My 9 To 5 Job Is Killing Me

Adult life is not easy. Hardships increase with growing responsibilities. The head of the family, which is usually a Male has to take care of his family and provide them with every necessity. In today’s world even the things that are not required to survive also seem to have become needs. Inflation is increasing day by day. The one responsible for his home has to work harder than before and is still barely managing to make both ends meet. The employees of big companies have a particular shift timing, they have to work during that time 5 or in some cases 6 days a week, in order to get paid. Money is the reason everyone struggles in life. Sometimes the work and pressure are too much to handle for one’s brain and there is no other option to choose except continue working. In such cases it is very necessary to help yourself first instead of working. Let us know about ‘My 9 To 5 Job Is Killing Me’.

My 9 To 5 Job Is Killing Me

9 to 5 Jobs

9 to 5 is one of the 2 available work shift timings. One is from 9 pm to 5 pm and the other is night shift mostly 9 am to 5 am. These 8 hours shifts are more than enough to drain the person’s energy and exhaust his\her brain. We must’ve noticed or experienced by ourselves how the people who come home from work are too tired to do anything else. Some days the work pressure and load is higher than usual. All the people except very few lucky ones who have managed to start a business by themselves and become successful are working in one of these shifts. Some are even working double shifts because they have an even harder life. 

What to do when the 9 to 5 shift is killing me?

There are several things one can do when the work pressure is over the limit. Some of the most effective and suitable solutions are mentioned below:

1. Relax your brain

The first thing one must do is to find a way to calm his nerves and relax the brain. Too much pressure could have resulted in migraines, headaches and frustration. There are so many activities that can be done to calm our minds, some of them are:


It is the easiest way of relaxation. Meditation helps in calming the nerves and brain of the human body. To meditate we have to let our body release stress, breath deep and block all negative thoughts from our mind. 

Make few healthy activities a part of your day

Sometimes you just need a healthy change in the usual tiring routine of everyday. Change such as:

1. Do jogging or walking early in the morning before work.

2. Do exercise.

3. Read a book of your interest.

4. Do painting or coloring as they help to distract your brain. 

5. Any other activity which you like to do but don’t get to do often.

2. Take a break from work

If meditation doesn’t help enough then the safest option is to take a break. Ask your boss to give you a few days off if he\she allows it then travel somewhere such as a beach or sightseeing, spend time with your family and loved ones at home. This is a great way of distracting your brain from work. If your boss doesn’t allow you to take a day off and you are on the verge of breaking, then don’t hesitate to skip a day or two by yourself and start working again with a refreshed mind . It is much better than breaking down and important for your mental health as well.

3. Spend some time alone

Often one is mentally struggling to find who he\she truly is. The lifestyle he or she is living in isn’t properly allowing them to discover themselves. It is important for us to figure out who we are from inside. We can’t find peace of mind without knowing who we are and understanding ourselves. Ignoring ourselves and giving priority to other things is not healthy for us. To find more about yourself we might need some time alone in a good and quiet environment and think about nothing else but yourself.

4. Look for other possibilities

If one is financially stable and has savings and insurance then he\she can also try to look for some other possibilities, like:

Personal business startup

Starting a business by themselves with sufficient knowledge and work experience. Small business startups don’t need huge amounts of investment, we can try to come up with an idea that we can try with the limited and sufficient amount of money we have, the business doesn’t have to be something revolutionary from the beginning and require millions of dollars, start a small business and let it grow enough to become revolutionary. 

Look for another job

If one has had enough of his\her current job and can’t bear anymore then he\she should look for some other jobs. The world of business is growing everyday. There are countless opportunities to try. We can look for a job suitable for ourselves online as well.

Invest in a business

If we don’t have enough money to start our own business then we should try to invest some money in other businesses. Nowadays, it is most likely that the investment wouldn’t fail. The chances of increased profit are way higher than loss because of the modernized era. It is a risk worth taking.

5. Try to pursue your passion

Most people quit doing what they love because they don’t have time to do it anymore because their 9 to 5 jobs don’t allow them to do so. Passions can be pursued as professional careers. It might take some time but hard work always pays off. For instance, if someone likes writing and has the capability then he or she should make time and try to write a good book. If it turns out better than you can be a writer instead of a shift working employee, same goes for the artists, artworks are worth in millions and billions of dollars, if one’s fortunate wealth and stability will embrace him\her if efforts are made.


The above mentioned were some solutions if one’s job is not bearable and is the cause of unlimited stress and pressure. This isn’t always because of workload, sometimes the reason can be working in an unhealthy environment.The environment affects our mental health a lot. Giving up is never the solution no matter how hard things are. Always give priority to your mental health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the answer to a few most repeatedly asked questions:

1. Should we quit a job because if is affecting our mental health?

Ans. Try all possible solutions and see if they are of any use, if not prepare a backup strategy before quitting.

2. If we don’t have any money what should we do to quit our 9 to 5 job, what can we do?

Ans. Other than the options mentioned above, one can also try freelancing. There is a lot of scope for freelancing nowadays.

3. Can we get financial stability working as a freelancer?

Ans. If we manage to make a portfolio which can be valued in the freelance market then we can earn much more money than a normal shift job.

My 9 To 5 Job Is Killing Me

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