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Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. previously known as Hobby Lobby Creative Centres is an art and craft store. The store was founded in 1972 by David Green. With the headquarter of Hobby Lobby set up in Oklahoma, US the company employs more than 43,000 employees. Here, let’s know about Hobby Lobby Dress Code.

Professionalism becomes an important part of every company or business. And the easy way to judge how professional a company is can be done only by looking at the employee’s behavior and uniform. So, is there any dress code at Hobby Lobby? In this article, you will find answers to all your questions. 

What is the dress code at Hobby Lobby?

All the employees are assigned a dress code that is usually formal. As an employee at Hobby Lobby, one must follow all the rules and regulations regarding the dress code. You can wear casual items of clothing but it should not be very casual. Try to stick to the company’s policy in dressing, that will do good for you. 

  • Bottoms: Khaki pants are preferred to be worn instead of jeans or any other denim fashionable lower. Usually, the black bottoms are worn only by managers. 
  • Tops: As far as, your shirts or t-shirts are concerned, Hobby Lobby provides employees with polo shirts, aprons, vests, etc. You can wear different shirts or t-shirts until and unless they don’t have any objectionable materials on them. The shirts worn by employees can be long-sleeved or half-sleeved. 
  • Footwear or shoes: All the employees can wear comfortable tennis shoes while working. If they are wearing another type of footwear then they should stick to formals. 
  • Accessories: When it comes to accessories, you should keep them low. As said, you should follow the formal dressing patterns, so fewer accessories will do. But sometimes, the store manager or some departments do not allow, you to wear jewelry or various accessories. 

Can an employee have colored hair at Hobby Lobby?

Colored hair is acceptable at Hobby Lobby unless and until they are overdone. There are no objections related to colored hair, even they like accents of fun hair. 

Are tattoos and multiple piercings at Hobby Lobby allowed?

You can have a tattooed body but all your tattoos should be covered and it also depends on the manager of the store whether they allow you to tattoo or not. As far as, piercings are concerned you can have at most two piercing at each ear. In case, you have got your eyebrows, nose, lips or any other body part pierced then, you are not allowed to wear any jewelry during working hours. 

What is Hobby Lobby’s policy related to nails?

Female employees are allowed to wear nails, there is no objection in that case. Fake as well as printed nails are allowed at Hobby Lobby, but it also depends on the manager whether for that particular store they are allowing you or not. You also need to keep in mind that some work assigned to you in different departments may not be friendly to nails, your nails can easily get broken. 

What to wear at job training of Hobby Lobby?

The company asks the employees to wear something formal or professional for the job training. Usually, you can wear buttoned-up shirts with pair of trousers. Avoid wearing denim jeans. Try to wear business casuals only for your job training. 

What is the salary of employees at Hobby Lobby?

The employees earn a good amount of salary at Hobby Lobby. The company aims at providing the best to their employees, be it salary or other benefits. The average salary of employees at Hobby Lobby ranges from $23289 per annum to $106000 per annum. 

Job PositionSalary
Retail Sales Associate $13.97 per hour
Customer Service Associate or Cashier$10.82 per hour 
Warehouse Worker$16.77 per hour 
Customer Service or Sales Representative$36,207 per year
Copy Centre Associate$41,322 per annum
E-commerce Specialist $50,000 per year
Inside Sales Representative$27,675 per annum
Sanitation Worker $1,970 per week 

What are the benefits enjoyed by employees at Hobby Lobby?

Apart from giving employees the freedom to dress as per their convenience, but following the company’s ethics. Hobby Lobby has provided its employee’s various other benefits too. The list of these benefits are highlighted below: 

  • Medical Benefits
  • Dental & Prescription Benefits
  • Paid Vacations or Holidays
  • Personal or Sick Paid Leave
  • Employee Discount: Employees get 15% off on products. 
  • 401(k) with Employers Match
  • Life Insurance & LTD Insurance
  • Flexible Spending Account and Plan

How to apply for a job at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby offers a variety of jobs to candidates who wish to work at the retail store of the brand. There are two ways of applying for a job at Hobby Lobby, either you can walk in the nearest retail store of the brand or you can apply online. The offline application process is quite time-consuming and tiring, so you should opt for applying online. To apply online, you should follow the given steps: 

Step 1: You first need to visit the official website of Hobby Lobby- Careers. 

Step 2: On the website page, you will find various job opportunities for individuals. As per your choice and qualification, you can choose the job. 

Step 3: After choosing the job, all the things related to the job including qualifications needed, job description, and benefits will appear on the page. After reading this, you can proceed with the application. 

Step 4: To apply for the job you need to create an account on their portal for effective communication. Creating an account is not difficult, you just have to enter your email id, password, and security questions. 

Step 5: Once, your account is created you can proceed towards applying. 


Hobby Lobby is a private type retail store that aims to sell art and crafts products. With its branches of the brand spread in different parts of the United States. The company started its journey in 1972 and has spread its range to various parts of the United States. Each retail store of Hobby Lobby prefers taking care of its employee’s needs. 

Every store demands employees to look professional and attractive, so the employees should wear something attractive as well as professional. You are required to meet the company’s dress code policy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. 1: Is it hard to get a job at Hobby Lobby?

Ans. 1: Hobby Lobby is art and craft products selling store, which hires talented and artistic candidates only. If you have perfect skills and qualifications then no one can stop you from getting hired at Hobby Lobby. Also, the hiring process is quite simple and you need not appear for multiple interviews, one interview will be sufficient. 

Ques. 2: What should I wear on my first day at work?

Ans. 2: You should follow the dressing policy at Hobby Lobby, the dress code permit the employees to wear formals or business casuals. You can wear buttoned-up shirts with pair of khaki trousers. Also, for footwear, you can wear a comfortable pair of shoes or some formal footwear. You can also wear the outfit you opted for your interview. 

Ques. 3: How much discount do employees enjoy at Hobby Lobby?

Ans. 3: All the employees working at Hobby Lobby are eligible to receive 15% off on every item of the company. Along with that, you can take advantage of the clearance sales.

Hobby Lobby Dress Code- Employees Benefits

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