How To Call In Sick?- Text And Email Samples

Everybody in the world has to work to earn a livelihood, but there are days when you just wish that you can get a few more hours of sleep, or maybe there is a crisis in your personal life, or you are just feeling under the weather and want some time to look after your health which is a must after the covid era and is a great reason for time off of work, or it can be something simple and that is you were feeling lazy and would like a day off from work.  Unfortunately, some workplaces only offer leaves on national holidays or for an emergency. Let us know the Reason ‘How To Call In Sick?’.

How To Call In Sick?

How to take a leave from your work and call in sick?

What if there is a way you can take some time off, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be sick but what you do need is a great excuse that your boss just can’t turn down, and it would work perfectly if it is sent through a text or an official leave email. Listed down below are given some of the best excuses to call in sick and a few samples that give you an idea of how to write a text or email similarly. 

Let’s take a look at the excuses that you can use: 

1.      Calling in sick – If you are really sick then it’s probably a good idea to call in sick and good thing you don’t have to lie or make excuses because you are concerned for your health and a leave is a great way to also not infect other colleagues you work with.  In the Post Covid era, When someone calls in sick it is taken as a serious issue and a leave is given at most workplaces without any delays along with well-wishes. 

2.      Using family as an excuse – A good reason to leave work would be when a family member, your son, daughter, sister, brother, mother or anyone else gets sick or have some kind of emergency, and it is very necessary to have you there.

 Whether you use it for a real emergency or a made up one it’s up to you, although it is advised not to lie about this as maybe it can turn into something more troubling later on.

3.      Home Emergencies – Another compelling reason to leave work or take a day off are home emergency a loose water or gas pipe, sudden fire emergency or maybe your family or partner got locked in or out. Whatever the reason may, the fact is it always work and would guarantee a leave for you.

4.      Uncertain situations – sometimes you cannot make it to work due to your car breaking down, or maybe you are at work someone broke into your house, and you need to take a day off work to run home immediately.

 There are things that can happen suddenly, and you have no control over them and all you can do is try to fix the situation as good as you could and for that you need time for yourself and would probably need time from work. 

This can be used as an excuse to get a leave or several leaves, depending on the seriousness of the situation.

Important note – Always be clear on your company policy rules about taking a leave and how to apply for it. It can sometime require some form of written notice or in case of an emergency a call to the supervisor 

or if allowed a personal text directly to your boss or an official leave from work mail stating the reason for the leave which will be verified later by the supervisors.

Now let’s take a look at some of the ways you can ask for a leave through text and emails.

First, we’ll cover text excuses:

1)      For calling in sick through text – You can text “I’m very sorry for any inconvenience I may have cause, but I’m feeling a little sick and won’t be able to work in this condition and need a day off to recover” 

2)      Stating a family emergency for a leave – The text you can use here is “I need a two-day off because of [Insert your reason] and would be back to work as soon as the issue is resolved.” Do take note to not mention top many details as to avoid the message looking like an excuse rather a genuine reason

3)      Another way to call in sick – The text can be  “ I woke feeling very unwell and would need rest to get better. I need a day of work” This text message is short and precise along with avoid giving too much detail, hence it also sounds professional. 

4)      Professional Text to call in sick for work – A well written text should be considered especially if that text is going to be sent to your boss a good professional text would be “I would like three days off of work as I am not feeling well and have to get checked by a doctor and need time to take care of my health.” 

And Here are a few examples of calling in sick through E-mail:

1)      Official mail to call in sick – When composing an email, try to remember to keep it short and to the point so that the message is clear is not misinterpreted.

Example of the mail would :

“I am writing this mail in order to inform you that I have a slight fever which developed yesterday And I would not be able to come to work today, I will be back tomorrow for work if my health goes back to normal. 

Thank you for being patient and kind to understand.”

2)      Calling in sick and informing how many days you will take off work – if you can point out the number of days you are going to need a leave from your work, it would be highly appreciated and be professional to do so.

Example of a professional mail is : 

“I’m sorry to inform you that I will not be able to come to work today as I have a typhoid fever and after consulting with my doctor, he has recommended taking 4 days off of work and take the time to recover myself. I have attached a doctor’s note with this mail regarding my fever. 

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge my concern.” 


Above-mentioned excuses and examples can be used for your situation if needed. And hope thus article has given the answer, to the question, you were looking for. 

How To Call In Sick?- Text And Email Samples

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