Facebook Work Life Balance


Facebook has been connecting people’s lives from one corner of the world to another. Today, Facebook has become the most amiable social media platform starting from a kid to people in their middies to people currently savouring the retirement stage. Now, the cluster of apps consists of Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram in its kitty bag of companies. As per The Motley Fool, the number of active users of the Facebook family has increased to 11%. Hence, employees at Facebook have to manage the increased number of users of Facebook and handle the country’s grievances, and therefore, have a hectic job schedule. Let us know ‘Facebook Work Life Balance’.

Facebook Work Life Balance

What is Work-Life Balance?

Before going to the core of the topic, it is of vital importance that first, we know the true meaning of work-life balance. A balance needs to be struck to distinguish work-life from non- work-life or we can say family life. One needs to have a personal life after work hours where he can cater to the needs of family, friends, and self. In the 21st century, the distinction is blurry, the internet has bridged millions of people together and has connected 24 hours a day, hence making taking office jobs home a new normal. 

What is Facebook Work-Life Balance?

Facebook being a fan company has a lot of tasks to be handled on a day-to-day basis. Despite this tedious work schedule, work pressure is not severe as the internet proclaims it is. To your surprise, the workload is pretty much moderate as compared to other such dream companies.

As per various interviews of Facebook Employees who are working as software engineers, managers, accountants, etc., it is seen that they are happy with their current work-life position. 

What is the review of Employees working at Facebook?

There is this notion that Facebook employees work crazy hours and have to bear the burden of super high expectations, which needs to be shuttered to ground

On the contrary, employees experience most weeks as relaxing with a couple of sprinkles of intense work near the deadline but that goes well with any software company and not just Facebook.

The work hours are standard for some professions like software engineers across the Industry. It ranges from 7 to 8 hours per day for five to six days a week depending on the workload. Overall, the working hours at Facebook are 25 to 40 hours per week. Employees occasionally have to work overtime as per the need of the hour, otherwise, they are not flustered by working like robots. 

Is there any change in the work-life balance, between the Covid period and pre-Covid period?

It goes without saying that there is absolutely a difference in the work-life balance, between the Covid period and the pre-Covid period. Considering the strength of this pandemic to bring any country to its knees, almost every company, including Facebook has introduced the concept of work from home. Employees are now asked to perform the assigned task by leaning on their couches. This may sound all rosy, but people face inevitable challenges. 

Now, you can’t go to anyone’s desk and ask for their assistance. There is this mindset of the employer that since employees are relaxing in their respective homes, why not assign them a little more task than usual. Hence, instead of becoming fun, working from home has become employees’ worst nightmare.

What does Facebook do to ensure a perfect work-life balance?

Facebook has been taking various incentives to keep work stress at bay. 

  • Twice or thrice in a tear every branch gets-together for their 24-hour lock-in, where staff is boosted to innovate and try new ideas. This is called the Hackathon and it is how Facebook came up with the most popular concept of Facebook the Like Button. 
  • In the Hackathon, they keep on trying new and out-of-the-box coding to invent something that the world is yet to witness and when they do, Voila, they sell it to the world.
  • At Facebook, all employees have two birthdays, their own and their face versary which they celebrate 
  • They even have a small village bike shop and an arcade, everything is free of cost so that every single employee can focus on connecting people.


Work-life balance is respected in the fan tech company, Facebook. This is an organisation that encourages taking risks in the new venture and embraces failure. Engineers are no doubt considered the backbone of the changes and innovation of any tech-savvy company. Hence, Employees at Facebook are far from experiencing a robotic work life and get sufficient time for personal life as well. Facebook provides every amenity ranging from basic to grandeur. Facebook takes utmost care regarding its employees’ personal space. It has a set number of hours that any given employee is supposed to work in a week. Over-time is only expected when the given task is to be finished within a stipulated time. 

However, the rank of Facebook work life balance is lowest among the top Tech Companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Microsoft. Employees at times complain of being burn-out due to excessive pressure, which ultimately lead to the situation of compromising on the persona life balance. 

Facebook Work Life Balance

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