Alternatives to Warm Wishes- Warm Regards, and Best Regards

Alternatives to Warm Wishes, Warm Regards & Best Regards

While having a conversation, or writing, or reading we all use a lot of words. Every word holds a special and unique spot of its own. Warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards are not different from that. No one can ignore the fact that we all have used them one way or another. When a lot of people do something, it is considered common. And this is a world of competition and being unique. These words are important and are used often in the formal world. To make your way through the crowd you need to find alternative ways, not common ones. Therefore, here we are to let you find the Alternatives to Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards.

What is the Meaning/Use of Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards?

Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards are mostly formal email sign-offs used in formal emails, letters, applications, invitations, notices, and messages. You may have used them too while ending a letter. These words show your warmth towards the incidents or requests. These words present wishes and regards on your behalf to the receiver or reader. 

“I heard about your mother’s death, stay strong in these circumstances, Best wishes.” This instance of using best wishes certainly isn’t correct. As the incident mentioned, the death of the receiver’s mother is not at all suitable for using these words.

“You are being promoted to the position of the regional manager, Best Regards.” This is often the right example to know how these words work and the way they ought to be used.

Pronunciation of Warm Wishes, Warm Regards, and Best Regards.

Let us have a look at how we must pronounce warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards. For understanding the pronunciation of these words, we are even using phonetic symbols that might help you to grasp faster.

  • Warm Wishes – Warm wi-shes, wɔɹm wɪ-ʃɪz
  • Warm Regards – Warm regards, wɔɹm ɹɪ-gɑɹdz
  • Best Regards – best regards, bɛst ɹɪ-gaɹdz

Why alternative?

A question arises: why do we need alternatives for these words? Aren’t these enough? While we speak or write there are plenty of words we all use. Such words which are mostly used are common. While you wish to look different and unique from the rest of the crowd and wish to mark your signature. You must alter your way of writing, reading, and speaking.

To look creative and be a box thinker and analyst, you must choose a different path. As of using these signoffs, thousands of people use these similar sign-offs while ending formal emails or letters. As the competition in each field has increased at tremendous speed, each individual has to showcase their uniqueness and why they should hire you. 

For a job or an internship, there are not just thousands but millions of people craving for that particular job or internship. Sometimes there are only one or two vacant positions or openings. You’ll have to be one of your kind, not just by your efforts and personality. But using alternative words to make your efforts even more effective. 

Here we are going to help you with finding some alternatives for warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards.


Now enough with the summary, we must always consider what we tend to come for “the alternatives of warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards”. We would look at a few words with phonetic symbols to help you with the proper pronunciation of these words and meanings so it’d be easier to decide on the right word to exchange warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards. A number of these words will even be blamed for your ironic illustration of documents, letters, and emails.

  • Regards – rɪˈgɑːd

Deem to be, considering paying attention, connect closely and sometimes incriminatingly.

  • Kind Regards – kaɪnd rɪˈgɑːd

A class of things distinguished by some common characteristic, and showing gratitude and regards for that.

  • Good Wishes – gʊd wɪʃɪz

Having desirable/positive qualities particularly those appropriate for a factor or some.

  • Greetings – griːtɪŋz

An acknowledgment or expression of goodwill, salutation at a meeting, expression of kindness or joy, a compliment from one absent or greet.

  • Compliments – kɒmpləmənts

A polite expression of a need for someone’s welfare.

  • Respects – rɪˈspekts

A formal expression of esteem.

  • Congratulations – kənˌgræʧʊˈleɪʃən

An expression of approval and commendation.

  • Felicitations – fəˌlɪsəˈteɪʃənz

An expression of enjoyment at the success or luck of another and therefore the act of acknowledging that somebody has an event for celebration.

  • All the Best – ɔːl ðə best

Wishing for somebody to own the foremost positive qualities.

  • Kindest Regards – kaɪndəst rɪˈgɑːd

An expression in a polite manner of desire for someone’s welfare.

  • Salutation – sæljuːˈteɪʃən

An act of honor or courteous recognition.

  • Cordially – kɔːdiːəliː

In a hearty manner.

  • Love – lʌv

Have an excellent tenderness or feeling of liking for.

  • With Love – wɪð lʌv

A strong positive feeling of regard and tenderness.

  • Lovingly – lʌvɪŋliː

Get pleasure from.

  • Respectfully – rɪˈspektfəliː

In a respectful manner.

  • Yours Respectfully – jɔːz rɪˈspektfəliː

Showing your respect towards somebody.

  • Sincerely – sɪnˈsɪəliː

Honestly; unfeignedly; while not dissimulation; as, to talk one’s mind sincerely; to like virtue sincerely.

  • Yours Sincerely – jɔːz sɪnˈsɪəliː

With sincerity; while not pretense.

  • Yours Truly – jɔːz ˈtruːliː

Showing yourself following truth or reality.

  • With Appreciation – wɪð ˌæpləˈkeɪʃən

Understanding the character or which means or quality or magnitude of one thing.

  • Best 

(As an associate degree)

  • Sincerely Yours – sɪnˈsɪəliː jɔːz

The written formula for ending a letter showing sincerity. 

  • Cordially Yours – ˈkɔːdiːəliː jɔːz

In a hearty manner presenting yourself.

  • Kind Wishes – kaɪnd wɪʃɪz

Wishing with kindness to a class of things distinguished by some common characteristic or quality.

  • Yours Faithfully – jɔːz ˈfeɪθfəliː

Showing an emotion of faith.

  • Kind Thoughts 


  • Many Thanks – ˈmeniː θæŋks

Letter ending for thanking.

  • Kind Thanks – kaɪnd θæŋks

Letter ending for kindly thanking.

  • Respectfully Yours – rɪˈspektfəliː jɔːz

Serving yourself in respect.

  • Wishing You the Simplest – ˈwɪʃɪŋ juː ðə best

To want or provide the superior salutation.

  • Fond Regards – fɒnd rɪˈgɑːd

Feeling of tenderness for someone or an establishment.

  • Thanks – θæŋks

An acknowledgment of appreciation.

  • Warmly – ˈwɔːmliː

In a heated manner but for a good cause.

  • Goodbye – ˌgʊdˈbaɪ

A farewell remark.

  • Thanks For Your Recommendation – Θæŋks fə jɔː ˌrekəmenˈdeɪʃən

Showing our feelings for his or her recognition. 

  • Warmest Regards – ˈwɔːməst rɪˈgɑːd

Presenting our warm appreciation. 

  • With Gratitude – wɪð ˈgrætətjuːd

With a sense of appreciation.

  • With Sincere Thanks – wɪð sɪnˈsɪə θæŋks

Truly glad about sincerity 

  • In Appreciation – ɪn əˌpriːʃiːˈeɪʃən

Understanding the character or which means or quality or magnitude of one thing.

  • In Sympathy – ɪn ˈsɪmpəθiː

An inclination to support or be loyal to or to trust associate degree opinion.

  • Lots of Love – lɒts əv lʌv

Showing heat tenderness or devotion towards someone or a state of affection.

  • Thank You For Your Time – Θæŋks juː fə jɔː taɪm

Showing feelings for the time they offered. 

  • With Deepest Sympathy – wɪð ˈdiːpəst ˈsɪmpəθiː

Deepest inclination to support or to be loyal and being polite.

  • With Sympathy – wɪð ˈsɪmpəθiː

An inclination to support or to be loyal with.

  • With the Best Wishes – wɪð ðə best wɪʃɪz

Wishing for the best.

  • Yours Cordially – jɔːz ˈkɔːdiːəliː

Heartily presenting yourself.

These words we mentioned are not all of the alternatives, there may be more words and you will be using them. As time passes by alongside humans languages develop furthermore and new words and their meanings come back alongside them. Therefore, new and even more precise alternatives would be there.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Warm wishes, warm regards, and best regards are these words just used as email signoffs?

No, like any other common English words these words are used in several fields not just as email signoffs. We consider what is the common use, therefore in our article, we have considered them as sign-offs and letter endings.

  • How to pronounce Warm wishes?

“Warm wishes” is pronounced as Warm wi-shes, but if you know phonetics warm wishes is pronounced wɔɹm wɪ-ʃɪz. Other than that, it depends on your accent.

  • Why is it important to find a suitable signoff?

If we are talking about formal letters and emails regarding our jobs and internships, it is quite important to end your letter with a suitable and perfect signoff. As we discussed earlier, competition is arising with a super-fast speed and to mark ourselves we must think out of the box. Therefore, a suitable signoff increases the chances of your success.

  • Difference between formal email sign offs and informal email sign offs.

Best Regards, Kind Regards, Best Wishes, Warm Regards, Warmest Regards, Regards, Yours Truly, Yours Sincerely, Sincerely, Thanks, etc. These words are formal email sign-offs that are used in some formal occasions, letters, and mails. On the other hand, informal email sign-offs are – All the Best, Yours Faithfully, Lots of Love, With Love, Love, Take Care, Cheers, XOXO, Hugs, See you around, etc. These informal sign-offs are used with friends and families.

  • What is phonetics?

Phonetic symbols are used to understand the pronunciation of words. It helps us pronounce the exact word it is. English can be quite confusing as sometimes words have silent letters in them, sometimes they are to be pronounced differently as they may have been written. 

To get the exact sound of the word phonetic symbols are considered very helpful. This collection consists of some symbols, the Greek alphabet, and the English alphabet. 

Alternatives to Warm Wishes- Warm Regards, and Best Regards

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