Best Tech Companies To Work

Having an impressive resume with outstanding working experience helps you get hired by your choice of company. Working in the best tech companies will provide you with a decent working environment and enhance your skills. It will help in your career growth and personal and professional development. In addition, they provide you with several benefits and opportunities that help you in your career growth. Let us know about that the Best Tech Companies To Work.

Best Tech Companies To Work

When it comes to choosing the best tech companies to work in, names such as Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and Cisco are among the top companies that come to mind. It is because they are recognized worldwide and also ensure you with the best package.

Top Tech Companies To Work At

Below are some of the best tech companies that provide you with the best employee experience.


There is hardly anyone who hasn’t heard the name ‘Microsoft’. Microsoft is one of the leading software companies and the largest in its field. They have over 1,80,000 employees working for them worldwide. The company is based in Redmond, Washington, and its current CEO is Satya Nadella, who has over 98% approval rating on Glassdoor.

Some of the benefits of working at Microsoft are that they provide average annual pay of $119,000 to its tech employees and around $125,000 to its engineers. In addition to that, they also provide the best health insurance facilities to their employees.


Cisco is considered one of the best workplaces as mentioned in Fortune magazine. They have over 77,000 employees and have a market capitalization of $194.94 billion as of June 2020. 

The benefit of working at Cisco is that they pay an annual salary of around $122,953 to their software engineers and around $137,917 to their senior software engineers with added benefits of retirement strategy, insurance, employee discounts, healthcare, and paid vacations.


SalesForce is a software company located in San Francisco, California. They have over 56,000 employees and have earned a place for themselves in Fortune magazine as one of the 100 best companies to work for based on surveys conducted for employees. 

SalesForce pays an impressive annual income to its employees ranging from around $152,706 to $140,013 based on their position in the company. 


Google does not even need an introduction, the company is a brand in itself. Getting an opportunity to work at Google is what every person who works in the tech field dreams of. Not just because of the its worldwide popularity, but the benefits of working at Google are quite impressive.

Google currently has over 139,995 employees working for them with the number increasing every year. The company tends to its employees’ every need to make them as comfortable as possible, be it by providing leave when necessary, encouraging them to voice their opinions or on-site medical facilities. A Software Engineer working at Google has an annual pay range from $1,31,186 – $3,02,535.


HubSpot is one of the leading tech companies with award-winning business culture. The company is considered to be one of the best places to work, known for its pleasant work environment. The company offers software assistance to organizations for effective growth.

The average annual salary offered at HubSpot is around $150,396. And a Software Engineer at HubSpot can earn approx. $156,000 annually.

SAS Institute Inc

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System and is known as one of the best tech companies that keeps its employees’ best interests in mind. They have around 14,000 employees working for them. They provide their employees with a comfortable work atmosphere and work culture. A SAS programmer earns an annual average salary of around $85114.

Red Hat Inc

RedHat Inc. is included among the top companies and is the leading provider of enterprise open source software solutions, delivering dependable and high-performing Linux, hybrid cloud, container, and Kubernetes technologies through a community-driven approach.

An employee working at Red Hat Inc. earns an average annual salary ranging from $131,678 – $134,142.


The company creates enterprise software, and production, warehouse management, sales, customer relationships, and administrative tasks are all where the SAP application software is used. SAP America is considered to have one of the best workplaces and has over 102,000 employees currently working for them.

The annual pay range of SAP employees is as follows :

Development Operations Engineer – $123,729

Senior Developer – $152,952

Senior Software Engineer – $128,949

Developer – $116,549

Senior Product Specialist – $147,914


Dropbox is a cloud storage and management startup company founded by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi who are MIT alumni. Dropbox has over 15 million active subscribers and the annual turnover is over $2 billion. Dropbox has over 2,851 employees and provides an average annual salary of a Dropbox employee ranges from $249k to $790k.


Adobe is one of the most established and leading software companies that was founded in 1982. They have branch offices in over 30 companies and have over 21,000 employees working for them.

The annual pay range of employees at Adobe is as follows:

Senior software engineer: $141,201

Software engineer: $114,785      

Software quality engineer: $108,164

Senior computer scientist: $176,939        

Senior product manager: $166,125 

Research scientist: $155,171 


Working in companies that provide great perks and impressive salaries is not something that can be achieved easily. One has to learn significant skills to stand out and present yourself as a desirable candidate. And getting accepted into the above-mentioned companies will not only ensure a successful career but will also open doors to vast opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What other tech companies provide great opportunities?

There are plenty of tech companies that can provide you with the best pay range and work environment such as LinkedIn, Apple, Amazon, HP, Intel etc. 

  1. What skills do I need to apply for a job in good tech companies?

To apply to top tech companies, one has to gain skills such as C++, JavaScript, Software Development, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, etc. 

Best Tech Companies To Work

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