2 Weeks After The Interview No Response – What To Do?

You might find it quite hard to apply for a job and get it successfully. It might take hours or even days to find a job that can be a good fit. You will then need to fill out the form, upload your resume, rewrite your cover letter, and then send everything to the company. And at times a good day comes when you will receive an email or even a call asking you to take an interview. Let us know about the ‘2 Weeks After The Interview No Response’.

2 Weeks After The Interview No Response

With your luck and hard work, you apparently are able to stand out from the crowd of other job candidates during the interview. The interviewer is impressed and he or she says that they will contact you after a few days.

 But even after a few weeks, you don’t listen back from them. This situation can be super frustrating and disheartening as you had to take quite some time to find a suitable job and put in work for applying and interviewing, and then finally wait to hear back from them. 

If you have not got any response within two weeks after the interview, then it becomes quite clear that there is something wrong. This can mean that you are officially out of the running, or the hiring process has been delayed. So in this situation, you may wonder what to do next.

Read on to find out why such a thing happens and what you should do next.

Some Of the Potential Reasons Why You Haven’t Heard Back?

Being tensed and at the edge of your seat, waiting for a response after an interview is quite common. But as time goes on, you may get more worried. 

You need to remember that hiring processes are quite complex and there can be various reasons you have yet to receive the anticipated call.

Let’s look at some of the potential reasons why you haven’t been contacted even after two weeks of an interview.

  • Another candidate was chosen thus you weren’t notified- In case of a scenario when you haven’t gotten a response after a two-week post-interview, there is a very big chance that some other job candidate has been chosen for the post. This worst-case scenario can sometimes become reality as many job-seekers face this from time to time. This happens when there is a single position and serious competition. So, the odds may not always be in your favor. Normally, the hiring manager would either call you or mail you informing you that you are not selected but remember that this is not a legal requirement. Due to certain reasons at times, the hiring manager might forget to notify you
  • Not everyone is available or is not approving- In some cases you might be selected by the interviewer but they would need to convince their team to like you. There are times when several members need to approve your application and qualification and then move to the next stage. And at times some members may not be available or are on vacation. Unfortunately, due to this the hiring process has to freeze for some time until they are back and ready to choose you. So in this case there might be a significant delay in response from the company’s end. But the good thing is that there is still the chance that you may be selected.
  • The position you applied for has quite a competition- At certain times the hiring manager had no choice other than delay. This happens when there is a pool of candidates who are exceptionally good or in the case of a higher position. You may also be part of this group of qualified candidates. They would have to spend more time than they had initially planned to make a decision. This is because choosing the right applicant is a big deal and can significantly affect the company’s overall turnover. This can be a good sign for you as they will still be reviewing you.
  • A proper budget is needed for a new hire- Bringing in new employees into the organization can lead to significant investment. To prepare for advertisement and hire new employees, the organization needs to time to prepare a proper budget. There is a high chance that they have already selected a candidate but can’t inform them until the budget is read so that they can continue the hiring process. In this case, keep an eye out for any sudden emails or phone calls. It’s very common for companies to reach out to you even after two weeks to make sure that you are still interested in the position.
  • You are not the first choice- There might be times when you are considered the second choice for a company in case of a more prospective candidate for the position. In this case, you still might have a chance if their first choice doesn’t accept their conditions and leaves. If such a thing happens you will still be on their radar until they are sure whether or not to select you.
  • The position doesn’t need to be filled urgently- There are times when the position doesn’t need to be filled urgently. In this case, the company can delay and not respond back to you. Not only can this reason be frustrating but it can also be disheartening. But you need to keep in mind that the hiring managers may have to focus on various more pressing matters. So don’t be discouraged as the position you applied for, will still remain vacant and the hiring managers simply don’t have to rush to fill it. So, they may take their time and can take two weeks or even more to respond back to you.  
  • The process has yet to be completed- At certain times even when you have been selected the process of the interview may not end. They may still be conducting more interviews or screening the job candidates which may take a significant amount of time. This situation is encountered when a company receives a large number of applicants. They will have to give everyone a fair chance and ensure that the right person is selected for the position. Thus you may not receive a response even after two weeks.

What You Should Do in Case You don’t Get Any Response for Two Weeks After an Interview? 

Waiting to hear the approval for a job can be frustrating and tiresome. Don’t fall into this cycle of doubt and negativity. As mentioned above there can be various reasons you may not get a response even after two weeks from the company after an interview. It doesn’t always mean that you failed. 

Instead, check out these few tips you can follow as you wait for the response.

  • Start by sending a follow-up email- After two weeks with no response, it’s time that you send them a follow-up email. Type up a properly composed email and send it to the person who contacted you and explained to you all the entailing process. You can ask them if they need something more from you like a few additional qualifications or any other necessary documents. Also, remember that you are polite while you reiterate your interest in the position. You will be glad to know that this may work in your favor as companies tend to hire only those who show genuine interest.
  • Connect with your interviewer on social media platforms- Now this may sound overly eager or even weird but connecting with your interviewer is a great idea. If your relationship with your interviewer is positive then you can start by connecting with them on social media. Do this just after your interview so that the interviewer doesn’t forget about you. Then slowly build and strengthen your relationship with them over time. This way they won’t forget you and may even have a better impression of you that can help you immensely while you are waiting.
  • Try to stay positive and keep yourself busy- Searching for the right job isn’t an easy task and can last for months depending on your skills and the field you opt for. So it’s essential that you stay positive and not let self-doubt and negativity sink in. If you don’t get any response for two weeks then it’s easy for you to have anxiety and stress. Try to do something during this time to keep yourself busy and distracted. For example, you can focus on developing your skills by checking various tutorial videos online that may be essential for the position you gave the interview.
  • Make sure that you don’t stop your job search- This is a very important tip that you should always keep in mind. Don’t just stop your job search after a single interview and waste your time. You never know whether you will be selected or not. So it’s the best idea that you keep on searching for similar jobs at other companies and attend the interviews. If you are lucky and if all your qualifications match the requirement of one of those companies, you may be offered an even position. This will only become possible if you don’t stop looking for more jobs.
  • Search for employees of the company and talk with them- In case you are truly interested in this position, try talking to an employee of the firm. They may know something about the hiring process. There might be a chance that you know the employee even before you applied for the position in that organization. But in case you don’t know any employees from the firm, you can always search for them on social media platforms like LinkedIn. You can send an email to that person explaining your situation and ask them if they can help you out with anything regarding the hiring process. 
  • Expand your skill set- Why not expand and improve your professional skill set? As you wait for the response from the company and continue with your job hunt, you can also improve yourself. You can join colleges or take online classes for new certifications. Just keep in mind that these don’t have to be very expensive. For example, you can learn about various software that may be relevant to your field. You will be glad to know that all these skills can be added to your resume and improve your chances to get your desired position.
  • Update your resume regularly- You will be astonished to know that your resume may have room for more improvement, even when it seems to be well-written. Resumes are one of the most important documents you may use during a job hunt. Hiring managers review your resume to learn more about you and what you are capable of. An appealing resume can help you immensely during your job search. 
2 Weeks After The Interview No Response – What To Do?

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