Undersheriff Job Description – Duties, Salary, More

Undersheriff Job Description

Have you ever wondered who takes charge of a precinct house if the head of the department’s position is vacant? The person who undertakes the temporary responsibility of a sheriff (in the United States) and a High Sheriff (in the United Kingdom) is known as an Undersheriff. Undersheriff is an individual responsible for looking after the proper functioning of a department and the employees there and thereby, present the report to the Sheriff of that division. Below you will find the necessary information about this position if ever you might want to take on this new journey.

Meaning Of Undersheriff In America Vs The United Kingdom

AMERICA – According to American laws, the undersheriff is the second in command after the sheriff in the department. However, the term is not constant in all cases. That is, the title “undersheriff” may be officially used to describe a second person in charge of an alternative synonym that might come into play. This depends on the size of the department. For example, small departments might use the title chief deputy and undersheriff as similar terms, whereas, in a large organization, the terms have two separate ranks. Thus, the undersheriff overlooks the chief deputies. Moreover, in some areas, undersheriff is the title given to the prison wardens.

UNITED KINGDOM – According to the Sheriff Act 1887, the High Sheriff of the countries Wales, England, and Northern Ireland are directly required to designate an undersheriff as their deputy within a month’s notice. The person appointed as ‘Undersheriff’ performs almost all the constitutional activities of the office. Undersheriffs are appointed on an annual basis by the High sheriffs.

Duties Of An Undersheriff:

  • The person appointed performs the management activities namely planning, organizing, and coordinating the sheriff’s bureau offices.
  • The appointed person takes to charge of the role of the Sheriff temporarily, in case the position is vacant.
  • Undersheriffs act as a public figure of the sheriffs in press conferences, meetings discussing public concerns, and inboard of superintendent meetings.
  • The appointed person works directly with the court council office.
  • The appointed person monitors and overlooks the selection and assignment of new internal staff members, maintain order amongst the existing employees and takes decisions on the promotions and other perks for an employee.
  • Undersheriffs play an important role in devising the plan and procedure to follow in case of an emergency.
  • He/she/they maintain, coordinate, and work with the other police precincts, local or governmental bureaus to maintain proper control over the legal discipline in an area.
  • The appointed individual devises plans and strategies to ensure the protection of civilians in all aspects of life including protection against crimes on life.
  • The appointed person also keeps a check on the budget in the sheriff’s office and formulate the best possible ways to allocate the resources fruitfully.
  • Undersheriffs analyses, interprets, and implements rules regarding police services; they also formulate reports on the organizational grievances and other aspects of the administration.


According to comparably.com, the average salary of an undersheriff in the country of the United States amounts up to be $58320, with annually it ranging anywhere from $33,430 to 96110, depending on the state its law. Therefore, about 60% of these individuals get an average of 58320 dollars, while the 80% of the highest undersheriffs make an average of 96,110 dollars. As for the tax bracket under this career, an individual is expected to pay about an average of 22% as the federal tax according to the last survey in the year 2018. Therefore, a person is expected to get $51,089 annually in hand, summing to $2,130 per month.

How To Become An Undersheriff?


  • The candidate is supposed to have a passing Bachelor’s degree from an esteemed college/university with a major in either criminal justice, business administration, police science, or any field related to the profession.
  • An individual is required to have an affiliated driver’s license.  If the individual does not own the license, they should at least have the right to obtain one.
  • The candidate is required to attend the Washington State Criminal Justice Training and obtain a Mid-management Certificate
  • An individual is required to have an estimated six years of working experience at a leading position in enforcement. The candidate is required to have at least three years of experience at the administrative level at a position of top responsibility.

Keep in mind that the requirements of selecting the undersheriff might slightly vary from state to state, but the basic procedure consists of the following specifications.Characteristics Required:

Characteristics Required:

    • The candidate is required to be thorough with the fundamental policies and concepts related to the police system, agencies, bureaus, and administration.
    • The candidate is required to have adequate knowledge of accounting, budgeting, and financial management to take responsibility for the above-mentioned in the future.
    • The candidate must be equipped in handling grievances and must be aware of the personnel administration.
    • The candidate is required to be in control of their emotions and should be aware of them of the motto that their duty prioritizes more than their emotions however, this should in any way not result in a rude or cold heart behavior towards the employees
    • The candidate should be up to date with the sheriff’s office structure and hierarchies.

    • The candidate must be able to devise routine as well as emergency plans required.
    • The individual must be equipped with good communication skills, that is, they should be confident, clear, and to the point in what and how they want things to be done.
    • The candidate is required to form a respectful relationship with other agencies at all organizational levels.
    • The appointed candidate must act as a mentor and facilitator of the lower-ranking officers.
    • They are required to maintain a respectful, honest, and working relationship with the Sheriff by respecting the boundaries as well as the confidentiality of the workspace.Physical Qualifications Required:

Physical Qualifications Required:

  • Undersheriff must be provisioned with proper means of walking and talking, whilst providing concise information to the other staff on radios, phones, and conferences.
  • The appointed candidate must be in a position to sit at a desk/computer and work effectively and efficiently whether routinely or in extreme situations.
  • The person should be physically equipped to handle weapons during stressful or routine situations. It is advised that the person should also be trained in some form of physical defense art to have better reflexes and a heightened sense of awareness in case of an emergency situation.
  • They should be trained to develop quickness and a sharp sight to prevent any kind of negligence in the actual work field.

Application and Hiring Process

(Every county has a different process, but these are certain general steps)

  1. Receive a programming degree or appropriate experience in the required field. (According to the requirements of that sheriff’s office)
  2. Apply to the sheriff’s county you wish to work in.
  3. Get dialed into the system i.e., be fingerprinted and undergo a background check.
  4. For selection, give an interview.
  5. If selected, you will be subjected to on-the-job training as an undersheriff.

** The training period for the position varies from organization to organization**


The position of Undersheriff is job fueled with good physique, proper cognitive functioning interbred with loyalty and motivation to work efficiently and effectively. The position requires someone who is not afraid to take up challenges and intense work while maintaining a humble and dutiful relationship with the department’s Sheriff and other senior officers. Undersheriff is a maintain so, well suited for people who want to serve their people and protect them from crimes by formulating and implementing the best policies and plans that cater to the needs of the people.

Undersheriff Job Description – Duties, Salary, More

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