Children’s Ministry Volunteer Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

Children's Ministry Volunteer Job


Volunteering means providing time and work to the organization we are volunteering for. A children’s ministry volunteer job is a role of a person who takes part in educating children about leadership and moral values. The discipline of the children for their present and the future. Children’s ministry is an outgrowing field nowadays in countries like the USA because of the rising need for having someone to provide emotional, moral, and spiritual values to the kids. 

To become a children’s ministry volunteer, one must possess values like leadership qualities, patient nature, dealing with calmness, and a spiritual mindset. One should have a solid grasp of the Bible, theology, and ministry. 

One does not require a degree to become a children’s minister volunteer but a BS or BA is preferred. A bachelor’s degree in religious studies, religious education, or theology is also preferred. An experience of spending time with children really rules your ministry application. 


  1. Parent helper job

This type of job requires the person to recognize the parents of the kids. They are responsible for getting the kids to the class, assisting the parents if they come and ask about their child, and assisting the teacher if they need help. 

  1. Check-in/out table

This type of job requires the person to help keep all of our infants and toddlers safe by checking 

them in/out of our nursery and toddler area. They need to assist the child through the gate to their parents. They also need to mark attendance for the kids. 

  1. 2 yr to 4 yr old helper 

This type of job requires the volunteer to be with 2 years to 4-year-old kids and inculcate good habits like throwing garbage into the dustbin, participating in singing and reciting, cleaning and organizing their stuff, etc among children. They also need to play with children to keep the environment learning and engaging until their parents pick them up. 

  1. Infant/ toddler helper

An infant or toddler helper volunteer assists the preschool or nursery kids in marking their bags, marking their attendance. They need to use sanitizer and encourage others to use it. They also need to bleach all the toys, the kids may have used and keep everything clean and hygienic in the toddlers’ area

  1. Supply room coordinator:

The supply room coordinator checks for the need for supplies by a class. They are also responsible for ordering supplies whenever needed. They also need to sort the donated items and provide them. 

  1. Food Coordinator

The food coordinator at the children’s ministry is responsible for providing proper nutritious food to the children. He/ She must be well aware of various food-related medical complications and allergies of kids. They purchase, store and provide food on time. They also keep an up-to-date file of food-related concerns of the children like diabetes, allergies, etc.


  1. Elementary teacher 

An elementary teacher needs to prepare a curriculum for the children and their activities. They need to teach Bible lessons to the kids and keep them interested and engaging. They need to report about the requirements (pencils, markers, etc) of their class and leave the room clean, neat and in good condition after serving. 

  1. Nursery coordinator Job

A nursery coordinator needs to collect attendance sheets from all the teachers and deposit them to the ministry director. They also pray for all the volunteers and children. Their main job is to attend all the ministry training and meetings and monthly children’s ministry leadership team meetings. They also report supplies requirements, damaged products, and volunteer’s absence to the director. 

  1. Children’s ministry director/ coordinator

A children’s ministry director is the coordinator in the highest position in the children’s ministry. They are responsible for planning the curriculum for children, recruiting volunteers, teachers, and leaders. They should provide training programs for the volunteers from time to time to keep them updated. They should encourage and appreciate their staff to get the best out of them. This position can be held by a volunteer or a paid staff person. 


  1. Know your spiritual gift. 
  2. Courageous
  3. Authenticity
  4. Compassionate
  5. Friendly 
  6. Relates well to children
  7. Enthusiastic
  8. Encouragement
  9. Humbleness
  10. Devoted in prayer
  11. Trust in God


  1. They should learn to deal with the behavioral changes of the children. They try to behave stubbornly sometimes to get things done. 
  2. They should try to acquire proper knowledge of the Bible so that they don’t provide wrong or incomplete information to the kids. 
  3. They should learn to talk to children about salvation. 
  4. They should learn to build trust with the kids and their parents. 
  5. They should also learn to give first aid to kids in case of injuries or emergencies. 


The basic responsibilities of all types of children’s ministry volunteers are as follows:

  1. Pray regularly for the students
  2. Greet students while they arrive and leave
  3. Maintain discipline
  4. Assist the lead teachers
  5. Attend to the needs and requirements of children
  6. Meet children’s parents or guardians whenever required
  7. Attend teacher’s meetings


  1. Search for the ministries available and select the ministry you want to join. 
  2. On the website of your preferred ministry, find the interest form and submit it. They will contact you. 
  3. Complete and submit the children’s ministry volunteer application
  4. You have to submit a reference form in most of the cases by someone who has supervised you or a spiritual mentor. 
  5. Most ministries take an interview and screen you. 


Childhood is the best time to inculcate good habits in people. They grasp them easily and will follow them for the rest of their life. Making their lives better is the work of God. So if you have a desire to change the world, you need to start with the kids so that the future generations want to serve alongside you. If you love working with the kids, have faith in God, and have an evident desire to bring a change, you should definitely join the children’s ministry and make the kids’ lives better. 


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 the average salary of children’s ministry was $45,740 annually or $21.99 hourly. Entry-level positions start at $37,300 per year while most experienced workers make up to $62,500 per year. Although, you are not paid for your time as a volunteer. 


A lot of experience and degrees are not required to become a children’s ministry volunteer. You just truly need to believe in ‘love for God’ and ‘love for kid’ and be dedicated towards it. You shall surely thrive in this field with a kind heart and commitment to help kids. 

  1. Will I get some sort of training after joining the children’s ministry? 

Ans: Most of the children ministries train their volunteers to get the best out of them. They might take an orientation day to tell you about how things work, what to wear, what time to arrive etc. They may also provide you a short term training by their previous employees to make sure you have a way with children and can easily handle them. In very few cases, training might not be provided at all and you have to figure it out on your own. You can seek help from your seniors in such cases and they will help you in the beginning. 

  1. Will I have to pay income tax after joining the ministry? 

Ans: Volunteers do not need to pay any taxes on payments or benefits they receive. But if you’re doing a paid job in the children’s ministry, all of your earnings are subject to income tax. 

  1. How can we handle discipline? 

Ans: You can set limits and rules for children and make them obey those. Tell them about the consequences of not abiding by the rules. Appreciate children for them being good and give little treats. Give your proper attention to the children and keep them engaged to redirect from the bad behavior. Children tend to model you, so you should show discipline in front of them. 

  1. How can I be a good children’s ministry volunteer? 

Ans: To be a good volunteer, you should be humble, polite, patient, and passionate. You should not compare yourself but give your best. You are not volunteering to prove yourself or earn, but to be selfless and create a meaningful impact. You should have leadership and push children to lead too. You should make a fun-cum-work environment to keep children learning and engaged. 

  1. Can a volunteering position turn into a job? 

Ans: Volunteering is a great way to give back to society and make new friends. Although your volunteering position might turn into a paid job if you are dedicated to the organization. You need to show your skills to your manager or whatever authorities you are working under and learn everything about the organization while volunteering. You may fill the job applications whenever out and their knowledge of your work will help you stand out in the process. 

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Job- Description, their Salary, and Duties

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