Working for Hulu- Know More About It

Are you perplexed about whether to apply for a job at Hulu? Do you want to know how things go about at Hulu? You’ve stumbled upon the right article. Before applying to any company, you look for certain factors. This article will elucidate on all of these and try to sort your queries and apprehensions about working at Hulu.

Working for Hulu

The best way to know about any company is to look at the ratings and reviews by the employee. According to, Hulu has a decent rating of 63 in terms of the happiness of the employees. This indicates that the employees are quite content with their employers.

What is Hulu?

A premium streaming platform, Hulu was founded in 2007 by Jason Kilar and Beth Comstock. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California. A company with a revenue of $4.4 billion, Hulu currently employs 2,900 people working at its offices in Chicago, San Antonio, Royal Oak San Francisco, New York City, and Beijing. 

Hulu is probably the only online streaming platform that gives its viewers access to the latest online television shows from the US broadcast network.

Initially established as a joint venture between News Corporation, NBC Universal, and Providence Equity Partners, Hulu is now owned by Hulu LLC, a joint venture of Comcast and Disney. As per the reports of The Walt Disney Company, Hulu had 41.6 million paid subscribers till the second quarter of 2021. 

Eligibility criteria to get a job at Hulu

Hulu offers employment in various fields like technology, advertising sales, and operation, data analysis, accounting, and finance. A person needs to possess certain degrees to be eligible to work at Hulu. The various departments offering employment with their eligibility criteria are as follows:

  •  Technology-related jobs: A person needs to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or any similar course and a work experience of five to ten years, to be eligible for the job in the technological department of Hulu
  • Data analyst jobs: No specific degree requirement but the jobs in this area do demand significant industry experience in fields like software engineering, and open-source operating systems.
  • Accounting and finance jobs: The minimum requirement in jobs in this field is a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or in any similar discipline.
  • Advertising Sales and operation jobs: The jobs in this field require a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business administration or market analyst or any other similar discipline.

Do you want to be a Hulugan?

The people working at Hulu are prominently known as Hulugans. Hulugans believe in working hard and playing hard. On average a Hulugan works for 9.4 hours a day. To prevent employee burnout, the company organizes weekly ‘wind downs’, regular outings, and movie screenings. The headquarter of Hulu in Santa Monica takes pride in its arcade games, stocked-up kitchens, televisions, and collaborative workspace. The environment in the company is employee-friendly. The company cares about its employees. According to, 92% of employees say that it is a great place to work when compared with any typical company in the US.

Hulu offers many incentives to its employees, some of them are as follows:

  • Hulu has flexible work hours
  • It offers dental and health incentives for the employees. It also gives preference to mental health.
  • It offers vacations, free onsite cooking, and fitness classes to the employees. 
  • It gives its employees a monthly stipend to use for their well-being, both physically and mentally.
  • It also offers Parental leaves, family planning resources, and even breast milk shipping for breastfeeding parents traveling for work
  • It offers paid time off to its employees. 

Working culture at Hulu

Owing to the fact that Hulu offers many incentives and a safe and friendly requirement to work in, it can make into the list of your preferable jobs. Hulu was ranked second in Fortune Best Workplaces in New York 2020 and eighteenth in Great Place to Work’s Best Workplaces in Texas 2020. 

Hulu has a vision of empowerment, individuality, and transparency. People working here often say that their co-workers are their friends. Hulu allows its employees to retain their individuality and yet perform as an excellent team. It widens the horizon of the people by making them the decision-makers. All the Hulugans believe in becoming each other’s helping hand. Who would not like to work for a company that serves all your best interests?

If you are looking for everything mentioned above, becoming a Hulugan is the perfect career for you.

Why should you work at Hulu?

The reasons mentioned above are reasons enough to convince someone to apply for Hulu. According to, Hulugans have expressed a high level of satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Supportive Environment

When asked about the working environment at Hulu, the employees admitted that they are surrounded by understanding and supportive people, they aren’t alone. And in case of any query can easily reach out to a senior. The score in this aspect was 74, which is an above-average score.

  • Appreciation

When asked whether they get enough appreciation or not, the employees’ reply was affirmative. They claim that they get appreciation at the personal level. They are appreciated for who they are by their seniors and co-workers. The score in this aspect was 70, which is an above-average rating.

  • The clarity in what they do

When asked if they had a clear sense of purpose, the employees responded positively and admitted that they had a purpose for what they are working. The score in this aspect was 60, which is an average rating.

Apart from all these spheres, Hulu has also considered a safe working space for women. It offers a jovial atmosphere for everyone to work in.

Earnings of Hulugans

Hulu offers an impressive set of salaries to its employees. As per the reports of Glassdoor, the following salaries are offered for respective designations:

  • Software Developer: A software developer at Hulu is offered a salary of $ 150,686 per year.
  • Senior Software Developer: A Senior Software Developer is offered a salary of $168,025 per year.
  • Software Engineer: A Software Engineer is offered a salary of $147,163 per year at Hulu
  • Viewer Experience Advocate: A viewer experience advocate is offered a salary of $15 per hour.

These were the salaries of the prominent job roles in the company. 

Apart from these, Hulu also offers Summer internship programs, which are tenured to be ten weeks, to enhance the knowledge and skills of those taking part in it. It also provides paid internship opportunities. To become an intern at Hulu, one needs to be an undergraduate or a postgraduate student. It offers the students to increase their knowledge by permitting them to work on significant business and technical challenges,

Reforms needed in Hulu

Hulu provides an amicable environment and ensures the mental well-being of its employees. However, the happiness survey conducted by found out that the employees do feel stressed at times. Hulu is a fast-growing company, with a limited number of employees, the workload might be more at times. However, Hulu tries its best to rejuvenate its employees by organizing regular outings and theme-based parties.

When asked if they feel a sense of belonging to their company, most of them answered negatively. The score in this dimension was 59, which is considered below average. The issue of not feeling a sense of belongingness might be affiliated with many reasons. The company needs to make its employees feel a sense of belonging.


 Overall, Hulu is a good place to work in. It offers a decent salary to its employees with a friendly working culture. The reviews of those who have worked or are working in the company are positive, reflecting that it is a good place to work at. According to Glassdoor, 64% of employees would like to recommend working on Hulu to their friends and 77% of the employees approve of the CEO. As per the reviews and ratings from different sites, Hulu is a recommendable company to work at.

So if you want to enjoy a little while working, go ahead to apply for Hulu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Is Hulu a good place to work at?

Hulu believes in working hard and playing hard culture. So, if you are willing to work hard and enjoy yourself at the same time, Hulu is the perfect place. It offers recreational activities for its employees, as a stress buster.

  • What are some additional benefits one can get as a Hulugan?

As a Hulugan, one can be facilitated with certain benefits including parental leaves, shipping of breast milk for breastfeeding parents traveling for work, Cigna Infertility Benefits, an employee assistance program, and many educational benefits as well.

  • Is Hulu a safe place for women to work at?

Yes, Hulu is a safe workplace for women. It was ranked 25th in Best Workplaces for Women in 2019. The employees who have worked or are workers there approve of providing a safe and fun place for women. No division of labor according to gender exists at Hulu. 

Working for Hulu- Know More About It

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