Why Do You Want To Be An Accountant?


Every company needs an accountant to keep books and settle charges. However, some organizations tend to either utilize inward accountants or recruit outside coupled with duty managers to re-appropriate their bookkeeping, either as freelancers or for a firm.



To answer this inquiry, you ought to talk about a range of factors such as capacities, work insights, proficiency, roles required of the field, etc.

How To Respond?

Firstly, when such a question is asked, the way you answer matters a lot. That’s to say, your answer should correspond with your expertise. 

Thus, the questioner is looking for a reaction that covers a couple of fundamentals; meaning you shouldn’t beat around the bush.  Here are a few pointers on how to react:

1. Firstly you ought to know the parts you like the most: This is where you think about the field that interests you and begins to work towards giving your reply. Regardless of whether you’ve recently completed your Master’s degree or you are a job seeker, you ought to have a smart thought of the area of accounting that makes you happy. This will help you to get the right answer.

2. Secondly connect your work insight: Always align your experience with your answer. A lot of people applied for the job and the interviewer is searching for the characteristics you got especially in your previous workplace. They know you can work but your experience will convince them more.

3. Always note your bookkeeping qualities: Just like a popular adage, “quality over quantity”. Before you respond try to include qualities that are needed in the field. Not necessarily you enlist all but try as much as possible to fuse the two or three qualities to your answer

 Answer Models

The success of every interview lies in the way you answer the questions. For you to be employed, you ought to learn and understand the right way to prepare your answers. The following are sample answers to guide you:

Sample: My teacher chose the course for me. According to her, she noticed that I am good at calculations and the only way to develop it is to become an accountant. So I would say that I am gifted to become one and I believe your company gives me the chance to prove my worth.

Sample:  What motivated me to study accounting is my passion for mathematics. I love dealing with people’s financial accounts; it helps me balance their businesses without any mistakes. It was a voluntary service and later on, my boss decided to send me to the university to study the course. Having known what the job requires, I’m sure I will get the job.

Sample: I have 2-3 years of experience in this profession. I graduated with a first-class degree and was the best student in my class. Shortly, after my convocation, my school offered me employment to work as a school accountant. It was a great journey!

I found upskilling as one of the most important aspects we need in our career path. This is why I seek a more challenging task to help me upgrade my skill sets. I hope your company gives me a chance.

Sample: The joy of every accountant is to have good reports. I have handled a lot of financial issues. It gives me joy each time my clients find no complaint regarding my task. Indeed, it’s my calling to become one. 

I have my portfolios for your perusal and am looking forward to working in your company.

Sample:  I’m one of your customers at one of your branches located at ABC street. I love the way the organization attends to customers and makes sure that they’re satisfied. 

However, I believe that customer satisfaction should be the main priority of an organization and I’m confident that I work hard to make sure the organization grows higher.

Sample: I worked for XYZ company, where I had to record and prepare the organization data report. I started as a clerk and was later promoted to the accounting department through my performance. 

I believe in the school of thought that says, “experience is the best teacher”, so I found your company as a place to explore my potential and gain insights. I would be glad to discuss more on the position.

Sample: After my degree program, I stayed at home for some months before I got an accounting voluntary service. I’m the kind of person that loves helping people with their financial issues and at the same time learning new skills. However, I carried out some data analysis and the CEO was delighted and took me as an employee.

I handled the company’s finances for about five years. This has been part of me and I enjoy making an impact in any company I work for.

Sample: I love accounting. It’s stress-free. My first workplace was at XYZ industry, which is one of the top-ranking industries in the country. I worked as a sales/finance manager for 3years. It was a double position and much is expected from me, I covered my tasks without any query from the management.

Hence, I strive for a more challenging position where I can leverage my skill sets more.

The Advantages Of Becoming One

The following are some advantages of filling in as an accountant:

1. You don’t have to be a mathematics expert

Accountancy is always known for its calculations. Generally, numbers are inseparable from the field because it’s the most important part, but you don’t have to be an expert before becoming an accountant. 

Therefore, if you want to be an accountant, you can study the course and get the knowledge and skills required for job opportunities.

2. They are needed everywhere

One of the most important aspects of accounting is that the job is found everywhere; such as school, company, bank, stock market, etc. They require financial experts to help in managing and promoting the monetary aspects of their businesses. Hence, you foster abilities that might be utilized in any industry. 

3. It is stress-free

Unlike other professions, you can sit in your comfort zone and analyze your company’s finances via accounting software. You don’t need to stress your brain, all you need is your computer and internet provider.

4. There is room for entry-level opportunities

If you have a secondary school certificate, there are a lot of entry-level opportunities you can apply for. This way you can learn and work at the same time without having any issues. Some companies give scholarships for GED holders to either further their studies or enroll in training that will boost that level. It’s a fantastic way of making a bookkeeping degree as beneficial to others for what it’s worth to you.

5. It’s in high demand

According to research, the demand for accounting jobs is very strong and about 80% of job opportunities are available for professionals. Therefore, it’s a great career to earn a livelihood.

6. It pays well

Accountants are fairly paid especially if you are working with a big firm. However, payment depends on your experience, level, and other necessary things. That’s the higher your level, the higher the payment and vice versa.


There are also disadvantages of becoming one:

1. Non-stop education

As an accountant, you keep studying every day to keep up with the company’s system and others. It’s either the company sponsors you or you enroll for continuous education. This will help you boost your level and payment.

2. Sometimes the work can be cumbersome

When you’re in charge of a company’s finances, then you are likely to face all the pressure, especially when the workload is too much. Even though the data analysis is done using a computer, it also requires human effort to get the best result. And this can be difficult to handle.

3. The work hour

This is one of the disadvantages faced by accountants. Though it isn’t for the year but during taxation, the workload is usually high and will demand them to work in late hours.


In conclusion, asking the above question depends on your choice of words and manner of approach.  So you ought to convince the interviewer by answering correctly. While examining your professional decision or the obligations, you will be responsible for the bookkeeping position, ensuring the questioner feels your excitement in your voice.

Also, since this is the profession you’ve wanted for quite a while. To put it another way, your verbal and nonverbal correspondence should be in a state of harmony. It’s the best way to traverse this career.


How much does an accountant make on average?

The average pay is $55, 980, although it varies depending on your level of experience.

How long does it take to become one?

The time it takes you to earn your degree depends on the field of study and the years attached. Notwithstanding,  a bachelor’s degree in accounting typically takes four years to complete.

Is accounting a lot of math?

No accounting isn’t hard-core math but you have to know how to carry out calculations.

Why Do You Want To Be An Accountant?

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