Safeway Termination Policy- Know More About It

Safeway is a supermarket chain that was founded in April 1915 in American Falls, Idaho, U.S. The food chain is operational in 17 states in the US. The headquarters are located in California. The services offered by the company include foods like snacks and bakery, cleaning services, and pharmacy. Let us know What are the ‘Safeway Termination Policy’.

Safeway Termination Policy

Safeway Termination Policy

The Safeway termination policy is based on a few clauses including, Compliance with laws and regulations, Conflicts of interest, Corporate opportunities, Confidential information, Competition, fair dealing, and a few more to name. The keynote from this policy is to maintain the reputation of the company by fair dealing with the external world and internal employees. In case of violation of any rule, strict measures will be taken for those involved. It has also been mentioned in the policy that human rights violation is something that would never be tolerated. A detailed explanation will be discussed below.

Introduction to Safeway policy:

Every organization has to abide by certain rules; some rules for the internal working of the organization and some to deal with external matters. Similarly, Safeway also has a termination policy. Termination policy is usually to deal with the employees or those within the organization. The policy is called the Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. The important clauses of this policy are:

  • Introduction and basic principles
  • Compliance with laws and regulations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Corporate opportunities
  • Confidential information
  • Competition and fair dealing
  • Business conduct
  • Our workplace
  • Protecting company assets
  • Political and governmental activities

These clauses are explained in very detail to avoid any confusion. Below we’ll be discussing all the above clauses briefly.

Introduction and basic principles:

In this section of the conduct, the basic policy of ethics has been introduced and all the employees are asked to follow the rules of conduct while dealing with other employees, customers, and other external individuals. The employees have been instructed to ask their fellow employees or superiors in case of any questions or confusion. Secondly, any employee who notices something illegal or any action that is restricted by the policy shall report it to the company.

In the second part of this clause, it is mentioned that strict actions would be taken against employees who try to target any fellow employee who seeks help. Action against those employees would also take place who do not follow the rules and regulations mentioned by the code and conduct.

Compliance with laws and regulations:

In this section of the conduct, the employees are strictly prohibited from disclosing any information about the company or carrying on trading inside or outside the company via their references. It has been strictly mentioned that no employee should disclose trading information of the company. Anyone who doesn’t abide by these rules will be charged accordingly. In addition, the employees of the company should not engage in any extra competition or communication with the employees of competitor companies.

Conflicts of interest:

All the employees should not extend any extra work outside the company premises. In short, all the employees at Safeway should not engage in any other professional activities by using their position at Safeway. Doing this will interrupt their work at Safeway. And if any employee notices such activity shall report it to Safeway.

Corporate opportunities:

The company wishes that if any employees get any opportunity outside the company because of their position at the company or due to the company’s property then that employee shouldn’t take that opportunity themselves and discuss it with the officials at the organization.

Confidential information:

Every employee of the company must safeguard the information of the company and fellow employees from external people while they are serving at the company and even after they are not a part of the firm.

Competition and fair dealing:

The company has asked all the employees to make all the deals fairly and honestly. While dealing with customers, suppliers, or any person in the community all the deals should be done sincerely so that the company’s reputation is also maintained.

All the employees who are negotiating with the suppliers on the behalf of the company shouldn’t look for any personal opportunities or benefits.

All the employees should be sincere with the company especially when it comes to dealing with competitors of the company.

Business conduct:

In this section of the policy, there is a focus on ensuring safety. The safety of the products and the safety of the employees is the priority of the company. Hence all the measures should be implemented so that safe and free of impurities eatery is supplied. Secondly, all types of measures should be adapted to eliminate the risks of danger and hazardous measures.

Our workplace:

Safeway believes in granting equal opportunities to all employees and doesn’t discriminate against them on any basis. And if any employee feels that he has been discriminated against or felt lower due to any trait by fellow employees they can report it to authorities and strict actions would be taken against those who will be found involved in such activities.

The company abides by the laws set up by the government for paying their employees. Hence all the employees’ records i.e. number of hours worked and according to that they’ll be paid fairly.

Protecting company assets:

It is considered important to protect the assets of the company and not sold or misuse them. All the employees shall ensure to maintain proper records of finance and accounting. This especially implies to those working in the finance department.


The Safeway policy is based on maintaining rules of conduct for all employees while dealing with anybody inside or outside the company. It has been strictly mentioned that any employee who won’t be abiding by the mentioned rules will have to go through strict actions of the company. Throughout the document, the employees are also asked to report any of the not allowed activities around them. Conclusively, the termination is based on not following the mentioned rules.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Safeway policy provide any compensation in case of not abiding by rules?

It is mentioned in policy more than once that those who will not follow these rules will have to go through strict punishments or penalties.

  1. Does Safeway policy information about delivering safe products?

Yes, it has been instructed to employees that all the products to be delivered to customers should be safe to use. See the explanation in Business Conduct for more information.

Safeway Termination Policy- Know More About It

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