How To Get A Work Permit In North Carolina?

If you’re a minor or an immigrant looking to work in North Carolina, a permit to work is essential. It is an important document that gives you permission to lawfully work in the state. Let’s learn about ‘How To Get A Work Permit In North Carolina?’.

How To Get A Work Permit In North Carolina?

How To Get A Work Permit In North Carolina?

However, the process of obtaining a work permit can be overwhelming and confusing. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of getting a work visa in North Carolina step-by-step, so you can get started on your job search with confidence. We have you covered whether you’re a foreign national or a high school student. 

Obtaining a permit to work in North Carolina requires minors and immigrants to gather necessary documents, complete the application, and submit it to the Department of Labor.

Age restrictions in North Carolina for work permits

Minors under the age of 18 in North Carolina must first get a work permit in order to be able to legally work. The age at which a minor can begin working in North Carolina is 14, although there are restrictions on the types of jobs and hours they can work based on their age.

A birth certificate or passport, coupled with a completed Parent or Guardian Permission Form, must be shown by minors in order to acquire an employment authorization in North Carolina.  The work permit is then issued by the North Carolina Department of Labor and must be kept on file by the employer.

Types of work permits available in North Carolina

In North Carolina, there are two types of permits that may be issued to minors which are as follow:

  1. General Work Permit: A general work permit allows minors to work in most types of jobs that are not considered hazardous or detrimental to their health or well-being. To obtain a general work permit, minors must provide proof of age and their eligibility to work, along with a signed Parent or Guardian Consent Form.
  2. Entertainment Work Permit: An entertainment work permit is required for minors who perform in the entertainment industry, such as actors, models, and performers. The Wage and Hour Bureau of the North Carolina Department of Labor issues this kind of permit, which has a 12-month validity period. Minors who work in the entertainment industry must also be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian while on set.

How to apply for a work permit in North Carolina?

To apply for a work visas in North Carolina, follow these steps:

  • Gather Necessary Documents: Minors should obtain their birth certificate, social security card, and a signed Parent or Guardian Consent Form. Immigrants should obtain their Employment Authorization Document (EAD) or other proof of eligibility to work in the U.S.
  • Complete the Application: Minors should complete the Youth Employment Certificate application form, which can be downloaded from the North Carolina Department of Labor’s website. Immigrants should complete Form I-765, Application for Employment Authorization, which is available on the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.
  • Submit the Application: Minors should submit their completed application form and supporting documents to their school or to the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Bureau. Immigrants should submit their completed Form I-765 and supporting documents to USCIS.
  • Wait for Approval: A work permit application’s processing period might vary, although it usually takes several weeks. The permission will be mailed to the applicant after the application is accepted. 

Common mistakes to avoid when applying for a work permit 

To avoid common mistakes when applying for a work permit in North Carolina, follow above things:

  • Any necessary documentation, such as a birth certificate or social security card, should be present for applicants. 
  • The application may be delayed or rejected if it contains inaccurate or missing information.
  • It’s crucial to obtain a work permit when required to avoid any legal issues. Renewal of work permits is mandatory for minors, while immigrants should keep their permits up-to-date. 
  • For prompt processing, the application must be submitted on time.  Certain industries, such as entertainment, may have additional requirements or restrictions that applicants should be aware of.

Final Thoughts

Obtaining a work permit in North Carolina is a necessary step for minors and immigrants who want to work legally. By following the steps outlined in this article, applicants can ensure they have all the necessary documents and information to complete the application process successfully. It’s important to avoid common mistakes and ensure work permits are renewed annually or kept up-to-date for immigrants. With a valid work permit, workers can gain access to more job opportunities and work legally without violating the terms of the law. 

  1. Who in North Carolina requires a work permit?

Before beginning employment, immigrants and minors under the age of 18 must get a work permit.

  1. What documents are needed in North Carolina to submit a work permit application?

Proof of age and proof of identity are required for minors, while immigrants need to provide their immigration status documents and employment eligibility verification.

  1. Can I submit an online work permit application in North Carolina? 

No, minors must apply in person or by mail to the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Bureau, while immigrants must submit their applications to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

How To Get A Work Permit In North Carolina?

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