Deputy Head Pastoral Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

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A crucial position in a school is the deputy head pastoral function. When the head is absent, he deputizes for the chief and, in some cases, assumes a wide range of leadership tasks. Many schools do not have a specified job of deputy head pastoral with a set pay or compensation package. Here, let’s know about Deputy Head Pastoral Job.

While it appears to be a natural next step for freshly trained instructors, it can be frightening for someone else due to a lack of knowledge and maturity. The Pastoral Head promotes all children’s nutrition, security, endurance, and enjoyment. The pastoral head has an ancient legacy of administrators and families playing important roles in cognitive education.

Pastoral care varies considerably in terms of communication and attention. This article will discuss what it means to be a deputy head pastoral and the problems that come with the role.


The mission of the Deputy Minister of Pastoral Relations would be to encourage the administration and leadership of our Student Government programs so that students can make their intellectual qualifications even while blossoming as persons. 

Pastoral Care is an important element of the school’s existence because it allows boys to grow in a positive social, intellectual, and religious environment inside the setting of the education. A single deputy director is usually given to a government elementary school; however, this may be augmented on occasions by the deputy’s head.

In certain elementary schools, assistant heads may be class-based with some non-contact time to do middle and senior management duties. In some primary schools, the deputy head might not have been a full-time teacher, but instead has a variety of overall educational leadership duties. 

The titles “deputy headmaster” and “deputy headmistress” were previously frequently employed in both government and big business, with the term “deputy head of school” generally was using to refer to both. However, in recent years, it has been usual in state education to use the non-gender descriptive word.

Nonetheless, gender-specific terminology is still in use and maybe more formal in some schools, notably the remaining game comprehensive schools. 


The principal objective of the Deputy Head Pastoral is to successfully manage the clerical staff to offer a healthy, stable, and joyful atmosphere for the kids in which each individual may grow and prosper. 

1. He will collaborate with the Assistant Head Pastoral to guarantee high-quality compassionate care at the institution, as well as leadership and management, and administration of the pastoral teams.

2. This will necessitate the efficient use of education resources, as well as the importance of understanding and inspire the various vocational teams; all while trying to constantly enhance the standards and accomplishments of all children.

3. The Deputy Head Pastoral is a prominent good project manager well within an institution who plays an important role in both the continuous improvement and day-to-day administration of the institution. He reports to the Administrative Head Teacher and is required to support and preserve the school’s goals and culture. 

4. The Deputy Head Pastoral will supervise the Assistant Head Pastoral during his position of inspiring and motivating devotional team members, tackling their learning and development needs, along with classifying planning and implementation methodologies within the devotional process in response to the institution’s total requirements.

5. The Deputy Head Pastoral will show a strong grasp of and dedication to educational objectives, and also the ultimate accomplishment and quite well of all students. He will have a significant role in the development of university processes and regulations, with a focus on all those related to pastoral care.

6. The main mission of all representatives of the Top Management Team is to guide their area of influence with passion and excitement, with believable and adventurous eyesight to improve teaching and learning, drive innovation and drive challenging problem and betterment, start creating and build a positive ethos, and achieve, secure, and preserve extraordinary results for all schoolchildren. 

7. The Deputy Head, Pastoral will be in charge of overseeing boarding as well as managing the spiritual care of students throughout the Senior School. The incumbent will collaborate closely with the Head Office, Heads of Rooming Houses and Heads of Year to guarantee the highest levels of child well-being, attitude, teaching, and academic success.


Pastoral care encompasses a wide range of services, including spiritual well-being, counseling, and education. He will be accountable for the pastoral care of all pupils as well as supervising kid safety, safeguard, healthcare, and safety risks, such as neighborhood reference and protecting education for recruits and remaining employees, as the Registered Children’s Services Lead, maintaining a record of discipline problems, involvement, conduct, and regulations and rules. A pastoral caregiver offers spiritual services and assistance such as counseling, hospital or jail visits, palliative, and depression care, prayer gatherings, and memorial services.

Few other duties of the deputy’s head pastoral are listed as follows:

1. Manage the pastoral strategy for the classroom in conjunction with the Administrative Head Teacher and manage, coordinate, and have strategic supervision of the pastoral system application at the school.

2. To put in place pastoral mechanisms with the help of the Assistant Head Pastoral and all pastoral teams. Make certain that the transmission of the spiritual culture and principles of the institution are well communicated throughout all school publications and websites.

3. Guarantee that all pastoral personnel follows the college’s vision and objectives in their contact with students and parents.

4. Confirm that all education programs linked to pastoral networks are appropriate, updated, and well comprehended and confirm that all educational respondents’ responses to pastoral networks are implemented by all personnel, and all personnel is called to account for their effective implementation.

5. Be in charge of developing rotations among pastoral teams and supervising the work of the Assistant Head Pastoral and empower and work with House Directors on mentorship and the growth of the boys’ progress.

6. To collaborate with other Executive members to promote a real culture of learning and thinking and take charge of the boys’ pastoral care in terms of their mental, physical, and social well-being.

7. Having a major role in the introduction of new students, including the preparations for new student mentorship and the shepherding program.

8. ensuring the seamless operation of tutoring systems, tutor allocation, staff development, and tutor program development and improve healthcare, encompassing diversity, fairness, and inclusion at the college.

9. Collaboration of occurrences, conversation, and administrative structure of these kinds of occurrences as distinguished tea. 

10. Head, reassemble and restructure the College Support Program and the ability to manage the School Exchange Program

11. Ensure student needs were identified and addressed via cooperation among students, administrations, and departments & establish methods for the schools to listen to and interact with students and parents. 

12. Ensure that the employees and students are aware of the applicable Rules of Conduct and adopting any programs that promote the school environment.

13. Ongoing policy creation on issues such as the anti-bullying policy and create a curriculum that fosters and encourages healthy relationships while also educating students about sex education.


Job qualifications and skills are one of those traits that will help you for the rest of your life in climbing the ladders of the corporate world and to achieve the goal that we have set for ourselves. These skills help a pastoral to guide and manage children altogether. The qualifications and skills required to be pastoral care are:

· Excellent interpersonal skills with coworkers, schoolchildren, and family members;

· High energy, self-motivated, and capable of acting on own action plan;

· Superb organizational and management abilities;

· Compassion and understanding and outstanding communication and problem-solving expertise;

· Managing Conflict Abilities;

· Computer Comprehension;

· Must have been a good leader;

· Moral and political sincerity;


Teaching somebody is considered to be a noble profession, a deputy head pastoral is paid well not only in the United States of America but also in other parts of the world. Pastoral care supervisors make an average yearly compensation of $57,843, around $31.05 daily, according to in October 2020. Pastoral Care Leaders make an average yearly salary of $74,625 or $36 hourly in the United States.

The starting pay for a Pastoral Care Manager ranges from $53,294 to $92,164. 


As teaching other people are considered a noble profession, the demand for deputy head pastoral is increasing exponentially everywhere, especially in the USA. So if you want to be one, and you have the qualities and skills matching from the list above, and you are ready to take responsibility, this is the job you are looking for. Think now and go for it! 


1. What is the average salary earned by a deputy’s head pastoral?

Depending upon the work time and the workload on them, a deputy head pastoral earns somewhere between $57,843 annually in the USA.

2. What is the age barrier if you want to be a Deputy Head pastor?

As the deputy’s head pastoral works for children mostly in schools, there is no such age barrier. 

3. What is the average working hour? 

In the USA, a deputy head pastoral works for 6-7 hours on average on the daily basis. As it is a noble profession, they can be seen in schools and colleges even in odd times with the students, solving their doubts or something else.

4. What is the qualification required to be a deputy head pastoral? 

The main qualification is that the candidate must have at least 3-11 years of teaching experience or teaching practice and must have managerial skills. 

5. Is it important for the candidate to have leadership skills for being a pastoral?

Having leadership skills will help you deal with students easily and show them the right path whenever they need you as a mentor. Therefore, it is a must.

Deputy Head Pastoral Job- Description, Their Salary, And Duties

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