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Walmart is one of the fastest-growing retailers with more than 800 stores in the United States. It has a history of providing excellent retail services to customers as believed to be the best brand in America. It offers a wide variety of jobs with a decent income in its stores. The sales associate position is one such position offered by the store chain. Let us know about the Walmart Sales Associate and the roles of the Walmart Sales Associate also discussed in this article.

Walmart Sales Associate

Walmart Sales Associate

The Walmart sales associate is a preferred job for people who are good at handling people and who love to communicate with them efficiently. The job portfolio of sales associates varies at different stores and likewise, they earn accordingly. The right employee can work as a full-time or part-time worker and the salary of both positions depends on the working hours, experience and location of the store. In this article, the roles and responsibilities, salary, and requirements for the suitable candidate with other relevant data will be discussed.

The Eligibility Criteria

If you want to adopt the career of a Walmart sales associate, your minimum qualification should be a high school diploma or equivalent degree. Walmart takes the drug test and checks your background related to it. As this job needs to lift and pass things, you should be able to lift 50 pounds. Once you are qualified for the job, your skills will be enhanced through proper training for operating cash, selling product and handling customers effectively.

Roles of the Walmart Sales Associate

The Walmart sales associate does multiple responsibilities in the store. The basic roles are as under:

  1. Welcoming customers with a smile
  2. Helping them locate a specific item and checking the price
  3. Arranging all the items in selves with sequence and making their access easy to the customers
  4. Give the impression to the customers that management will facilitate them at their best
  5. Sales associates also help customers to choose the best product according to their range and demand
  6. They are best to answer the customer’s questions related to the products, policies and services
  7. Assist fellow associates in their time of need
  8. Restock the products in the selves and inform management about restocking if they forgot to do it
  9. Helping customers to move products to the cashier and the customer’s vehicle
  10. Placing the cart at the front of the store to ensure its availability to the customers
  11. Taking the round of the store periodically and offering help to the customers
  12. Making customers feel comfortable and forgiving their annoying  attitude

Skills to become a Walmart Sales Associate

When you work as a Walmart sales associate, you must be fluent in English and Spanish. You should have strong selling skills and should follow the company policies strictly. If you have any previous retail experience, you are preferred to work as a sales associate because of enhanced service skills like teamwork and good listening skills. You should have good interactive skills and concisely satisfy customers.  You should deal with the customers professionally and should have the best organizational skills. If you are the best in time management and can handle different tasks at a time, it is the best-suited position for you. Overall, the sales associate is a multi-talented person who can work in different positions effectively.

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Salary of the Walmart Sales Associate

As it is mentioned earlier, the Walmart sales associate’s salary depends on the job type (full-time or part-time), experience, location and size of the company. However, the median salary per hour is $19.95 which is $41,500 per year. Moreover, the annual salary of the experienced workers is $70,500 ($33.89/hour). The starting salary of the sales associate is estimated at $9 to $12 an hour. However, it varies according to the state you live. Therefore, the average pay of sales associate is $26,000 per year. Some other factors like employee discounts for in-store purchases, additional benefits like health insurance, paid time vacations and bonuses for credit card account users will also facilitate its employees.


In summary, the Walmart sales associate position is an ideal job for those who want to work as a retailer. Walmart is a famous company with millions of its employees working in stores. It gives a great opportunity to work with flexible time and with a decent starting per hour salary. Moreover, it is the best career for hard-working potential workers who are good at communication and love to deal with people with a welcoming smile. The ideal person for this role at Walmart must be friendly, accommodating, and have a positive mindset with good written and oral communication skills. A person that can work effectively with a team and can do multitasks in the same position can help customers to find the product and arrange the items quickly.  In short, the time management and organizational skills of the sales associate should be extraordinary and he should have a professional attitude towards his work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What qualifications are required to be a sales associate?

You will be preferred if you have any experience as a retail worker or worked in a similar role. You should have good proficiency skills in English and can understand the basic principles and market dynamics. Your organizational skills should be good and you should be able to take rounds frequently to help customers.

2. Are sales associates’ and cashier’s roles the same?

The responsibilities of a sales associate and cashier are not the same. Sale associate works to assist people to purchase products, while the cashier only works to clear the bell at the time of check out.

Walmart Sales Associate – Know More!

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