Accounting Supervisor Salary-Know More

An accounting supervisor is a person who manages and supervises the daily transactions of a person/ business enterprise reconcile bank statement, maintain journal, ledger and other daybooks. He also does tax audit and payroll. Let us know about that the Accounting Supervisor Salary. According to the accounting supervisor’s salary in the United States is around […]

Why Do You Want To Be An Accountant?

Introduction Every company needs an accountant to keep books and settle charges. However, some organizations tend to either utilize inward accountants or recruit outside coupled with duty managers to re-appropriate their bookkeeping, either as freelancers or for a firm. Overview To answer this inquiry, you ought to talk about a range of factors such as […]

Is Accounting harder than Nursing?

Introduction When it comes to pursuing a degree and making a choice of career many people find themselves perplexed. The only suggestion which makes it easy to solve this complexity is following your passion. The pros and cons of a particular profession mold according to the abilities and wants of an individual. According to one, […]

What are Assets? – Definition, Types, and Liquidity

When you first study or work in the business field, you will constantly hear new terms, and to succeed, you will need to make yourself acquainted with these terms and concepts. In accounting and finance, you will hear the words assets, liabilities, and equity a lot. These terms are the basis of the accounting equation, […]

Gerald Garth: From Administrative Assistant to Director of Operations

Many aspiring professionals are consistently looking for opportunities to work that evokes passion, purpose, and evolution. My journey has taken me through a winding road with my career beginning in accounting. I will share with you my Journey and 7 tips to Maximizing Your Opportunities I did undergraduate studies in accounting and English and moved directly […]

How I get my first job in the USA at 55 years age by creating a balance sheet resume

Story: How I get my first job in the USA at 55 years age by creating a balance sheet resume 180 Turn to Resume In May 2005, I came to the USA on an immigration visa from India at the age 55. At that age, people start retirement planning. I have to start a fresh […]

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