Recommendation Letter for Visa From Employer- Samples

Recommendation Letter for Visa from Employer-Samples

At times in life, lady luck shows up at our doorsteps with a surprise that will change the course of our lives. Some of these occasions involve a lost puppy finding a warm, loving home, while others involve a person landing their dream job in a different country. When this latter event happens, chances are, this person will need a recommendation letter from their previous employers to obtain their visa. A well-written letter for your visa can go a long way in helping you carve that career path you desire in a new country. Today’s topic- Recommendation Letter for Visa From Employer.


The employer should ensure that the letter’s format is formal and that the letter’s contents should entail detailed information on the organization drawing up the letter. Should write the note on the organization’s letterhead, and it should sign by the appropriate party, namely a supervisor. This supervisor’s name and title should scribe below the signature. Finally, the letter should include the organization’s contact information and, although optional, have the business card of the supervisor attached.

What is a visa recommendation letter?

Applying for a visa is no picnic. Usually, this process is cumbersome and frustrating. It is because countries want to determine whether you are a threat and until they can prove this fact, chances are, you will not give a visa. It is where a visa recommendation letter comes in handy.

A visa recommendation letter is a tad different from general recommendation letters, which usually involve a previous manager or a mentor highlighting the reasons why you would be a perfect fit for a specific job. A visa recommendation letter verifies your previous work experience and the contributions you made while there. At the same time, this letter highlights your exceptional qualities, giving the visa officer a clear insight into your character. This letter will indicate the time you worked for your previous boss and if this amount of time matches the one you provided during your application.

Such letters are vital for visa approval since most countries want to know what value you add to their economies. To do this, the officer in charge of reviewing your visa will thoroughly comb through your application and determine the level of work experience you have as well as the notable qualities you possess. It, in turn, will provide information about your skill palette and your character. The reference letter needs to be genuine in that the person reading through it can validate the information you have noted in your application. If your letter does not reach the quality standards satisfactory to the visa officer, they might choose to reject your application or refuse it altogether. 

At times, the individual applying for the visa has worked in diverse positions within the same company. It means that the person has various skills in multiple departments. It is pretty helpful information that should include the website the impossible they have theirs in the recommendation letter. The said individual should coax their organization into drawing up different letters for these multiple company positions. Suppose this is not possible, and the employer decides to combine all these other positions in one letter. The individual should ensure that the employer indicates the different periods against these various positions. 

Samples of visa recommendation letters from employers

Sample 1

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ascertain that “Employee’s Name” is an employee at “Organization’s Name.” “Employee’s Name” is working here as a “Title of Job.”  They have been an employee in this company since “Given Date,” and their total annual salary is $100,000 before deductions. “Employee’s Name’s” position at “Organization’s Name” entails the compilation and analysis of consumer market data that is turn utilized to create consumer-oriented products. They wish to travel to “Destination” on “Indicate Date.” “Employee’s Name” is a diligent, average, and gifted worker who has increased our market share by 60 percent since she arrived at “Organization’s Name.” I believe that “Employee’s Name” would be a great asset in “Destination Company’s Name.”

If you should require further information regarding “Employee’s Name,” kindly contact us.

I am much obliged to you.



Name, Job Title

Sample 2

To whom it may concern,

(Indicate the full names of the passport holder and the passport number, i.e., Nancy Karwoski: Passport No-163577890)

I am writing to assert that “Employee’s Name” works at “Organization’s Name” as a “Job Title.” “Employee’s Name” has been a staff member here from “Indicate Date” and has been receiving an annual compensation of $50,000 after derivations. Their job title comprises them creating marketing strategies that appeal to different target groups. 

“Employee’s Name’ is creative, regular, and goal-driven with the ability to communicate effectively to sponsors and clientele. Their time spent here has increased our profits by “Certain Percentage.” 

“Employee’s Name” is anticipating to join your company at “Give Date.” Mercifully get in touch with us if you feel the need to garner more information about “Employee’s name.”

Much obliged to you,



Name, Position

Sample 3

Dear Sir/Madam

This letter is to affirm that “Employee’s Name” has been a highly regarded employee in our establishment, namely “Name of Company” since “Indicate Date.” WeSince “ Given Date, “ they impossible found “Employee’s Name” during his tenure here to be time conscious, respectful to authorities, and average. His position involved being a part of the administration team, which he has done impeccably.

Personally, I worked alongside “Employee’s Name” as the head of the administration team. He/she has contributed significantly to achieving the company’s goal and creating a peaceful environment for all workers.

Further, “Employee’s Name” has been one of our greatest assets in the organization. His/her competent work ethic has increased our productivity. One of the most commendable abilities of “Employee’s Name” is their ability to solve problems under pressure. This highly skilled individual will prove valuable to your company. Therefore, I urge that you grant them this opportunity that they desire. 

In case of any questions, kindly contact me via the information included in the letter.

Best Regards,


Name, Job Title

Sample 4

To the Embassy of China,

I am writing to certify that Brian Jeffery, of Identification Number “Give ID NO,” has been employed at “Company’s Name” for twelve years. His date of birth is “Provide Date of Birth.”

As the office manager, I can assure you that Jefferson has never been a part of any criminal activity and has never exhibited violent behavior. Ever since joining the company, Jefferson has been punctual, focused, and good-natured. Not once has he ever been involved in brawls or unfounded arguments. His ability to work unsupervised has yielded productivity that has, in turn, improved our sales margin. Moreover, Jefferson is financially stable, a quality that will ensure he has no challenges meeting his financial needs.

I can guarantee you that if Jefferson goes to China, he will not stir up any trouble. He will adhere to the conditions presented before him. Attached to this letter, you will find his compensation history.

Feel free to contact me for further queries, and I will not hesitate to assist you. 


Manager at “Company’s Name”

“Name of Manger”




Recommendation letters for a visa from one’s employer are pretty impossible. However, they are vital for visa approval. They ascertain that you are an asset to the country you are going to work. Additionally, these letters verify your good qualities. It is important to note that visa recommendation letters do not have to be for a new job in another country. These letters are also required when one is going for a work-related training/conference in another country. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Where is the company’s contact information written in a recommendation letter for a visa application?

Should indicate the contact information below the company’s address issuing the letter or below the employer’s signature. Usually, it comprises an email and telephone number. 

Recommendation Letter for Visa From Employer- Samples

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