As Above So Below- Meaning And Complete Guide 

“As above, so below” is a paraphrase of the second verse of Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismegistos an ancient Hermetic text. For all spiritual practitioners, this verse holds profound meaning and depth. And like every archaic text there ever exists there are multiple hundreds of meanings, impressions, and interpretations to this. This phrase is commonly seen in occultism and due to its varying understandings often esoteric in nature. But it would be a fool’s trick to discard the idea just yet. Let us know more detail about ‘As Above So Below With Meaning And Complete Guide ‘.

As Above So Below

As Above So Below With Meaning And Complete Guide 

Hermeticism is a system of philosophical and religious beliefs given by the teachings of Hermes Trismegistus. This heavily dates back to the 17th century and is also known for its alchemistic works. But further research by a Swiss philologist called Isaac Casaubon states that the texts were written around the second or third century C.E. 

This phrase when put forth simply expresses duality and means all that goes on in the higher realm or existence occurs in the lower realm too. As this phrase holds great spiritual significance too, some believe that one who performs good deeds is said to be good people above, and the same is reciprocated below and vice versa. Due to its heavy influence on Hermeticism (an age-old philosophy and religion) coined after the author Hermes Trismegistus, some believe the late writer to be related to Hermes and Thoth, the Greek God of communication and the Egyptian God of wisdom respectively. 

The text was first and foremost witnessed on Arabic tablets somewhere between the 6th to 8th centuries. This was further translated by the renowned English mathematician Isaac Newton and it is the same loose conveyance that we follow today. 

One of the commonly used ways is to say ‘so be it’ or ‘according to heaven’s will’. 

It is also a reference to ‘as the spiritual soul as the physical’ or ‘as within so without’. 

Principle of polarity and correspondence 

This is a combination of two of the seven Hermetic principles. 

Principle of polarity: depicts opposites and duality

Principle of correspondence: which means everything corresponds and complements one another like yin and yang.

Occult Interpretations 

Occultist Emanuel Swedenborg drew similarities between different planes of existence. The belief about the occult is that actions or circumstances reflect upon the next and doing certain things helps clarify the soul in the spiritual world. Helena P. Blavatsky, a Russian writer who was one of the founders of the Theosophical Society deduced the interpretation based on Greek concepts infusing teachings of Kabbalah and Buddhism. 

Some say “as above, so below” represents the complement of good vs evil or light vs dark. 

Philosophical Interpretations 

Most historians comprehend this verse based on the effects and functioning of celestial mechanics. Astrological effects like changes of the Sun depending on the seasons or the phasing of the Moon upon the tides. 

Hermetics deeply believed in astrology. It was in a sense that celestial planets influence life but not the actions on Earth. 

The Kybalion speaks of a three-way division that is, there exists matter, mind, and spirit, in the respective ascending order. 

Several other scholars draw correspondences to the macrocosm (literal translation being great world) and microcosm (literal translation being little world).

Tarot Interpretations 

Mysticism is part of this phrase and what better card to validate that fact than ‘the magician’ or ‘the sorcerer’?

The magician card is generally taken in goodwill which means talents and resources are available at your disposal for true succession. On the contrary, if you read reversals it simply means wasted talent and manipulation. 

On a positive note, on top of the magician’s head on the card, there is an infinity sign. This is confirmation of the law of attraction at work. 


Since the phrase in itself represents the duplicity of the universe, certain symbols are used to denote the same. 

The symbol used is the hexagram also known by other names such as the Star of David, Six-Pointed Star, or Akasha.  

The two triangular opposites merging illustrates the joining of the above and the below. 

  • The first or upper triangle represents a fire or a phallic showing male energy. 
  • The second or lower triangle represents water or a chalice showing female energy

Another additional fact to note is that the ancient Egyptians believed that the number three was the number of goddesses and the number six was used for union with the Gods. 

Microcosm and Macrocosm 

Our entire universe is reflected through nature if you would shift your perspective and look closely. And likely so, our cells reflect those of the universe. The electromagnetic structures of our body represent those of the zodiac along with our universe seen in our horoscopes and our birth charts. 

Our neurons show dendritic patterns which draw similarities to branches of rivers or trees. 

Axiatonal grids and their alignment are seen in our seven chakras. These have an influence on our life along with the planetary mechanisms. Sevens chakras are our seven energy areas spaced along our spinal cord which corresponds to the Earth’s spinal column or Axis Mundi. 

The universe works its mystic charm in beautiful and unexpected ways. Even when you are going through the harshest of things eventually you will always realize that it all worked out in your favor. If not anything, this axiom is enough proof to get out of your own way and let nature take its course. No matter how much we obsess and overthink things trying to control them, the things that are meant to happen will always do. And the things that are destined for your experience will always be there waiting for you. There are no lost opportunities, no wrong time. Time is a human concept and impatience is simply a game of the mind aka the ego. Try not to force your goals but instead allow them. 

Our mind is extremely powerful and the first principle of Hermeticism speaks for the same. Manifestations work when we allow our mind to visualize our desires, but at the same time, we allow them to let them go and trust them to come to us when the time aligns. 

For more entertaining and engaging insight, tune into the movie with the same name on Netflix. 

As Above So Below- Meaning And Complete Guide 

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