social settings and spend time with other people. You are also more likely to be more intuitive in making sense of the world around you and tend to entertain imaginative ideas and thoughts. For this, ENTPs are commonly described to be idea-oriented.

Additionally, you will take a more logical and thought-out approach to make decisions instead of taking a more emotionally driven approach. ENTPs also lean towards being more versatile, open-minded, and adaptable when dealing with the world around you compared to others. You are an analytical personality type that thrives off on gathering, dissecting, and sharing knowledge. You enjoy de-constructing complex matters and coming up with unique and intellectual solutions. 

Considering these personality characteristics, the ENTP personality type is commonly coined as “the debater.” You love to be around other people and enjoy engaging in discussions or debates. Other associated names for the ENTP personality type are “the innovator” and “the visionary.” ENTPs ultimately enjoy conversations or scenarios that are mentally stimulating and challenging.

Individuals who identify as ENTPs express innovative thinking, inventive attributes, focus on the future and develop new ideas. Because of this, you tend not to be overly concerned with the present and current circumstances. This prevents you from being willing or active participants in executing the ideas you tend to brainstorm.

This personality type also breeds a lot of rational and honest people. These qualities may likely make ENTPs come across as insensitive because they are typically straightforward in their delivery and do not account for other people’s feelings as much. They can handle criticism themselves as long it is constructive and plausible.

ENTPs are likely to be argumentative as it helps them understand a topic or other people more and alludes to the way they enjoy debating with others. They are knowledgeable and creative but do not really take well to routines, control and do not always have a clear direction. They are bold, display excellent cognitive skills, and are excellent communicators.

Now that we have learned quite a bit about ENTPs, we will briefly list many strengths and weaknesses that people with these personality types have.

ENTP Strengths

  • They are energetic and charismatic.
  • They are confident, not afraid of failure, and great at improvising.
  • They are great at problem-solving.
  • They are witty and quick thinkers.
  • They are brilliant at brainstorming and coming up with ideas.
  • They are inquisitive and fast learners.
  • They are optimistic and able to see positive prospects in many scenarios.

ENTP Weaknesses

  • They can be unfocused, which decreases their chances of being reliable.
  • They are more likely to procrastinate on executing tasks.
  • Their preference for versatility can make their approaches chaotic.
  • They can be insensitive.
  • They can be overly argumentative.

Careers for ENTP in 2021

Careers that encourage entrepreneurial, inventive, intellectual, and creative expression are great for ENTPs. They do well in managerial positions compared to subordinate roles because the former grants them a greater level of autonomy, the freedom to have a substantial amount of control, and the opportunity to exercise their strengths and natural talents.

ENTPs also value positions or careers that bring them intellectual growth, an increase in influence, and the opportunity to display or acknowledge their competency. They aspire for careers that allow them to practice or utilize their problem-solving skills and careers that give them room to have flexibility. A career that grants or helps them achieve personal fulfillment and satisfaction is one they deem is worth pursuing.

The following are a list of careers, each followed by brief explanations, that have been selected to be best suited for ENTPs:

  1. Engineer

Engineers construct, analyze, fix, and design systems and structures used to improve and conduct technical operations. ENTPs are excellent at thinking forward and drawing up innovative solutions for the most complex problems or projects. Engineering would be a fine choice for an ENTP as it presents a wide range of challenging and interesting opportunities to work on. Thus it is not repetitive and less likely to bore this personality type. 

As engineers, they will be able to create solutions or identify areas that could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an operation which is a naturally motivating factor for ENTPs. Not only that, but engineering careers grant ENTPs the possibilities of growing intellectually and becoming an expert in the field.

  1. Lawyer

It is quite easy to understand why the ENTP type could make for an excellent lawyer. As already discussed, they are popularly branded as “debaters.” ENTPs enjoy having a good argument now and then, so why not build a career out of that? 

Being a lawyer presents ENTPs with the opportunity to engage in constructive debate for prolific reasons. It also provides an exciting challenge for them to exercise their sharp cognitive, intuitive, and perceptive skills. They will also be presented with work that gives them learning opportunities at an ongoing rate. As a lawyer, they will utilize their curious, witty nature and their ability to build compelling arguments to succeed in their goals and jobs.

  1. Professor

With all that knowledge that an ENTP is bound to gather in life, it only makes sense that they would love to share and teach that knowledge to others. Not only does the role of a professor allow an ENTP to show off their intellectual prowess freely, but it also allows them to hold a highly influential position in academia. 

It also helps that the role of a professor is more flexible than other academic roles and creates the possibility for them to be involved in impromptu debates and discussions. An additional advantage for ENTPs that undertake this profession is that they will be surrounded by fellow intellectuals and be in an environment that encourages continuous mental stimulation.

  1. Operations Manager

This position places ENTPs in the position to be in crucial control of the smooth running of a business. An operations manager directs human resource functions and ways to optimize organizational performance. ENTPs can explore ways in which a business can improve productivity and effectiveness.

They also oversee the workings of fellow or prospective employees and influence the type of talents and skills accepted into the business. They can make arrangements that enable improved efficiency for the business and receive recognition for it.

  1. Scientist

ENTPs have been called “rational inventors,” which reveals their potential to be great scientists. Their problem-solving and cognitive skills set them with them to be competent scientists. They are experimental, do not like to limit themselves, and are eager to exhibit their discoveries and innovations.

  1. Psychologist

ENTPs are profound communicators who work very well in understanding others and relaying necessary information to others. Their analytical prowess enables them to be excellent at making diagnoses and coming up with effective solutions.

  1. Inventor

ENTPs are creative thinkers and great at coming up with original ideas. Given the job to freely scrutinize technical projects and construct their own ideas, ENTPs will likely thrive as inventors. This will play to how ENTPs are known as the “inventor” personality type. This equips them with the prowess to become an inventor! 

  1. Psychiatrist

ENTPs make great psychiatrists because of how open-minded they naturally are and how they are less likely to be judgmental towards others. These attributes make communicating with clients much easier and allow for significant progression to occur on the job. They may also feel a profound sense of fulfillment from working in a field that helps people in such a direct manner. Formulating and providing solutions also grants ENTPs satisfaction towards their work.

  1. Journalist

The inquisitive, creative, and curious nature of ENTPs gives them the potential to become great journalists. Their natural thirst for learning more and gathering new information will provide them with the right type of motivation for the job. Moreover, their communication skills will also come to play as they put out and share their findings for public perusal and consumption. ENTPs analytical skills are another excellent quality for a good journalist.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts help ensure that organizational computer systems are running optimally and as required for business operations. ENTPs have the strong potential to make brilliant computer systems analysts. With their strong analytical instincts and effective communication skills, they will effectively assist companies that work with them. The role also gives them room to solve complex problems, which, as highlighted earlier, is a strength for ENTPs.

  1. Public Relations Specialist

The world of public relations is constantly changing and very involving, which is bound to hold the interests of an ENTP as it will keep them challenged for the long term. The role requires the charismatic and confident appeal that ENTPs naturally exhibit. As a public relations specialist, an ENTP will exert immense influence over business entities and the general population if they please. Their optimistic approach and ability to see positivity in many circumstances will enable them to control the narrative or brand image of entire corporations and strategically elevate their public presence.

  1. Business Consultant

A business consultant helps businesses improve their performance, appeal to customers, productivity, and several other aspects. This is a good role for ENTPs because it places them to uncover solutions by utilizing their problem-solving and innovative talent. It presents exciting challenges for ENTPs as they will likely not encounter repetitive scenarios in their career. 

  1. Entrepreneur

ENTPs make for great entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs build a career around their own interests or passions, which grants them immense control over their own affairs. Creativity, innovative thinking, and risk-taking are characteristics that help make a great entrepreneur, and ENTPs easily possess these traits. Their ability to quickly grasp ideas and learn also places them at an advantage if they pursue entrepreneurship. They are bound to enjoy their career and also be able to develop intellectually as they experience the turbulent and exciting world of entrepreneurship!

  1. Comedian

ENTPs are known for their charisma, ability to engage others, wit, and confidence. All these qualities are an asset to anyone who is an aspiring comedian. ENTPs will likely feel at ease and comfort when entertaining an audience and being the center of attention. Their wit and quick thinking allow them to have a charming sense of humor and gives them the ability to capture an audience’s attention. This personality type is sure to thrive as a comedian.

  1. Marketer

The confident, creative, and innovative approach of an ENTP are likely to make them an exceptional marketer! With their energetic and charismatic traits, an ENTP would effectively deliver in their work as a marketer. They will tap into their persuasive negotiation skills to deliver attractive marketing pitches and get the job done well. Furthermore, they can put their creative talents to productive use in this career to help their business or products attract more attention and new markets.

  1. Artist

For all ENTPs that have a passion or interest in the arts, this may be for you. Being an artist will grant you substantial freedom for creative expression. It will help you put all your unique ideas to life, give you autonomy over your creations or work, and put you in the position to be freely versatile in your endeavors. ENTPs will enjoy experimenting with the multitudes of paths their art could take them on. There are endless possibilities and things to learn along this career path that will fulfill the ever-curious mind of an ENTP as the discoveries continuously unfold before your eyes.

  1. Photographer

Photography opens numerous possibilities for ENTPs. Photographers may be tasked with opportunities that enable them to travel, meet new people, work in flexible and unique ways, and also allow them the opportunity to flaunt their creative ideas. The interest ENTPs have towards learning new things may also be satisfied under this career.

  1. Human Resources

Being the exceptional communicators they are, they can navigate around human relationships and arrive at progressive solutions when issues arise. They can formulate solutions to problems that arise in human relation matters and can effectively communicate necessary messages across to different stakeholders.

  1. Stock Trader

The fast-paced dynamics and requirements of stock trading may be simply perfect for ENTPs as they embody abilities that can help them thrive under such demanding conditions. Stock traders work with businesses, investors, individuals, and more, which presents exciting new challenges frequently.

They also guide, advise, and inform their clients on finance and stock-related matters, something an ENTP is likely to enjoy doing. Negotiation skills are also crucial for anyone in this role, so ENTPs will probably tackle this with their communication skills and argumentative skills. Since stock traders are constantly on the move, knowledgeable about their field, and adaptable, we can see why this career is a great fit for ENTPs.

  1. Actor

ENTPs are naturally creative and have a taste for versatility. If you have exceptional acting skills, the acting career may be an excellent career path to take. From understanding a character and studying their lines to confidently and creatively portraying them back to an audience, an ENTP is bound to enjoy an acting career. It allows them to explore new concepts, ideas, and even personas. The chances of an ENTP who is truly passionate about acting losing interest in this career are not remarkably high.

  1. Writer

Another illustrious career choice for ENTPs who enjoy tapping into their creative side is to become a writer. With ENTPs being great communicators, this reflects well in their written communication and creates strong potential for aspiring writers. ENTPs like to think in imaginative ways, which helps them have great ideas for their work if they pursue a career in writing.

  1. Musician

ENTPs can carry out their artistic and musical interests through this career path. They can explore their ideas and relay them into their music to create and play engaging music.

  1. Film Producer

This position leaves plenty of room for ENTPs to exercise their creative vision and ideas fully. In addition, it grants them a significant sense of control. Choosing this career means building a powerful and influential brand for oneself as film producers have significant artistic control over their work. What more could an ENTP who has a passion for movie making want?

  1. Sales Representative

ENTPs thrive well under sale-related matters. They are energetic, enthusiastic, and have great negotiation skills. Their attributes make them impressive sales representatives.

  1. Politician

Politicians are highly influential figures who possess the power and status that ENTPs tend to aspire towards. ENTPs have the confidence, charisma, and communication skills to make them fitting and successful politicians. A politician’s career is flexible and open to new developments in all sorts of areas, which is an advantage for ENTP types as they will likely not lose the thrill of being involved in this career’s affairs.

  1. Graphic Designer

This career makes room for the flexibility that ENTPs strive for. Their brainstorming skills are precious in this field, and their creative skills will be of significant use in this role. There is a lot of potential for exploration and progression.

  1. Training Manager

A training manager is put in charge of programs that are put in place to prepare employees for the workplace’s operations. Putting an ENTP in the position of a training manager is a plausible move because they thrive in situations where they can brainstorm, design, and develop programs that ultimately benefit an organization’s operations.

  1. Animator

This career allows ENTPs to use their innovative and imaginative thinking productively. ENTP animators are likely to create engaging and original work in their animations.

  1. Life Coach

ENTPs have an energetic, charismatic, and communicative approach that sets them up with the potential to succeed as life coaches. Life coaches work to help other people improve their lives by coming up with creative and personalized solutions to help their clients develop or reach life goals. ENTPs, being apt problem solvers and quick thinkers, can become astounding life coaches.

  1. Relationship Manager

ENTPs are excellent communicators and have a genuine interest in understanding other people’s perspectives and different relationships. Being a relationship manager, they are put on the front line to interact with customers and clients, which should be a breeze for an ENTP. Their job responsibilities also enable them to explore ways in which business development can be elevated.

  1. Physician

Being a physician grants ENTPs the opportunity to learn as they come across diverse diagnoses in their dealings with unique patients and individuals in their practice. They rely on their own judgment and thinking skills to develop solutions to help patients, which is an exciting prospect for ENTPs, given their curious nature.

Other additional career types that suit ENTPs well are as follows: editor, private detective, architect, financial planner, game designer, economist, historian, freelance consultant, and software engineer.

As established, ENTPs are not big on a routine or being controlled. These types prefer to have the flexibility and the room to express creativity. Therefore, ENTPs must find careers that will not likely lead them to boredom or frustration. Fortunately, they are adaptable individuals and should fare well in any career, whether in business, arts, law, technology, or science, as long as it captures their genuine interest. Their creativity could lead them into a career in the arts, or they could easily be taken up by their hunger for a good debate and become lawyers.

ENTPs ultimately must muster up some patience for their careers as they may likely have to experiment until they find the right fit for them, so they may ultimately end up in positions that grant them the satisfaction, spontaneity, and freedom they prefer to have and enjoy. If that is not an appealing compromise to an ENTP, self-employment is also a great choice.

Careers That Are Not Recommended for ENTPs

While great options for a career have been noted for ENTPs, some career paths are not highly recommended for this personality type as they may prove to be more strenuous, draining, and hard to cope with is according to ENTP preferences and characteristics. They also are just simply uncommon choices for people who fall under ENTP types.

The following are a list of careers that are not the best fit for ENTPs: data entry, accountant, dentist, optometrist, dietician, clergy, bank teller, pilot, and receptionist. As you can see, careers that tend to have a rigid routine or procedural standards have been listed because they clash with the flexibility and versatility that ENTPs strive for.

In Conclusion…

This brings an end to the article. We wish all our ENTPs out there the best of luck in finding a career that allows them to display their unique attributes and flourish productively. We hope this was a helpful guide to you in figuring that out.

Best Careers for ENTP in 2021

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