Best Chakra Books

The chakras, the seven energy centers in the shape of wheels that are a part of our subtle body, are probably familiar to anyone who has been practicing yoga or meditation for some time. Despite having its roots in India (between 1500 and 500 BC), the chakra system is now one of the most widely used energy healing modalities in the western world. Let us know What are the ‘Best Chakra Books’.

Best Chakra Books

Best Chakra Books

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out how the ancient yogic texts that first mentioned the chakra system were meant to be understood. There are many chakra books available today that are written by professionals, including spiritual teachers, psychics, and reiki masters, and are full of profound wisdom.

You can find chakra books for all skill levels, including thorough books for more experienced chakra students and beginner-friendly guides that cover all the fundamentals in an easy-to-understand manner. So, whatever level of knowledge you currently have of the chakra system, these are the top chakra books to advance it.

  • Wheels Of Life By Anodea Judith
  • Eastern Body, Western Mind By Anodea Judith
  • Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Chakras By Cyndi Dale
  • Chakra Healing By Margarita Alcantara
  • Chakras And Their Archetypes By Ambika Wauters
  • Chakradance By Natalie Southgate
  • Chakra Clearing

Wheels Of Life By Anodea Judith

Usually, the chakra system is employed to transcend the realm of physical existence. But it can also be utilized for grounding, mending emotional scars, enhancing health, and realizing your aspirations. This book is for you if it seems unrealistic or unreachable. This old system has been modernized by the author to work in our culture.

Each chapter begins with a lyrical meditation for a single chakra, followed by a detailed explanation of the chakra and its significance for life, love, spirituality, and growth. You can also learn some basic yoga poses from this book to help you balance your chakras.

Eastern Body, Western Mind By Anodea Judith

Through the mapping of the Western frameworks of Jungian psychology, somatic therapy, early developmental theory, and metaphysics to each chakra in this book, the author offers a novel, fresh perspective on the Eastern chakra system. At each chakra level, you will comprehend the many traumas and abuses that we experience and how to repair them.

Detailed information on each chakra may be found throughout this book. Although this book is intended for psychologists and therapists, anyone who is prepared to put in the time to thoroughly understand the subject matter would benefit greatly from reading it.

Llewellyn’s Complete Book Of Chakras By Cyndi Dale

It explains the subtle energy of our bodies and their science, history, practices, and systems. Along with learning about chakras and how to use them for personal development and healing, this course will show you how our understanding of chakras has changed over time and between countries.

The author also examines their connections in order to fully comprehend the chakras’ beauty and power because they are just one of three major, subtle energy systems that interact with one another.

Chakra Healing By Margarita Alcantara

Complete beginners will find Margarita Alcantra’s Chakra Healing to be a very simple read that explains the chakra system and how to balance or align it. There are four sections to the book.

Your Chakras Will Be Healed by the Effective Chakra System, Yoga Poses with Crystals, Recommendations for those who are total beginners, prefer a step-by-step method, or require visual examples to better understand the chakra concept.

Chakras And Their Archetypes By Ambika Wauters

This one examines the unconscious effects of the chakra system on us, according to Ambika Wauters. A great resource for healing and balancing is this book. The Jungian archetypes created by psychologist Carl Jung are the “Archetypes” stated in the title. Ambika discusses the connections between these archetypes and the chakras in the book, as well as how cleansing can help us develop healthier archetypes.

Chakradance By Natalie Southgate

It makes sense to combine yoga, music, chakra, and meditation. All of that is in this book! Your chakras have been stimulated and balanced by Natalie using dance and music. Since each chakra has its vibrations and energy, music can help you maintain a balanced energy system by holding the vibrational frequencies. This book is more geared toward those who want to have fun while reading something lighthearted while listening to music and moving around.

Chakra Clearing

Your inherent spiritual power awakens as you remove the leftover negative energy of fear and worry. You can freely communicate with God and the angels, predict the future, and heal the planet and others thanks to this innate power. Doreen Virtue leads you through visualizations and meditations to clear your chakras, which awakens your innate psychic and healing abilities in Chakra Clearing. A code for a complimentary audio download that goes along with the information in the book is also included. The first segment of the audio is a morning meditation meant to infuse you with healing light and help you start the day on a bright, positive energy frequency.


In Sanskrit, chakras are referred to as “wheels of light” or vortexes of energy that are located in particular parts of the body. These chakras are thought of as energetic and physical centers related to particular bodily, emotional, and spiritual sensations. As you begin this adventure in the world of chakra healing, I only have the best wishes for you. Since ancient times, this energy system has produced tremendous and revitalizing effects for us. In order to succeed in this endeavor, use the best chakras book as your guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Which chakra ought to I open first?

The root chakra is a fantastic place to start if you’ve never worked with chakras before. Although there is no hard proof to back up the existence of the root chakra, you could discover that working on the root chakra makes you feel more grounded, safe, and in control of your body and the environment.

  1. What chakra has a connection to money?

Intuition and the distinct visualization of financial abundance are energies associated with the sixth chakra. using your money to help others while judiciously spending it.

  1. Can you open up every chakra?

If one of these energy centers becomes blocked, you might experience emotional or physical symptoms that correspond to that chakra. By performing specific yoga poses, you might be able to unblock or rebalance your chakras. Additionally beneficial are specific breathing techniques and meditation techniques.

Best Chakra Books

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