How to Check Status of Unemployment Claim NY?

Check Status of Unemployment Claim NY

The US Department of Labor offers unemployment claims for individuals who got laid off from work for no mistake. The individuals can file for an unemployment claim in the state they worked in and can avail of the benefits for a limited number of weeks, typically 26 weeks. How to Check Status of Unemployment Claim NY?

After filing for an unemployment claim, it is common to be curious about the status of your claim. Knowing the status of your claim will help you estimate the time to expect your first unemployment check. Additionally, checking on the quality of your claim will help you understand when there’s a problem in processing your claim. You can resolve the issue by contacting the representative who assists you and answers your application process queries. 

How to Check Status of Unemployment Claim NY? 

While you can know the status of your unemployment claim by contacting the New York Department of Labor office, there are two different ways to do so. 

Method 1- By Calling the Office

The fastest way to get in touch with a representative working in the department of processing the claims is by a call. You should be prepared beforehand with all essential information that will help the person locate your claim. This information includes- your email address, social security number, date when you filed an unemployment claim. 

Method 2- By Visiting The Labor Helpdesk 

Another method to know the status of your unemployment claim is by visiting the New York Department of Labor Help Desk. Before calling the helpdesk, you need to carry essential information that will help in locating your claim, as mentioned above. You can get all your queries answered and get an overview of how your unemployment claim gets processed.  

When Should You Contact The New York Department of Labor Regarding Your Claim?

After filing your unemployment claim with the New York Department of Labor, you will be put on a one-week unpaid waiting period. The benefits you receive are inclusive of the waiting week. Ideally, the New York Department of Labor processes your claim within one week, and you are entitled to receive the benefits if you haven’t worked during the period. 

You could claim your benefits from the New York Department of Labor website with the Ny.Gov ID with which you filed your claim; however, if you didn’t receive your benefits, even after waiting for an unpaid period of one week. In that case, it is time for you to get in touch with the representative either by call or by visiting the NY Labor Helpdesk.  

Reasons Why You Can Be Denied Unemployment Benefits

If you haven’t received your unemployment benefits in a week, the chances are that your claim is denied. You will probably receive a notice from the NY State Department of Labor, citing why your claim got denied, along with the information about the appeals process. Here are some of the common reasons why your unemployment claim gets rejected.

  • To qualify for unemployment benefits, you need to satisfy the criteria of earning the minimum wage amount in a twelve-month stretch, called the base period. However, if you fail to meet the given earning requirements, your claim will be denied. 
  • You can’t expect to receive unemployment benefits if you are fired from your job on the grounds of misconduct. However, if you are fired from your job because you lack the required skills needed for the job, you are still eligible to receive the benefits. 
  • To be eligible to claim unemployment status, you should be laid off from work with no fault of yours. If you leave your job voluntarily, without any proper reasoning, you will be denied the benefits.  
  • When filing for the claim, you must look for a suitable job and accept it if you are offered one. Denying to take up a suitable job that you are offered will make you ineligible to claim the benefits.

You always have an option to appeal the denial of your benefits. However, it isn’t a good idea to appeal if you know you didn’t meet the eligibility criteria. It is only worth filing an appeal if you have a good reason for quitting your job. 


You should be receiving your unemployment benefits in a week after filing for them. It is always advisable to check with the New York Department of Labor representative if you don’t receive your benefits in a week. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I file an unemployment claim?

Ideally, you can file for an unemployment claim in your first week of total or partial unemployment. You are entitled to receive the claim if your work is not more than 30 hours in a week and your earnings are $504 or less. If you delay the filing of your claim, you will be at risk of losing your benefits. 

Where can I get the estimate of my weekly unemployment benefit amount?

You can get an estimate of your claim from the official website of New York State. However, you should note that the website only provides an estimate of your claim, and it doesn’t really guarantee your eligibility for the benefits or the specific estimated amount. Only after you file an unemployment claim will you learn your eligibility to the claim and the actual benefit amount you are entitled to receive. 

Will my benefits be taxed?

If you are filing your tax returns, your unemployment benefits are subjected to the following taxes- 

  • Federal
  • New York State
  • Local

Can I file for an Unemployment Claim if I am working part-time after losing my full-time job?

You are entitled to receive an unemployment claim if you work for thirty hours or less than that in a week and earn $504 or less. However, you may only receive partial UI or PUA benefits. When you apply for an unemployment claim, you will be asked to provide the last date you reported to the work physically, regardless of it is part-time or full-time. In addition to this, you need to give the details of your last or most recent employer. You need to mention that lack of work is why you are filing for the claim even though you are working part-time. 

Should I be looking for work while receiving unemployment claim benefits?

The eligibility for the claim mentions that you should be actively searching for a job while entitled to unemployment benefits. You also have to maintain a record of your job search for every week you claim the benefits and be prepared to present it to the New York State Department of Labor upon their request.

How to Check Status of Unemployment Claim NY?

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