Who Owns ABC?- Full History


In everyday life, there will always be someone with ambition. Someone who just wants to make it in life. That person could be a child saying that ‘one day I want to do what that person is doing on tv’. This ambition could be anything, as every individual differs and variety is key to this world, which makes life interesting. On that note, what would life be without any challenges that define what we become in life and not what we are? Here, we’ll know Who Owns ABC?

As mentioned above, these experiences help mold our character and allow us to one day share those experiences with others, who are then able to be inspired by our story and do greater things. What is required from us is to have a vision and move with that vision to be where we want to be. 

Small Beginnings 

In this fast-paced and digital world we live in today, it is essential to keep abreast of the trends and stay updated with the news around us. With that being said, who are the ones providing us with the latter and who are the faces behind it? Let’s delve into the origin of ABC.  The world’s biggest companies have often started with small beginnings and the founders of the American Broadcasting Company are no different. The American Broadcasting Company is one of four major television and radio platforms in the United States. This platform is responsible for broadcasting the most well-known content that we all cannot think of being without. Some of the films produced by the company are small sacrifices, straw dogs, silkwood, and many more. 

One of the founders, known as Edward John Noble, was an American Broadcasting and Candy Industrialist. He co-founded the American Broadcasting Company. The interesting part of the rise of the ABC network is that it has not always been doing well. According to Brittanica, one company could not own more than one successful thriving TV business, according to the federal communications commission. This is the birth of the ABC network. At this point, NBC has sold one of their radio companies to Edward John Noble. The platform was initially known as the American Broadcasting System before officially being named the American Broadcasting Company. 


To cut a long story short, ABC became one of the divisions of the Walt Disney Company after struggling to produce quality content that will keep their viewers. Hereafter, the network not only did well in the radio sector but in the film industry as well. The better quality of the content has driven much more paid advertisers and of course, much more profit which is shared with the partners who help make the success of the company possible. 

If we look at it from an outsider’s perspective, we can see that Edward made the most of an opportunity that led to great things. He believed that he could make something out of the company that he had bought over from NBC and he surely did as is evident in the prevalence of the network in today’s era. 

To date, the ABC network does not only bring story-telling from around the US, it brings news from all over the world which is very informative about where different countries stand in terms of different prospects. This is very educating to the viewers and essentially holds a great reputation for the Company itself. 

The Bounceback 

At a particular point in their television and radio career, ABC struggled to find their audience which in effect resulted in a low rating of their network. After shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate housewives aired, the network started finding their audience which was predominantly younger individuals. As for Louis Blanche, not much is left to talk about in terms of his involvement with the ABC network. Most of the information available to us is based on Edward J. Noble and we can assume that he is the most relevant individual regarding the rise of the ABC network. 

Taking into consideration the popularity of the ABC network and how big it has become, one should think about the teamwork that allows this business to thrive. After all, we are nothing without our peers, and just as every person in our life or people we have encountered for a brief moment contributes to our character, individuals working for different companies in their respective areas of expertise, help groom the company to what it is at the given time. These individuals contribute to the corporate image of the company which in turn contributes to the popularity of the tv network. 

The ABC Team 

The American Broadcasting Company has over 8000 employees and most likely, counting. With this information, we can agree that it helps generate employment in different locations which are pretty telling in itself, as it provides for many families. In addition, the American Broadcasting Company is spread in different locations such as Boston, Brooksville, China, and the major office location being New York.

So far, we have listed the company’s downfalls and how they managed to get back up through taking initiative on things that have not been working for them. As the popular saying goes, it’s not about the way you fall but how you get back up and the great pioneers have proven just that.  

The Helping Hands 

Till this present day, the ABC network has surely made its effort in becoming known and will continue to do so. The iconic ABC network is ironically educational as well, as many game shows are shown on this network. It is no secret that ABC has taken some risks in what they have decided to broadcast and these risks have proven to pay off as the network could be seen to do well through a variety of reality shows that people can connect to and understand. With the above in mind, we can surely say that ABC has taken several faith falls in their broadcasting career which shows us that if we are aspiring entrepreneurs, we too can overcome some of the challenges that come our way. 

On another note, ABC has several affiliates under its belt which has helped with its exposure. Each of their affiliates is connected to this platform in different ways. One of them is satellites of which are very popular in today’s day and age considering the evolution of technology over the years. Each of the different affiliates has at least one channel in their specific region in which American content is viewed. In this way, the network proves relevance in the years still to come. 

So, Who Owns ABC? This question can be answered in several ways than was explicitly stated. The company is not just owned by the two business partners, but by employees who help carry this network. Many cannot remember the name the ABC network was initially named but it’s all about the evolution of moving with the times. If we look at the different logos coca-cola has had over the years, we can see that their logo has changed over several years but their name has remained the same. With ABC, both their name and logo have changed, although not as many times as coca-cola. 

In addition to the above, one might not know when the next adventure might be but we do need to give ourselves a chance to prove to ourselves and no one else that we can achieve something if we do want it. The owners of ABC have taken a chance on something they did not know would actually take flight. Just like ABC, we too can take flight by one or two chances by making smart decisions and knowing when to make them. As mentioned before, ABC had to make wise business decisions to make sure they stay afloat by partnering up with people they knew would help make the network reach new heights. 

Furthermore, If you’re unable to watch ABC on a cable network, it is possible to stream every show available on the network. It is perfect for an on-the-go user who travels and would love to be entertained during this time. ABC shows can be streamed on the youtube platform and are supported by Android, IOS, Apple tv, Fire tv, Chromecast and so many more. In addition, the ABC app can also be a useful tool to use if the online streaming platform becomes too costly. This app includes many handy features you might find useful to work around your schedule. 


If you’re wanting to take your career to new heights, remembering the way ABC started and essentially took off will be of good use to shake off the negative jitters about making it in the world of endless opportunities. You can take advantage of the many opportunities available in this busy world and you can surely ace it. Putting your mind to it is the only thing that is required from you to bring that dream to life. No matter how small you need to start, just know that it’s the beginning of good things with all your hard work and discipline. 

Who Owns ABC?- Full History

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