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We all work hard with the simple motive to feed ourselves and our families. We might have a lot of dreams and visions that ought to be accomplished. For some people, it might be to buy a luxurious car, for some people it might be to own a house. For some, working in one of the biggest companies in the world would be their long-lasting goal. Likewise, there would be no one in the world who might be unaware of apple inc. Even the little children might be knowing about the value of the company. So automatically it requires a lot of effort to get selected as an employee in their interview process. In this article, we will be reading about the interview process and the response time is taken by apple inc. Today’s topic- Apple Interview Response Time.

Apple: The royal brand:

None of us can deny the fact of the company’s popularity. This American Multinational corporation mainly focuses on computer electronics, software, and other online services. Being the world’s largest company concerning revenue, It is called the world’s most valuable company. As of 2021, they are the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturers and the fourth-largest personal computer sellers by unit sales. It stands one among the five biggest companies in the world along with Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. The brand is known for its loyalty and it became the first openly purchased U.S. company to be estimated at over $1 trillion in 2018. It is also known for its strong operating system that cannot be breached easily. Therefore, It makes the mobile to be preferred by a lot of celebrities for this reason

Steve Jobs: The man behind the company

Steve jobs started this business with his other friend Steve Wozniak. They started their journey by building the blue boxes phone phreakers that can help in making free calls throughout America. Then they came up with the idea of kit computers that enables to build of a personal computer. Their first product sold was the Apple I followed by the Apple II. With Wozniak carrying out the basic structural framework and handling the sales, Jobs concentrated on improving the other amenities. Finally, apple inc was established in the year 1976. Steve was just 22 years and he was already a millionaire before his next birthday. But even after that, he had to go through a lot of difficulties in bringing his company back to track after a huge gap. So, one should equally work hard and be competent to work for the company.

The Total time duration:

According to the reviews, it said that it would mostly take three to four months to finish the entire process of the interview before being hired. But it includes the multiple steps in between that have different requirements. When your application is rejected in any of these steps in between you wouldn’t be able to continue with the rest of the processes. So let’s see about the steps involved in the process of getting hired and the time taken for the response for each step.

The Application review:

When you get to know about the vacancy in the company, the first step you would need to do is to fill in the application form. After that, your application would be reviewed by the company management. If your resume meets all their required needs, your application would be selected and you would be called on for the next procedure. Usually, this procedure may take seven to eight days to receive a response. Make sure to keep your resume interesting by mentioning the additional courses that you have completed related to the job position.

The Phone Interview:

When your application passes all the checks and is selected you would be called by the unit HR. You would be required to answer the basic questions like ‘why do you want to work for this company?’ , ‘What do you want us to select you?’ If your answers are pleasing to HR you would be selected for the next step. When you answer the call be on point with your answer. Be elaborate with proper reasons. Avoid giving one-word answers. These tips will surely help you clear this round. It usually takes one week to receive the response after this step.

The second interview:

When your answers please HR, you would be selected for this next interview with the hiring manager. This interview would be mainly to test your technical skills. You may be given sample tests to examine your skills. This interview might take place wither through a phone call, a virtual call maybe even an in-person interview. You can expect to receive a response from the team within ten days.

The Third interview:

This is an onsite interview where you would be interviewed by five different people on their campus. Your ability to handle pressure, the stress in hard times would be tested. Your communication skills would also play a great role in fetching you a job. So speak out loud without any hesitance. You can expect to receive their response within three to four days.

The Background check:

When you pass all the prominent steps, your application would be checked to check if the information is true. In this step, your medical history, your educational qualification, and your previous experience in another company would be verified. A cross-check would be carried out with the references mentioned in your application. When you pass this check, Your blood, saliva, or urine sample would be screened for the drug test. If there is any presence of illegal drug or alcohol content in your blood your application will be rejected and you will not be hired even after passing all the previous procedures. This procedure may take 3-4 weeks to receive a response.

Hope this article would have helped you to give an answer to your queries. Thank you for reading the article. Have a wonderful day!!


  1. What is the total time taken to get hired by Apple inc?

When you pass all the procedures, it may usually take 2 to 3 months before getting hired.

  1. How many procedures should one undergo before being hired?
  •  Application review
  •  Phone interview with the HR
  •  interview with the manager
  •  interview with the other member (group interview)
  •  background check
  •   drug test
Apple Interview Response Time

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