Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?

If you are from a finance background and want to establish your career at the firm BDO, then this article might help you find your path. Your marketing skills could be utilized by being enrolled in the firm. For those who do not know what BDO is or want deeper insights, it is an abbreviation for (Binder Dijker Otte). BDO provides services and assistance for efficient planning. It provides skills that help the business grow, advises on tax affairs, and also deals in public accounting. It has secured a fifth place as the largest accounting network across the globe. Let’s learn about ‘Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?’.

Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?

Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?

The basic requirement to rate a company is the work environment, work-life balance facilities provided, employee increment provided, and good teamwork. As per various reviews taken by BDO workers, they claim that the work-life balance is perfect, well exceptions exist everywhere. They feel that they learn something new every day and that their contribution is appreciated, and by working there, they feel that they have a purpose for their life. When it comes to the package, the reviews are also positive; it includes specific parts for a person who finds himself “cell-fit” in the job profile displays and guarantees a very stable career to him aside from work, they also take care of your mental health and create a stress-free environment where you can take a break from your workload, while some feel opposite. Let’s learn more about Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?, by observing it more.

Pros of working at BDO

Great environment:

  • If you work anywhere, the very first thing that you require is your peace of mind and the kind of environment you are getting because all you have to do is the focus, and a good environment contributes to keeping you focused on the opinions of many employees.
  • BDO provides a very good work culture in which work timings are well-suited, and the team leaders assist you whenever you need support.


  • Equilibrium means that there is a balance. 
  • There is neither more nor less, but for many employees, stability makes the work-life balance at BDO quite suitable, as they are not burdened by the dance of work and can find time for their own interests, as well as time for their families, and this is how they feel motivated to work passionately every day.

Authentic Company

  • Many well-known magazines, such as Fortune, aspire to be reputable companies. BDO is selected among the thousand huge American companies, and this discussion could be counted as a milestone to secure a career there. 
  • You can rest assured that your career will be stable as the company is authentic and supportive in many ways.

Cons of working at BDO

Work flexibility:

  • According to some employees, work-from-home facilities are not managed properly, and they are less flexible in this aspect. 
  • Some of the managers are found to be arrogant and do not cooperate well with the employees. 
  • There were also complaints about some leaders who do not welcome new ideas and rely on their old mindsets.

Possibility of ending up on a noncooperative team

  • We have just talked about how well teamwork is done, but exceptions are always possible.
  •  It’s your bad luck if you end up with a partner who doesn’t meet the standards you set for yourself.

The work schedule will be packed

  • If you are new here and trying to get adjusted to the new work life at BDO, then you might run into some problems as the workload may cause some difficulty for you as you begin to adjust to the current situation. 
  • Things can improve, but you must wait and bear current circumstances in order to reap benefits later.

Career options to opt at BDO

At BDO, you can try different job profiles, which include internships, entry-level positions, and experienced positions.


  • You will accept new challenges every day and have to develop problem-solving skills with your co-workers.
  • BDO will give you that opportunity so that you can work with a variety of businesses and clients.
  • Generally, internships are carried out on-site, but DDO provides the convenience that you can select remote models as well.

For entry-level jobs:

  • They can be described as those that do not necessarily require prior experience or education.
  • BDO will provide you with the necessary training that will make you compatible to start any role.
  • This will include attempting some exams like the CPA exam, the bar exam, etc.
  • After that, you will receive some certifications on the basis of virtual work; they will provide you with some courses through which you can pave your path to your future career.

For senior positions:

  • For the senior position, you can work as an experienced auditor, senior system administrator, assurance director, etc.
  • For the job rules, you should have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, economics, or statistics. 
  • You should have experience of at least 3 years or more in the relevant area, you should have passed a CPA exam, and you should be familiar with Microsoft Office.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?’, Overall, BDO will provide you with an environment in which you can meet with people who share your goals for success. Here, your best practices are adopted for a promising start. As mentioned before, this company has been listed in popular magazines, so your experience will be rich and worthwhile. You will get some really significant projects and will get great clients, which will promote your overall growth internationally. Here, he will be able to stand out.


  1. What kind of salary can you expect working at BDO?

Answer: Talking about salary, the average total paid for the job role of an associate is 7.6 lakhs per annum; for senior associate, it will be 9.8 lakhs per annum; and for the assistant manager, it could be 13 lakhs per annum.

  1. What are some parts that are provided by BDO?

Answer: You can expect health and wellness insurance, vacations and time off, parental leaves, etc. Also, you will be provided with professional support, which includes training and tutorials in case you find the environment and work culture a little odd and difficult to understand.

Is BDO A Good Company To Work For?

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