How Long is Orientation at Hobby Lobby?

How Long is Orientation at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby, earlier known as Hobby Lobby Creative Centers, is a chain of American arts and crafts stores currently operating across 47 states with over 900 stores. The Company houses around 43,000 employees and garners a revenue of $5 billion every year by offering over 70,000 items that support different hobbies and home decors. Here, let’s know How Long is Orientation at Hobby Lobby?

How long is an orientation at Hobby Lobby?

After accepting the employment offer letter, the new hires will go through a period of orientation or training. The things at Hobby Lobby are done differently compared to other retail stores. Even within Hobby Lobby, each store operates differently with different sets of rules set accordingly by the Store Managers. At the end of the day, everything runs as per the wishes of the Store Managers. 

So, the process of hiring and orientation differs from store to store. A significant number of stores don’t have any orientation or store tour as such. The new hires will be asked to watch training videos for two hours. This is followed by 6 hours of on-the-floor training or work in their respective departments. New employees follow the guidelines of the Managers and gain the experience to work by observing them. The orientation hardly lasts for a day.  

What is The Work Environment And Culture at Hobby Lobby?

The work culture at Hobby Lobby encourages the employees to live a creative life both at home and at work. No matter what position an employee is holding, they are always provided with a scope to grow and reach higher avenues.

The work environment at Hobby Lobby solely depends on the Store Manager of the location. Hobby Lobby has a pleasant working environment. However, things can get a bit slow and suffocating at times. The stores aren’t overwhelmed with customers all the time, and the only thing that matters while dealing with the customers is communication and ensuring that they get the required help. 

Restocking days and the Christmas season can get hectic and stressful for the employees. They have to execute all the tasks within the tight timeline while helping the customers and maintaining the registers simultaneously. 


Hobby Lobby doesn’t have a separate orientation program. New hires are expected to observe their seniors and get accustomed to the environment as they work. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have tattoos and piercings visible while working at Hobby Lobby?

As per the Company’s rules, tattoos and piercings shouldn’t be visible on the body, except for two piercings per ear. The employees must cover their tattoos and come with only two neat piercings per year. The Company is very strict on these rules, and not complying with these might get the employees fired. 

How flexible are the working hours at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby doesn’t have flexible working hours. The Store Managers generally don’t prefer their employees to switch days or take leaves. The Store Managers pre-make the schedule without any consultation from their employees. Making changes to this schedule is strictly prohibited and never entertained. 

Flexibility in working hours is only available for part-time employees, while the full-time employees are always kept on a routine schedule. In the end, the flexibility in working hours is at the discretion of the Store Manager.  

What is the dress code for employees at Hobby Lobby?

Hobby Lobby has a dress code for all the employees working at their stores. Employees will be given information about the dress code during their training. To get specific details on the dress code, it is always advisable for the employees to speak with the Hiring Manager or Store Manager of that particular location. 

How does Hobby Lobby pay its employees?

On average, a Hobby Lobby employee earns $10.20 per hour. Hobby Lobby pays its employees bi-weekly through direct deposits. 

What are the working hours at Hobby Lobby?

The working hours of the employees vary from position to position. For the post of Salary Manager, the working hours go beyond 50 hours. On average, full-time employees should work 40 hours a week. The working hours are subject to change according to the seasons. The average working hours per day are 7 to 8 hours during the slow season, while it is 8 to 10 hours during the holidays and peak season.  

What benefits are employees at Hobby Lobby entitled to?

Passionate and hard-working employees at Hobby Lobby with a positive attitude will be rewarded with exciting career opportunities and will be promoted further. In addition to this, they receive competitive pay and other perks and benefits. All employees receive a 15% discount when they shop in the store. 

Apart from this, the full-time employees are eligible for the following benefits-

  • Medical, Dental, and Prescription 
  • Paid leaves/vacations
  • 401(k) with Company Match
  • Life Insurance
  • Flexible spending plan
How Long is Orientation at Hobby Lobby?

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