California State University Long Beach Or CSU Fullerton- Know More Interesting Facts

California State University, Long Beach located in Long Beach, California is a public research university. Its campus area comprises 322 acres and it is the second-largest university in the California State University system. California State University, Fullerton located in Fullerton, California is a public university, it has the largest number of students in all the 23-campus in the California State University system. Let’s dig into the content to know which university is best and suitable for you. Let’s learn about ‘California State University Long Beach Or CSU Fullerton’.

California State University Long Beach Or CSU Fullerton

California State University Long Beach Or CSU Fullerton

Campus: California State University Long Beach Or California State University Fullerton

Both campuses are Hispanic Serving educational institutions. California State University, Long Beach established in 1949, is an international-style campus with a landscape surrounding the whole campus. The notable buildings are Walter Pyramid which occupies 5000 fans; is considered home to the Southern California Summer Pro League, the university Art Permanent Museum was the first recognized museum in the CSU system, The Earl Burns Miller Japanese garden Puvungna, green and sustainable campus. The campus of California State University, Fullerton established in the late 1950s; has wide buildings like Pollak library- one of the biggest libraries of the CSU, Humanities, Titan Shops, and McCarthy Hall. The Pollak Library is famous for the science fiction collection of Philip K. Dick. From 1993 onwards,  the university added more features to the campus. To create power sustainability, these campus buildings are having solar panels. Both universities have desert studies centers. This center is used for conducting research studies.

Comparison of California State University Long Beach Or California State University Fullerton:

Bases of comparisonCSU, Long BeachCSU, Fullerton
LocationLong Beach, CaliforniaFullerton, California
Higher StudiesDoctoral program- both research and professional practiceDoctoral program- only professional practice
Fee structure for both in state and out of state studentsIn-state: $6846Out-of-state: $18726In-state: $6976Out-of-state: 18856
Acceptance rateLow 27.99%Comparatively high 45.72 %
Competition rateLowLow
SAT score1020/12401000/1180
ACT score20/2618/23
How much percentage of students will graduate?73%69%
Outside students transfer2%2%
Retention rate89%89%
Student to faculty ratio24:127:1
Apart from studies a wide range of other opportunitiesDistance learning (off-campus), abroad opportunities, certification as a teacher, Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC)Distance learning, teacher certification, Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC), pursuing abroad studies
Services other than studiesRemedial service, career counseling, placement service, on-campus daycare, and employment opportunities.Remedial service, career counseling, employment, and placement opportunities, on-campus daycare
Earnings of students after 10 years$51,100$49,000
Loan payment of students69%69%
Loan debt of median student$15,000%15,000
  • Based on student enrollment California State University, Fullerton is larger than California State University, Long Beach.
  • While viewing the above table, the in-state and out-of-state tuition fee for CSU, Fullerton is high compared to CSU, Long Beach.
  • The typical cost to attend the university is less than Cal State Fullerton than Cal State Long Beach.
  • The living cost of Cal State Long Beach is lesser than Cal State Fullerton.
  • Financial aid for students who are studying at these two universities same in both universities.

Admission difficulty: California State University Long Beach Or California State University Fullerton

  • The mean SAT score at Cal State Long Beach is higher than at Cal State Fullerton.
  • In the case of ACT scores, Cal State Long Beach demands more than Cal State Fullerton. 
  • A higher acceptance rate is in Cal State Fullerton than in Cal State Long Beach.


Long Beach competes in the NCAA division first in 18 sports teams like baseball, cross country, softball, track, and field, tennis, women’s soccer, basketball, water polo, and golf. This University is famous for women’s volleyball due to continuous victories in 1989, 1993, and 1998. Fullerton is famous for women’s basketball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, country team(1971), women’s fencing, men’s bowling, baseball, and softball. Due to the proximity of both Long Beach and Fullerton, they became rivals in a baseball games and also conducted competitions in the baseball program.

Notable people studied here:

Notable people like David Twohy, Steven Spielberg, Karen Carpenter, and Richard Carpenter studied at Cal State Long Beach. Kevin Costner, Tracy Caldwell Dyson, Jack O’Connell, Anthony Rendon, Ed Royce, Lou Correa, Gwen Stefani, Marc Cherry, Tony Reagins, Bruce Bowen, and T. J. Dillashaw studied at Cal State Fullerton.


 Here you can find the best version of two universities in California. Before getting an admission, you have to study the back history, curriculum, major courses, and facilities and make a conjoint analysis to get a better idea. One of the important features you have to consider before choosing the institution is the networking of people. The above information gives you a better idea about both schools in the decision-making.

Frequently asked questions:

1. Which University is best for giving a good future for students?

The graduation rate at Cal State Long Beach is higher than at Cal State Fullerton. (54% CSU, Long Beach vs 50% CSU, Fullerton). Earnings of CSU Long Beach students are higher than CSU Fullerton students. Median loan debt, median monthly student loan payment, and federal student loan debt paying are the same for both California State Universities.

2. As an international student, which university do I choose between Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Long Beach?

All CSUs have good curricula and better futures and it is an excellent option for international students. Compared to other schools’ expenses are less at CSU. You can take a loan for supporting your studies. These campuses provide a wide range of studies with other extracurricular activities. If you want to become a research scholar, you can go to Long Beach, or just want to get a good profession, you can study at Fullerton.

3. What sports are there in Fullerton and Long Beach?

 As mentioned above, women’s basketball, golf, cross country, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, water polo, softball, tennis, baseball, etc.

4. Which is best based on the library facilities?

Both universities have large libraries and this library gives you wide knowledge of different fields. When it comes to campus, Long Beach has an appealing and aesthetic campus outlook with the landscape, and greeneries compared to Fullerton.

California State University Long Beach Or CSU Fullerton- Know More Interesting Facts

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