Is Gartner A Good Company To Work For?

We always approach doctors when it comes to professional health advice. But even doctors seek the advice of other experts when it comes to growth. Something similar holds for industry top heads who lead their companies. And this is where an international consultancy like Gartner comes into play, known for offering researched advice through technology. Let us know about ‘Is Gartner A Good Company To Work For?’.

Is Gartner A Good Company To Work For?

Gartner A Good Company

Gartner is a worldwide reputed Information & Technology advisory company that has won Fortune awards in a row in the past years. The company has a common denominator when employees speak of the working culture, whether it’s someone speaking from the existing team or an ex-employee.  

Following working aspects of Gartner

  • Work culture
  • Profiles
  • Benefits
  • Cracking Interviews

1. Work culture: As we previously discussed, every Gartner employee, whether working or an ex-employee, appreciates as if with ten mouths the work environment that exists within the company. Most of them even describe it as a company which suits your retirement i.e. the work is worth considering for as long as retirement. Most employees leave not with less than ten years of experience or 15 years in general, if they were sure about their needs and niche. Those who leave often express their flexibility to work for Gartner again.

The company offers a highly supportive environment for learning and growth. Gartner loves to buy the opinions – of their valuable employees. The analysts are involved in a highly academic work profile, with a great sense of ownership of what they do. 

Work-life balance is often flexible but depends on the profile. If travel is something you like, analysts and sales profiles will love it and could combine it with vacations as well (a side tip). People are generally young and highly talented, maintaining a friendly environment, and making learning and growth easier. The company focuses on helping its members to grow and creates multiple opportunities.

Everything also depends on the team you work in, which is sometimes experienced as bureaucratic to a few. There is also a good flexibility to work remotely that the members enjoy. However, as the years count, and considering the country of operation, there could be a few variations in experiences.

2. Profiles: Analysts and Sales are the most prominent profiles at Gartner, and so are software engineers.

Analysts are highly supported and promoted by company ethics. Their work could often be hard and yet with a flexible schedule. But work doesn’t appear so anymore once you love it, isn’t it? Analysts are given the independence to work with their clients, which could often involve heavy research work and making many calls to the clients, which could be long and occupy the day. But it also earns a great experience of interacting with the talent of interacting with high-level clients, offering tips to various companies, etc.

If your resume shows the name Gartner, most recruiters would not ask you many questions. To have the analysts from Gartner is like having a messiah in most other marketing companies. 

The sales role holds ample opportunities to interact with great client, but with large workloads.

3. Salary & Benefits: The best benefit of working with Gartner is the brand name alone, as it is an internationally leading company. The benefits that the employees receive are generally appreciated by most, and yet is a subjective factor. A few of the job benefits at Gartner are: 

  • Remote Work Program
  • Family medical leave
  • Other health benefits such as – dental benefits, medical insurance, life insurance, health savings account, etc.
  • Paid sick leaves
  • Paid holidays
  • Flexible schedule
  • Etc.

The salary of a Gartner Employee ranges from $60K to $200K, with an average of around $100K, based on the job roles. This varies based on the locations.

4. Cracking Interviews: Having known that about the company, if you find Gartner fitting your pursuits, then here’s the challenge to stir your blood. Are you ready?

Gartner interviews are generally challenging to crack. It can take from 1 week to 6 months depending on the role opted for. In most cases, the interview consists of multiple rounds that consists of telephonic conversations, virtual meetings, etc. to test the candidate’s eligibility. 

You can expect to be thrown with case studies to deal with, or some roles to be explained that could seem complicated. But for a passionate candidate, the sleeves are always on a roll to coolly deal with any challenges.

Are the salary and other benefits at Gartner good?

This generally depends from country to country and city to city. Major of the employees at Gartner have expressed their satisfaction with the payment. However, a small number of employees expect a yearly progression. If the skills are sharp, you climb the ladders quickly and life is easy. However, training courses are frequent and ample, which prepares you for the long run.

The benefits that the company offers, makes it very appealing for the employees to continue their career with Gartner. Health and medical benefits, education assistance, free food, international relocation, free travel, etc. are some of the amazing benefits that a Gartner employee receives.


To conclude, Gartner is a leading company that offers its expert advice to the leading companies through market research, analytics and various advanced tools. They provide insights into market forecasts, growth opportunities, technology tools, threats, and closest competitors that can benefit the company to excel in the competition. 

The company has a friendly and supportive work environment that encourages growth and quick learning. Analysts play a crucial role in the company though any experience that brings Gartner to your resume will pay great results in your career. The working environment is sometimes bureaucratic and the growth could be slow, while pays are generous. Everything usually depends on your passion and the team you play in.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Gartner hire freshers?

Yes, Gartner does hire freshers and sets a tough interview for them to crack.

2. What are the best roles that one could apply for with Gartner?

To work as a researcher, in a marketing role, or even as a software engineer would pay a good value to Gartner.

Is Gartner A Good Company To Work For?

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