Uber Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis

Uber Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis

Uber is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a good alternative to finding a taxi. That is why it is responsible for introducing the world to a new kind of service where the customers can feel comfort and reliability towards the cab services. It is miles better than traditional cabs since you can easily book the cabs for short and long distances and help yourself be fair and cheaper. Today, we will be taking a deeper dive into the company that is called Uber and learning about what makes this company one of the best in the world. We will learn about their business strategy and how the company has made millions of dollars by staying in contact with the drivers using technology.

Uber was started very recently in the last decade, precisely in 2009 by Garett Camp and Travis Kalanick. These 2 founders made sure this company was primarily known for its technological prowess. That is the reason why Uber is considered one of the best technology start-ups of recent ages. The reason is that it has expanded so much is because the drivers are given 75 percent of the share of the earnings of each fare. That is why it is a good alternative for drivers to work in this company and get more fairs since the number of people who hail cabs increases and also the fair is easily a good deal, for the increase in the number of customers.

Recently, Uber has increased in the aims to provide people with prompt food delivery. Uber Eats was started as a brave venture and has overtaken the world with its popularity and familiarity. It has been discussed with many people and is considered a good investment since it gives local people employment and gives the people ordering some flexibility rather than driving to get food from the restaurants. We will need to study many things about this company to come to a desirable conclusion about what it feels about its customers and how they plan to serve them better. By doing that, we can also find what its plans might be. And we can easily do that by looking at the company’s Mission and Vision statements. By analyzing them, we can find out what the company’s saims and objectives are.

We will also be looking at what values Uber adopts in its day-to-day functioning and what it advises its employees to do about their policies.

Uber’s Mission Statement Analysis

Every company needs a mission statement to be better run. Its employees know the formula and plan the employees can follow to make it the best company in terms of friendliness, service, and delivery. The mission statement will also help us determine the company’s goals, which can be determined by how they have presented themselves in the last few years and through their statements.

The company always talks about how it has made progress in transporting people and making the distance between people lesser. They pride themselves on giving a good service to the people, which is confirmed by the fact that this company performs well even after the 2020 Pandemic. This pandemic has given Uber the strength to learn from mistakes and be strong in crisis times.

The mission statement reads, ”Transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone.” This statement is primarily divided into two stages which we will be discussing in the upcoming sections. But, first, the statement is divided into two main parts, those are:

  1. Transportation as reliable as running water
  2. Everywhere for everyone

The First Section of the Mission Statement

The first statement indicates that the company is so reliable that they have achieved running water in the metropolitan cities. The comparison is quite smart as they have told the people that their reliability can be measured in running water. Ever present and always helping people out, by following this principle, they have managed to expand their business in America and other countries. This statement indicates that Uber has transcended most of the startups and has brought the people working together by having an environment where they can work and get profits while also making sure the interactions between the people have not faltered sanctity of conversation is maintained.

The company prides itself on providing cab and food delivery services even in the most remote parts of the cities. That is why Uber has an ever-increasing network of people joining. Anyone who knows how to drive a vehicle can join either the food delivery department or become a cab driver, which has to work limited hours a day and get good pay. But the hours still depend on the person working. The comparison to running water is also an indication of progress. Running water never stops unless it’s been trapped or barricaded, it can be contained, but it only flows in the direction it wants when set free. Thus, the company has compared itself to running water, emphasizing its control over the business and a steady flow of customers and progress. Thus, the first section talks about the involvement of employees and customers in the business’s success by comparing the company and its relationships with its customers to a steady flow of income.

The Second Section of the Mission Statement

The second statement correlates with the first section as it draws from the idea of rerunning water. It emphasizes that running water is found everywhere in metropolitan cities, which is the majority of the company’s area. That is why it can be indicated that no matter one goes, Uber services can be found anywhere as long as one has a mobile device and an internet connection. Uber has always prided itself in providing uninterrupted and powerful services that transcend a cab or food request. They build relationships with their customers so that they have no choice but to rely on Uber to take care of their food and transportation needs. They have made relationships with their customers so that both sides profit.

The customer profit by getting huge discounts on various food items and quick delivery of food and cab services while the company profits by making some amount of money as commission from the restaurant supplying the food and the cab drivers that work on behalf of the company. Thus, the company aims to be anywhere and everywhere by supplying the best services to the people who are faithful to the company. Recently the company has started electric and motorized scooter rentals in certain cities, which is skyrocketing its already growing revenue. In addition, they are discovering various ways for people to use transport effectively. All of these services have, in turn, helped the customers use their services to get to places of their own accord and during their own time, rather than stepping out early and wait for a cab. Instead, they can just rent a vehicle from the company and get around independently without any limitations set on by the lender.

In this way, many people have been utilizing the services that this company has been carefully integrating throughout the years of its existence. They have been innovating on the concepts and finding a way to get into many places through their concepts and utilize their technology to increase their revenue. Thus, this company has made marginally better progress in recent years than its rivals since most of them have concentrated all o their efforts into a single service rather than expand on different business sectors.

Uber’s Vision Statement Analysis

Uber has a very directed and innovative vision statement as its central aim is to make sure the world around them is constantly evolving and moving forward using their services. It is a pretty well-known vision statement since the company has expanded into different sectors due to the inspiration given by the leaders of the company and the mission statement. From the mission statement originated the vision statement.

The vision statement of Uber is, ”We ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion.” There are 2 main factors we need to realize in this statement.

  1. We ignite opportunity
  2. Setting the world in motion

The First Section of the Vision Statement

The first section talks about why Uber is at the top of the competition. The reason is that they prioritize providing services to their customers as well as the employees. They accept anyone who has a driving license and knows how to ride a vehicle into their business and provides equal opportunity to the people seeking jobs. It is due to this commitment the company is one of the best in today’s time. The people working in the companies and outside of it are always looking for opportunities to get to a better place instead of what they are today. That is why this company wants its employees and the people who work to prosper rightly for the amount of work they do. That is why Uber only keeps 25% of the margins of the earnings per car ride. It is even lower for the delivery of food and other items. The company is very vocal about the fair treatment of its employees, which is why they have given a lot of time and resources to make better ways to get more customers by marketing in the right areas and make it easier for employees.

The Second Section of the Vision Statement

The second statement talks about setting the world in motion through the various efforts of the working individuals under the company. Seeing the company is primarily based on delivering goods and services, it has to do it quickly so that the people using them would feel compelled that their services are on time. By setting the world in motion, they are implying that travel and delivery are constantly improved under their banner, and opportunities are always present for the people who are in motion. That is why working in this company has given many employees a good way to earn some extra money by utilizing their abilities. They have set the world in motion by providing the means and instruments to people who will use it to deliver happiness and satisfaction to those who desire it in the prompt time, which does not hinder any progress while also makes a name for the company. Thus, their goal of giving opportunity by integrating the help of different sources is accomplished.

Values of Uber

Uber adopts many values, but we will be looking at the ones which will be the most impactful.

  1. We build globally, we live locally. This talks about the different areas Uber has its establishment in. By building globally they mean expanding their business around the world and by living locally they mean, that the services reach far and wide into every nook.
  2. We value ideas over hierarchy. This idea suggests that the company considers the experience, values of the person, their ideas, to be a greater part of their work importance rather than their hierarchy. 
  3. We persevere. This talks about the various attempts that rivals have taken to ensure they get ahead of the company but Uber has always come out and top through their service and persevered through their efforts.


These are the different mission, vision, and values statements that Uber has released to the public so far, due to this they have made it far from the various other rivals and established their reputation throughout the world as a dependable company that has always supported the people and their employees in their endeavors. Good Day!

Uber Mission, Vision, and Values Analysis

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