How to get a job after being misconduct?

How to get a job after being misconduct?

We all know that having a job is essential in someone’s life, and now getting job misconduct could ruined someone’s life! Well, this might be scary, but it is not the end as there is always a second chance to get up on your feet and to find a new job. So, to guide you on this challenging phase, this article explains the steps to find a new job.

Before we go directly to the steps, it is essential to understand the situation; why job misconduct?  When typing the word ‘job misconduct’ on google, the result you will get explains that it is an act of an employee’s misbehavior that affects the work, the environment, and other staff. Job misconduct could usually be solved on a one-one discussion; depending on the level of the act, it might sometimes end up in a tribunal. Then it is important to know the types of misconduct so that to resolve the situation accordingly.

  1. Breach of Confidentiality

When joining a company, the employee signed an employment agreement and promised to keep some information confidential. Thus, if ever the employee shares that information, it is considered a violation of the agreement and an example of misconduct. Now breach of confidentiality could happen between a patient and a nurse or doctor. One example is reported from the BBC news in 2016, where a nurse was sacked for breaching patient confidentiality.

  1. Insubordination

To work implies tasks and responsibilities delegated to you by the employer; now refusing to undertake these tasks or not fulfilling your duties is known as insubordination. Insubordination can be considered as minor job misconduct that can be rectified simply through a one-to-one discussion. One example of insubordination is when an employee is regularly late. In that case, a solution could be found within a meeting with the employee.

  1. Unethical Relationships

Inter-office romance is prohibited in several workplaces. For example, incidents that include managers dating subordinates could lead both the manager and the company to a harassment suit. Also, suppose an employee keeps their job feeling pressured to go along with their superior’s advances. In that case, it is considered harassment, which is regarded as a legal offends. For more information about such inappropriate behavior, the New York Times has written an article about ‘When the Boss Wants You to Do Something Unethical.’

  1. Discrimination and Harassment

Sexual harassment and bullying are two serious job misconduct. In addition, harassing your colleagues at the workplace violates the act of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which can lead to a severe case at the tribunal.

  1. Theft

Stealing something from your company or clients is formed of misconduct. Now theft can be minor as well as severe, depending on what has been stolen.

  1. Drug Abuse

To be under drug influence in a workplace is a significant case of misconduct. Employees feel endangered and are not in a comfortable environment. Also, it is likely to put the reputation of the company at risk.

Now that you know which type of job misconduct you are into and has accepted the situation, it is time to move on. So the following steps to undertake are:

  1. Verify that you have received all the money to which you are entitled. 

Receiving your final payment is an indication that the upcoming month would be quite hard. So you need to check if you have received :

  • Overtime work
  • A holiday which you did not take.
  • Bonus, expenses, or commission

If your company offered you fringe benefits such as a car and house, you could keep them with you until the end of your notice period. If, for example, they gave you a laptop for work only then you have to return it to the company immediately.

  1. Time for job hunting!

The second step after checking your final payment is to start preparing yourself to start all over again. That is the job searching phase. It might be daunting, but if you want to have a prosperous future and start earning money again, finding a job would be a confident booster. As you know, it is a new beginning!

At first, you might opt for a temporary job as it is quicker and the best thing about it is that they are not going to ask you about your last job. Moreover, to help you start your career searching right away, you may start searching for jobs on

  1. Explain your job misconduct during a job interview.

As mentioned above, a temporary job might be a good option. Still, it is only applicable for a short period. One needs to eventually look for a permanent job, and one will need to explain your job dismissal. It will be a delicate situation when they ask you why you left your previous job, and the essential thing is that you need to be honest with your new employer. As before they select you for an interview, they are going to do a background check. If they get to know that the cause of your dismissal is misconduct, then there is a higher probability that they do not hire you. If you are on an interview and have not told them about the real reason for your dismissal and later found out about your job misconduct, you could be sacked. What you need to do during the interview is to be professional and use your word wisely when explaining the situation. There is no need to give a long explanation be concise.

  1. Your job reference.

The reference during a job application plays a crucial role in the probability of you getting hired. After job misconduct, it is evident that the reference that one would get from the employer will not be a positive one. This is something that one needs to apprehend as if, despite the misconduct, you get a good reference; your old employer might get sued. This might discourage you and make you worry even more, but again, there is always a solution!  The solution is that you can ask your old employer for a basic reference. Where only your job title, your salary, and the amount of time you’ve been working is written. In that case, it will not hinder your probability of getting a job.

  1. Unemployment Benefit

To get a new job right away after a dismissal is not magic! It would be best if you are incredibly patient as it may take a lot of time. In the meantime, you might face financial issues, and unemployment benefits can be a source of help. However, let us not rejoice in getting unemployment benefits quickly. It is essential to know that one might not be eligible for unemployment benefits for job misconduct. Nevertheless, in some states, one might not be suitable for unemployment benefit only for a certain time, especially for less terrible misconduct. So, there is still hope of getting an unemployment benefit and for further information, go to

  1. Maybe time to change your career and create your own job!

Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma’s journey to becoming among the richest men in the world was not easy. He had to face 30 job rejections which have finally led him to create his job. Well, after job misconduct, it might be that no one wants to hire you and that feeling of rejection may destroy you. In that case, like Jack Ma, instead of remaining sad, why not create your job? Maybe it is time to change your career by starting up a business where you would be your boss. Just saying that you would start a business is not enough; you need a guide, and the following steps will enlighten you.

  • Step 1- Something you love and passionate about!

First, you must reflect on yourself, like what are the things you love.  It could be a hobby that you are good at drawings, cooking, craft-making, or dressmaking. You can turn these hobbies into a business. The fact that you love to do these automatically, you will give your best in it, and with time you will see more opportunities will come to you.

  • Step 2- Think about how you can fill a need and earn money!

Once you have identified things that you love to do now, you need to do some research. Look around you, your community, and see if there is any job service you can offer. For instance, it could be that you are good at cooking and maybe a school needs someone to provide food in the canteen. In that case, it could be your chance to start up your service there.

  • Step 3- Do you have the skills needed to run a business?

Well, honestly, to have just an idea is not enough. You need to have specific skills and attribute to run a business. For that, you need to do some research and maybe take up some online short courses on entrepreneurship. Also, ask someone who is already in the field to advise and help you. Also, for more information, you could go to to know the procedure for starting a business.

Deciding to change your career and create your own job could be something that you really want to do, but fear of not succeeding is in you. This is totally comprehensive, but if you have the will to want to move on and build up your future, you will find your motivation to achieve that goal. The information above may not be enough; there is more information to help you.

  1. Business Checklist

You need to jot down your business checklist, which contains basic things that you need to startup. Again, going on could help you in writing your lists.

  1. Business Assistance

Search for business assistance online that can guide you. For example, one of the business assistance you can check out is the ‘Funding & Resources for Small Business During COVID-19 Crisis .’

  1. Advantages and Disadvantages Information

Before starting up a business, it is important to consider the positive and negative sides of it. For further information, you can check out this article, ‘The Pros & Cons of Starting a New Business.’

  1.  Learn from real-life stories.

Gain information from other starts up stories on how they build up their business. Here are some interesting real-life stories of entrepreneurs:

  • How I Started Phone Repair Business & Motivational Fashion Brand
  • How I Started a Business Specializing in Software development, Digital marketing & website design/hosting
  • How I Became A Brand Strategist & Creative Entrepreneur
  1. Emotional help.

Let us be honest that losing a job is a huge thing, even more, severe for job misconduct. The path to finding a new job is definitely not going to be easy, and the most essential that you need to take care of in such a phase is yourself! As emotionally you are down, it is normal to feel that way but what is more important is you need to seek help. Have someone to talk to and get therapy regularly. You can also contact Samaritan, a free helpline that can assist and listen to you and help you emotionally.

So now that you know the steps in finding a new job after job misconduct, do not give up. Making mistakes is part of learning, and it takes the courage to stand up again to amend them that count!

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How to get a job after being misconduct?

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