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Working at Facebook

Facebook, a social media platform, brought the world closer than it ever thought. This American social media, which Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow roommates discovered, became a sensation. It was founded in 2004, and its membership was allowed only to the Harvard Students. Eventually, Facebook was accessible to other North American universities, and within a span of two years, Facebook was downloaded by millions of users globally. Today’s topic- Working at Facebook.

Facebook is not an app but a community that offers a diverse work culture in terms of experience, talent, perspectives, race, and religion. The community that believes in 5 fundamental core values;

  • Being Bold (taking a risk and learning with every failure)
  • Focusing on big challenges
  • To learn faster and grab opportunities
  • To have an Open policy for viewers and employees
  • Build a Social Value for the world

Mark Zuckerberg and his work ethics:

From being the youngest billionaire globally to grab the number 1 position (Top 100 most influential people in the Information Age) of Vanity Fair magazine in 2010, he sailed through many controversies and achievements. His innovation of interacting with the world or our familiar people across the globe turned him into an American media magnate. Behind all the success that he enjoys today is ‘his zest of serving his community of more than a billion people.’  Constantly innovating, focusing on the mission, and valuing the time is the primary work culture laid down by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook. 

Corporate Culture:

To inculcate a corporate culture at any large company, it needs to have a strategic hiring policy. Facebook understands that hiring the best and the brightest will provide the expected results. Hence, individuals who have the desired skill set, competitive nature, and understand company goals & values are hired. Working with Facebook means working with the world’s brightest minds; but with diverse perspectives. Indeed, Facebook has managed to keep a healthy and positive environment.

Open desk policy:

Facebook believes in equality at all levels and implements the same across their workstations. Sitting in close cabins and inaccessible bosses are the past things; now, from CEO to the interns, they all have the same communal desk. As rightly said by Kevin Systrom (the Instagram CEO & Facebook board member), “Smart people generally want to work with other smart people on hard problems.” And that’s how the open desk policy at Facebook ensures a competitive atmosphere, growth, enjoyment, and learning.

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Key Areas of Work:

To maintain an innovative technology that is used by billions of people across the globe is a Task. And to accomplish such a massive operation, Facebook needs a dedicated and trustworthy team. Some of the critical operational areas such as:

1. Trust & Safety Operations: Here, the team plays a crucial part in ensuring that every product of Facebook is safe and reliable for users. They work closely with engineers & global operational teams for product launch, growth, and a better experience. This team is further divided into seven smaller sections to smoothen the process & benefit everyone who uses the platform.

2. Scaled Operations:  A widespread community across all the continents needs a responsible team for the well-being of the workforce and the users. At scaled operations, the team; analyses global, local, and language-based trends that help users make valuable connections on Facebook. Here they are responsible for managing, developing, and implementing the global workforce management.

3. Functional Operations: This team is subdivided into three more sections: 

a. Risk & Response: The team is expected to respond to the real-time crisis, evaluate it, and assess what is best for the community.

b. Tools: Here, Primary tools are built and customized to review the content on their platforms. Additional features are created to expand the tool’s capabilities.

c. Data & Analytics:  They help Operation teams to measure and evaluate the initiatives taken at Facebook. They are also responsible for providing the right analytics to the groups.

4. Privacy: It is the most pressing issue of our times, and Facebook’s privacy team is working across the globe. They make sure that the company is equipped with products, infrastructure, and tools to maintain people’s privacy in everything that the company does. These days, protecting the user’s data with utmost care and adhering to all the regulatory requirements is essential.

5. Production Engineering: Facebook also offers a 12-month program for production engineering. This program helps an individual to develop a career experience in writing codes or debugging problems in production. Production engineers are across the globe at Facebook offices. These teams are known as “Small Teams Big Impact.” Every team member is encouraged to take a project as per their interests & experiences. These engineers share a shared passion for building and fixing.  

Work & Life Balance: 

Facebook believes in Making the World more open and connected. And for Facebook to function at its best, it needs to have healthy & happy employees. Along with a competitive environment, Facebook also offers a great variety of benefits to its employees; health, finance, family, community, and time away.

  • Health benefits include physical & mental illness, and wellness reimbursement supports all their healthy activities.
  • Employees are granted paid leaves for new parents, assistance for adoption & surrogacy, and spending account for a dependant parent or a child.
  • Together with health and family benefits, Facebook offers a great deal in finances as well. Retirement plan, insurance, and equity awards.
  • It allows joining a Life club at Facebook or creating one of your own to have meaningful connections at Facebook. Lastly, it gives a Generous paid-off time for 30 days every five years.

Internships and Facebook University:

Facebook’s impactful intern program was ranked #1 at Glassdoor for two years. Interns receive 1:1 mentor support and have access to the employee community, and are provided with housing assistance for the duration of their on-site internship. 

Facebook University provides paid training and internship programs for Engineering, Analytics, and Product design to students with prior experience (qualification and experience requirements vary for each section).

Post Pandemic challenges at Facebook:

Covid times have made us realize that with this ardent technology, everything is possible. In times where the outside world was at a standstill, we built our inner world & community stronger. Away yet close was the mantra of our survival, and Facebook has once again proved that Moving ahead is the only way out. 

It is carefully designing and ensuring that the right tools and resources are available to Collaborate, Connect, Grow, and Thrive in the market. At Facebook, they are adapting and creating more & more remote job opportunities. 

However, across various continents, there are ample job openings:

  • North America has 2,314 open positions
  • Latin America has 33 open positions at their five offices
  • In all of Europe, the Middle East, & Africa, there are near about 582 open positions  
  • Whereas the Asia Pacific provides 310 available positions

Innovation and Leadership:

“Innovation is at the core of our mission.” starting-off as any other social media platform, Facebook has come a long way with its innovation and believing in the fact that technology has no boundaries. Over the years, this platform has not just been the medium of communicating with old buddies but a place where they could voice out their concerns. The users were free to discuss any social issues or injustice openly here. 

Mark Zuckerberg is the perfect example of a young, dynamic, and enthusiastic leader of a billionaire company. A leader that inspires a million others to work hard, innovate and achieve their dreams – The Facebook community experiences thousands of other leaders who strive to impact the world and nurture talented teams. Leaders at Facebook share common traits of being passionate, dedicated, and with a clarity of purpose.


In a world that is constantly changing, Facebook is one of those start-ups that is endlessly innovating. We live with Gen Z that needs rapid and impactful change, and Facebook provides that innovative and ever-changing work environment to the skillful candidate. Yes, any social platform or medium is exploited by a handful of culprits; but an unethical act does not shake the core values of Facebook. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Facebook provide jobs only to the techies?

Apart from techies, we need experts in other areas, such as Designers, Managers (in Accounts, Client Solutions & Research), Market Specialists, Copywriters, and Brand Strategists.

2. Are there any contract-based job opportunities at Facebook?

Yes, you can search for different contract-based jobs at the following website; Facebook TalentNet Community

3. Which all apps do Facebook own?

The top 5 apps that Facebook owns are Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp & Oculus. 

4. Can we search for openings at WhatsApp and Instagram on Facebook Careers?

Yes, job openings for Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are available on the same site.

5. Currently, which countries are offering remote positions?

There are various remote positions available in the US, UK, and Canada. 

6. If I am not selected for a particular position, then in how many months can I reapply?

After a year, a candidate can reapply with better knowledge and experience.  

Working at Facebook- All About Facebook

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