How to write a job offer email?

How to write a job offer email?

Developing a big business always needs a good set of people. Hiring people that suit best to the job is the key to a good team. But one cannot directly reach out to anyone and explain the details of the business; it would be too time-consuming. Here, let’s know How to write a job offer email?

Here’s why a simple method is a job offer email. It is a smart way to reach out the important job details to a candidate before losing the chance to hire him or her. 

A job offer email is like a mirror of your business for the candidate. It can truly define whether the candidate should grab this opportunity and should look for something else. That’s why to make a good job offer email there are a bunch of tips one can keep in mind while writing the mail.  

An offer letter is a formal job invitation and is generally an overview of the fundamental terms and conditions of the job offer with information about the company. The details delivered in the employee offer letter are to assist the candidate to agree on whether to accept the offer or to apply for another job opportunity. 

When the candidate signs and returns the offer letter, it confirms the acceptance of the offer by the candidate. This is like a confirmation between both the company and the candidate. 

A good and well-built offer letter with every important point has a higher chance of acceptance. 


An offer letter is a very important document in the last stages of recruitment. It is purposeful for the following reasons – 

  • It comprises all the information required by the candidate like job role, benefits, working hours, and many more
  • It acts as an official document between the company and the candidate
  • It is the evidence that the candidate is a part of this particular company (in case, if offer is accepted)
  • It gives a positive impact on the candidate. 


Before moving forward to the tips to make a perfect email. One must ask himself or herself if it is the right time to send the offer email or not. You must have set up many many interviews and screenings for the candidate who wants to apply for the job. You might be thinking that he or she is the one who is perfect for the workplace and meets the requirements of the job flawlessly. 

But, before raining jobs offer emails on them just check them whether they are sure of the job or not. Check with them will they agree with the job policies. 

After conforming to all these things one must go ahead and should send an email regarding the job to the candidate. 


  1. Use the descriptive subject line 

One could receive hundreds of emails in a day. What makes your mail catch the eye is an informative subject line. While mentioning the name of your company, clearly remark the position one had applied for in fewer words around 10 words. Subject lines are like the door to what lies in the mail. A catchy and direct subject line gives more chances of going through the email. 

Some examples of good subject lines for the job offer mail can be – 

  • Job Offer from (Name of the Company) 
  • (Position name) at (Name of the Company)
  • (Company Name) Job Offer
  • Offer to work as (position) from (Name of the company)
  1. Attach the helpful documents 

The purpose of the offer letter is to give the candidate all the information required by him or her to choose whether he or she should accept the job offer or should apply for another job. 

Attaching documents with the mail is much easier than writing a long paragraph and it is also easy for the candidate to go through the important points without getting lost in the ocean of long paragraphs. One can include various kinds of documents like policies of the company, beneficiary information, or other relevant documents the candidate should sign or should know about. 

Although it is advised to add few documents, it is not recommended to add a large number of documents with the mail which will remain the candidate to overwhelm and might give them a thought to look for another job opportunity. 

  1. Discuss the important points only 

An email gives you the availability of sharing much information altogether. But don’t put too much information in a single mail. Mention all the important points in the mail in the form of short points. This helps in reading all the relevant information by the candidate in one go and no point would be left out. 

Try to make it concise and easy while mentioning things like stipends offered, bonuses(if any), duration of the job, working hours, working days, holidays allowed without writing too much. 


A job offer mail can be written in many ways but widely they can be written in two different types of ways. Writing in either of the formats depends on the needs of the company or how they want to share their details with candidates. Let’s look at the format in detail


Write a brief message as a mail body with a motivating tone to the candidate. Attach the offer letter in the form of a pdf or word document with mail while mentioning the same in the mail. This helps the candidate in reading all the important information given separately in the offer letter while keeping the mail short and simple. 

For your ease let’s understand the format with the help of the example. Let’s assume a Company of the name – Romani Ltd. The mail can be written as, 

Dear (Name of the candidate), 

Congratulations on your offer from Romani Ltd. We are happy to enlist the position of (title of the job) which will start from the date of (start date according to the company). 

The offer letter is attached with the mail and you will find all the relevant information in the same. If you are interested in the job, please fill the form and sign it accordingly. 

Please send the signed offer letter with all the information filled at ( Company’s email address). For security purposes please attach a copy of your valid identity proof. 

If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach us through the mail address mentioned above or by calling us on this number (number of the concerned authority). 

We are looking forward to hearing from you as soon as possible. 


One can also send the offer letter in the mail itself without attaching it differently. Just copy-paste the whole offer letter in the body of the mail. This format of writing the mail can be beneficial for the candidate as he or she can directly see the complete details as soon as he or she opens the mail. This can be helpful in case one can write the offer letter neatly in the mail or else one will get lost in the ocean of words making them skip some important details. But if there is a neat and clear vision of the offer letter in the body it can be beneficial. Be sure to include all the important details like benefits, deadline, and contact details with other details. 

Again for the ease of understanding let us assume a company of the name – Foxtail Ltd. Then using the format discussed above mail can be written as – 

Dear (name of the candidate),

We are delighted to assign you a (time of job – full or part) position as a (Job title) at Company Foxtail Ltd, reporting directly to our (Name and Post of the concerned authority). Based on your experience and interviews, we look forward to seeing how you will take our company to the next status.

We would like to offer you an annual starting salary of (salary offered by the company) paid out on a (period when salary will be paid) basis via (mode of payment).

If you agree to accept this position, you can start the work from (Date of joining ) at our (Address of the office). You will be expected to work for (working hours). Monday through Friday(or as per the rules of the company ) with the option to work remotely (if applicable). Please go through the rules and regulations before accepting the offer. 

If you accept the offer you will be able to reap the benefits of an employee which includes ( mention all the benefits he or she will get if he or she approves for the job).

If interested, please mail us an acceptance mail on this mail id – (mail id of the company) or reach us on this number (number of the concerned people) before (mention the deadline).

We are eagerly waiting for your response! Feel free to ask any query on the contact details mentioned above. 


In this article, we discussed what are the formats to write a job offer mail and had gone into details of the same. We used certain examples to understand the format in a much better and easy way. Moreover, we talked about how a job offer mail is written with some tips to make it certainly perfect. To summarise the tips we should always write the mail in short and simple words in a decent way while attaching the important document required by the candidate. There must be a catchy and easy subject line to make it more visible in the lake of mails. We looked at certain examples of how to make a catchy subject line. After all, the subject line is a door to the main body. Always mentioning details in points with not too much information in a single is another piece of advice I want to add to the list. 


  1. What is an offer letter?

An offer letter is an official document issued by the Company to a new candidate for the job acceptance. It contains details regarding the job like a date to start work, address of office, responsibilities of the candidate as an employee, salary, information about the incentives he or she might get and working hours, etc. It is generally prepared for anyone in the company and the candidate is required to sign an offer letter to accept the job. 

  1. Can an offer letter be written on my own?

Although an offer letter is an official document prepared by the company, there is no requirement of any legal practitioner to make one. Any member of the company can write an official letter. The company suggests a particular template to write the offer letter to maintain equity and consistency for the offer letter. 

  1. Is an offer letter a legal document? 

Yes, the offer letter is legally binding. It shows the consideration of both the candidate and the company on the working of the candidate. Signing the offer letter confirms the agreement between the candidate and the company. 

  1. How to make the offer letter more effective? 

There are many ways in which one can make their offer letter more effective, 

  • Always mention all the details clearly and in a decent way 
  • Add every important detail necessary for the candidate
  • Use a formal tone to write the offer letter 
  • Always mention little detail about the company which gives a positive impact on the candidate
  1. Is there any difference between contact and an offer letter? 

For the majority of the population, both contract and offer letters are the same but this is wrong. An offer letter gives all the necessary details of the job to the candidate, it has all the information regarding salary, period, working hours and much more. While on the contrary, a contract is a type of deal and binds both parties with certain rules and regulations. What makes both of them common is that both need the approval of the candidate. 

How to write a job offer email?

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