Leave Requesting Emails- Types of Sample Emails

Leave Requesting Emails

Maintaining a committed and healthy attitude towards your work and colleagues is an essential part of your work ethic. When it comes to taking leaves for your matter, you are obliged to inform the necessary details of the concerned authority. The failure to provide a prior leave request may put everyone around you in difficulty. Here are the samples for Leave Requesting Emails.

There are different types of leave requests according to the nature of the requirement. For example, polite language and a professional writing style are necessary while drafting a professional leave request. 

Why do you need a leave request? 

Do you think that preparing an official request for leave is a waste of time and effort? Not. A leave request is an official document, and it has its significance. There are various reasons you are advised to hand in a written request (as a letter or an email).  

  • The main reason is documentation purposes. It is evidence of your genuine absence from the company. You have to store the request and its response safely for dealing with possible future disagreements. 
  • For proper approval, your request might have to reach many hands. For that, an official record is needed. 
  • If you cannot hand in the request in person or just ask directly, you might have to use email to send the request. 

What should you include in a leave requesting mail?

There are some definite things that you must include in any leave requesting mail. They are discussed in detail below:

  • Subject: Mentioning the reason for you to write this email. In this case, the subject can be “Requesting for leave on or from any dates” or “Leave Application.” 
  • Salutation: Mention the proper salutation towards the person whom you are writing to. It can be a name or designation. 
  • Type: Make sure to mention the type of leave that you need to be approved. Different types of leaves and the sample request emails for those will be mentioned later in the article. 
  • Reason: Mention the reason for your absence clearly and logically. 
  • Dates: Provide the dates on which you will be unavailable. If there is any uncertainty, include that too. 
  • Work plan in your absence: Say how you plan to carry on your assigned tasks during your absence. If a colleague is ready to cover for you, mention that too. 
  • Contact Information: Add your emergency number where you can be contacted in case of a workplace emergency. 
  • Supporting documents: If you are requesting leave for reasons like sickness, add a prescription or certificate from a professional. 
  • Signature 

Types of leaves and their sample requests 

As we have mentioned earlier, there are various types of leaves. Therefore, each one should be requested in a slightly different format than the other. Here, we will discuss all the various types and sample requests for each type. 

  • Annual Leave

It is the most common leave where the employee is entitled to a certain number of leave days throughout the year. An annual leave request must be submitted if you need to use the leave days from your remaining annual leave days. 


Subject: Annual Leave Application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name}, 

I am writing this email to request some days off from my remaining annual leave quota. From my remaining leave days, I request you to consider my leave application for 20 days as I am planning a trip to Switzerland with my family. I would like to avail myself of the leave from {date} to {date}. 

My tasks have been assigned to {name and designation} from the same project that I am working on. Therefore, he/she understands the tasks and can carry them out effectively. 

During the days of my absence, I can be reached at {email and phone number}. 

I will return to the office on {date}. If I have to resume work sooner or later than the mentioned date, I will inform you well in advance. 

Yours Sincerely, 

{Your Name}

  • Vacation/ Holiday Leave 

In most cases, vacation and annual leaves are the same. However, for high-profile roles and other rare exceptions, you can use this type of request. 


Subject: Leave application for a family vacation 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

This is a request for your approval of a leave of 10 days for my planned family vacation to Canada. I would like to take the vacation from {date} to {date}. I will join the office on Monday{date}.

The final draft of my work will be submitted to you by the end of this week. You can contact my colleague {name and designation} regarding the same in my absence. I can be reached at {email and phone number} in case of any queries. 

I look forward to your response and thank you for your consideration. 

Yours sincerely, 

{Your Name} 

  • Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is the period before and after delivery. A period of rest is necessary, which must be granted by the company. 


Subject: Maternity leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing this email to request my maternity leave for three months from {date} to {date}. After that, I will rejoin on {date} and resume my tasks. 

During the period of my absence, {name and designation} has agreed to take over my position and assigned tasks. In case of any difficulties, you can reach me at {email and phone number}.

Attached with this email are my medical certificate and other details required for granting the leave. I also request you to provide necessary details about the health insurance coverage of our company so that my medical bills can be taken care of. 

Yours sincerely, 

{Your Name}

  • Paternity Leave 

Paternity leave is a short period that the father of a newborn child spends time with the child. 


Subject: Paternity leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing this email to request my paternity leave as my wife’s due date is approaching {date}. I am excited to be with her during the delivery and spend some quality time with my child a few weeks after. 

I would like to avail myself of my leave from {date} to {date} as until my parents join us in a few weeks; I have to take care of my wife. 

I have transferred my duties to my colleague {name and designation} during my absence. In case of an emergency, you can contact me at {email and phone number}.    

I hope you understand my situation and grant the leave as soon as possible. 

Yours sincerely, 

{Your Name} 

  • Casual Leave 

These are leaves where you have to be absent for some sudden reasons. These can be of various types, mainly including personal or family matters. The duration for casual leave is usually up to 4 days. 


Subject: Casual leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing this email to request four days of leave to attend an international telecommunication conference to be conducted in Manchester from {date} to {date}. 

This opportunity can greatly advance our telecom services as I can use the knowledge to its applications. As there is a long journey from here to Manchester, I request the leave from {date} to {date}, and I will be rejoining on {date} morning. 

My colleague {name and designation} has agreed to take over my tasks in my absence. In my absence, I can be reached at {email and phone number). 

I would be grateful if you can accept my request. 

Yours sincerely 

{Your Name}


Subject: Casual leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing to request you for a leave of 3 days from {date} to {date} as I have to attend a medical emergency of my close relative living in Texas. I will resume my works from {date} onwards. 

In my absence, I can be reached at {email and phone number}. {name and designation} will be handling my tasks in my absence. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name}

  • Sick Leave 

This is the leave request you present if you are unable to attend work due to your illness. According to the company policy, a clinical report may be required for granting sick leave. 


Subject: Sick leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing to inform you that I will be absent from work for the next few days due to a viral infection that started yesterday night. 

My doctor advised that I should take rest for at least five days. The clinical certificate from my doctor is attached here. 

Kindly allow me sick leave for 5 days from {date} to {date}. If in case I need extended days of leave, I will inform you in advance. 

Please feel free to contact me at your time of convenience for any clarification needed at {email and phone number}. Besides, I have informed my teammates regarding the tasks of the ongoing project, and they are ready to take over. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name}

  • One-day Leave


Subject: One-day personal leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing this to request you leave for {date} as I have to accompany my daughter to her school for an appointment with her teachers. I will get back to the office the very next day. 

I have submitted the work plan for the day of my leave. I am extremely confident that our team will be able to perform the tasks with their full potential. 

I apologize for the inconvenience caused due to my absence, and you can contact me at any time using the contact information given here {email and phone number}. 

Yours sincerely 

{Your Name}

  • Half-day Leave


Subject: Leave application for half a day

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing this email to request you for a half-day leave from {time} to {time} on {date} as I have an appointment with my dentist. I will try and complete my assigned tasks by evening. 

In case of any queries, kindly contact me at {email and phone number}. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name}

  • Emergency Leave 

If any unexpected event occurs that needs your sudden attention, then an emergency leave request can be submitted. 

Subject: Emergency leave application

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I regret that I need to request an emergency leave today. My father has met with an accident today, and I had to be with him. I am sorry that I couldn’t give you prior notice as this was an unanticipated event. 

Kindly grant me leave for one week, and I hope to join the office on {date}. If an extension of leave is needed, I will inform you in advance. 

Kindly use my emergency contact details {email and phone number} in case of any clarification. You can also contact {name and designation} from my team for queries regarding the ongoing project. 


{Your Name}


  •  Education Leave

It is a special kind of leave where the employee is given the right to attend a course, conference or an examination which will be further beneficial for the company. 

Subject: Education leave application

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I am writing to inform you that my application to the Indian Institute of Management, Indoor, has been accepted for the batch of 2022. Therefore, I request you to grant me leave for my studies during a period of {date} to {date}. 

The admission letter and semester details are attached with this mail. I assure you that I will learn to my maximum potential and utilize them to benefit our company. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name}

  •  Bereavement Leave

When you have to request leave due to the passing of your family members or loved ones, it can be categorized as bereavement leave. 

Subject: Bereavement leave application on the passing of my {realtion with the deceased)

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

As you might have heard, my mother passed away today morning in our hometown in Texas. So, unfortunately, I have to be there to support my family at this time of despair. 

Hence, I request a bereavement leave of three paid days and three unpaid days as there is a long journey to and from Texas. 

My teammate {name and designation} has agreed to take over my project during my absence. You can reach me on {phone number} or email me at {email id}. I will resume my works on {date} precisely. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name} 

  •  Compensatory Leave 

This type of leave is granted as compensation for extra work hours that you have put in.  


Subject: Compensatory leave application 

Dear {Sir/ Madam/ Recipient’s name},

I would like to request a compensatory leave from {date} to {date}. I wish to utilize three of my five compensatory leave days remaining for this purpose. 

In my absence, {name and designation} has agreed to take over my tasks. In case of any queries, feel free to reach me at {email and phone number}. 

Kindly confirm that you have received this email and you consider my request. 

Yours sincerely

{Your Name}

What to keep in mind before planning your leave?

Some things need to be considered before planning your leave. 

  • Company requirements: Even if you have unused vacation days or compensatory leave days, ensure that your leave doesn’t affect your company’s growth or smooth functioning. If your leave can be delayed for the sake of the company, it should be done. 
  • Replacement: Make sure that there is someone to take up your assigned tasks in your absence. If not, make sure that you have no pending tasks to be completed.
  • Notice Period: Be aware of the minimum time before submitting your leave request for it to be sanctioned. If there is an emergency, make sure to mention that in your application. 
  • Public holidays: Ensure that no public holidays are coinciding with your requested leave days. 
  • Balance leave days: Check the number of leave days you have left before applying. If you don’t have enough leave days, your request may be rejected or forced to take unpaid leave. 

After your request is approved

If your request is professional and genuine, it will be approved without any issues. However, after the approval, there are some things you have to do as part of the professional courtesy. 

  • Send your superior a short thanking mail for approving your leave request.
  •  To enjoy an interruption-free vacation, make sure to let the person who acts as your replacement know everything necessary for the work. Write notes and tasks clearly for him/her to understand so that no questions arise in the due process. 
  • Inform your colleagues and clients about your leave, stating the following necessary details:
  • Leave dates.
  • Contact information of the person covering for you in your absence.
  • Your emergency contact information. 


Having a professional attitude towards everything regarding your workplace is essential for making proper workplace relationships. Leave requests have to be prepared following the company’s policies and basic work ethic. You need to keep in mind the essential details before and after giving a leave request. Never deceive yourself or others by giving an unauthenticated or false reason for leave, as that may result in further repercussions. Also, make sure to provide a professional request for any type of leave as it is an essential official record of your granted leave.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How to give a professional request to extend leave application?

Extending the granted leave is considered an undesirable behavior and is not recommended at all. But if due to any essential circumstances, if you want to extend your leave, then write a formal request with clear reasons stated. 

  • What to do if the leave request is rejected?

Only in rare cases will your leave request may get rejected. In such situations, talk to your manager and understand the reasons for rejection. Stay calm and address the situation with ease. Explain your plan in detail and come up with solutions for the mentioned problems. 

  • What is a leave of absence?

Leave of absence is the approved time off work. It can be paid or unpaid according to the situation of leave. 

  • What are the different ways of asking for permission to leave?

Leave requests can be submitted to produced through any of the following ways:

  • Applying through the company’s official website. But this method might take time as it doesn’t directly get to your authority. So, if you are in a hurry for leave approval, don’t wait around after only applying in the portal.
  • If there is no website for official requests, send an email to your HR manager or any other concerned authorities. 
  • You can also present a verbal request, but it is not advised as there will be no written document to produce.  
Leave Requesting Emails- Types of Sample Emails

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