Target Job Titles- Know More

Every organization has job titles that determine the roles and responsibilities of specific parts of the organization. While some titles are more administrative, others involve more labor. At Target, the different job titles ensure the smooth running of the organization, because it results in the division of labor. Know more about Target Job Titles

Target Job Titles

Target Job Titles include Administrative Support, Asset Protection, and Corporate Security, Global Supply Chain and Logistics, Human Resources, Marketing, Media and Communications, etc. All these job roles and many others, work together to maintain the efficiency of the company.

Roles And Responsibilities Of Target Job Titles

Every job title has its distinct function, which makes it unique and different from any other job title. Although some job titles at Target are more critical than others, that doesn’t make them more important. Every role is important, including the role of a janitor.

The way you go about your roles determines how much impact you would be making in the organization. Later on in the article, some work ethics that every worker at Target should incorporate would be explored. These ethics go a long way in resulting in a high rate of efficiency and productivity among workers. 

Now, let us explore some of the job titles at Target, and the roles and responsibilities they are saddled with. They include:

  • Administrative Support
  • Business Operations
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Food and Beverage
  • Product Design and Development
  • Store Leadership
  • Supply Chain Leadership

Administrative Support

There is a need for Target’s managers, directors, and team members to have administrative and professional support. This can come in the form of giving out professional advice on how to run the company better, how to better organize the organization’s manpower to be more efficient and productive, and how to make the best use of the resources of the organization. The Administrative Support job title goes a long way in maintaining the standard and structure of the organization.

Business Operations

The role of the Business Operations involves seeing to the execution of organizational projects and goals, effectively. The Business Operations through its effective implementation of organizational goals and projects hopes to create an environment that supports the structural, financial, economical, social, and cultural outlook of the organization.

Global Supply Chain and Logistics

This job title is responsible for getting products across to customers in a cost-effective manner. It constantly restructures how products should be delivered to customers whether they are shopping in stores or online, through Members of this team come up with intelligent, innovative, and effective decisions on how to accelerate the convenience of the guests and customers while they shop. 

Food And Beverage 

The responsibility of this team is to ensure that the production and dissemination of edible items are in line with the food safety regulations. It also ensures that the food and beverage offered by Target are not just of high value, but also meet up to the tastes of guests, inspiring them to shop more.

Product Design And Development 

Team 1 is responsible for the constant innovation of the Target organization. The observational skill of this team must be very high. There is always room for development. Product Designers have to continuously work on bringing about constant innovations that would always make the Target organization stand out. 

Store Leadership 

Store Leadership entails creating an environment with an atmosphere of comfort. This team must be able to consider the official nature of the organization, the human nature of the organization, as well as the customer’s interests, in a bid to create an environment that is conducive to the guests.

Supply Chain Leadership 

Supply Chain Leadership is a job title saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that regardless of how guests shop, they are supplied their products with convenience and zero complaints. This means that a guest having to go to a store or shopping online should not in any way, pose any form of challenge. The Supply Chain Team must always be willing to deliver a smooth supply chain network. 

Basic Work Ethics For Target Job Titles

Some of the basic work ethics that should be incorporated by every Target Job Titleholder include the following:

  • Discipline
  • Time Consciousness
  • Team player
  • Love Your Job


Discipline goes a long way in determining how you go about your job. Discipline makes the product design personnel create time and look out for what needs to be developed in an organization. Discipline makes the Store Hourly team conduct a guest survey to know how the guests can be served better. Without discipline, a lot of staff would lose touch with their responsibilities. 

Time Consciousness 

Time consciousness is a way of being up to date. If you are time conscious, you won’t miss deadlines. You will be able to meet up with all your set plans and goals. For instance, if the Food and Beverage team is time conscious, they will allocate different times to visit different stores, and then try to meet up with their targets for the day. Being time conscious and being disciplined work hand in hand.

Team Player

You have to be a good team player if you want to function well in your job title. No one is an island of knowledge. Even when you are the team leader, you exhibit your leadership more when you listen, accommodate ideas, and seek help. So, at Target, being a good team player is a way of working with others to achieve a common organizational goal. 

Love Your Job

This is very important. You must love your job title, and be excited by your responsibilities. If this is not the case, working will make you sad, and you will likely not give out your best. So, if you notice that your job role doesn’t fascinate you, try talking it over with your employer. This way, you can either be encouraged and guided on how to go about your job more enthusiastically, or you may be given your dream role. Regardless of how it goes, just strike a balance. 

Combining the above-listed work ethics with your job responsibility at Target will make you more productive and efficient. Also, it will encourage those whom you work with to work harder, and achieve more for the organization.


Target Job Titles come with different responsibilities. They are meant to work together to realize the growth and development of the organization. Depending on their area of expertise, individuals are given titles that enable them to work in different sectors of the organization. If all sectors work harmoniously together, then there is a very high chance that Target would operate successfully for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is Target known for?


Target is known for selling various items ranging from household items to perishable edibles. It also deals in electronic appliances and baby products.

2) What makes Target Unique?


Target’s customer service is one of the best you can think of. The staff are always ready to serve the guest, making their interests a priority

Target Job Titles- Know More

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