What is Walmart Termination Policy?

Walmart Termination Policy

The biggest retail store in the USA, Walmart employs more than 2 million people. Due to its high standards and performance expectations from employees, Walmart has a strict termination policy, which is also considered tough on employees sometimes. Walmart hires its employees on the contract of ‘at will.’ According to this contract, the retail chain company could fire out its employees whenever it wants for any reason. Employees are hired after confirming this termination contract only. There is also a point system in Walmart, according to which the company can fire employees who get more than 5 points at any time. See Walmart Termination Policy.

What is Walmart’s termination policy? 

Walmart has an ‘at will’ contract with its employees. According to this contract, Walmart can terminate any of its employees whenever the company wants. There is also no need to give reasons or explanations for firing. The company can simply fire the staff by ending the contract. 

Walmart can fire its employees for any undisciplined actions or irresponsible behavior. However, it can not fire employees on a discriminatory basis. Like any other company or institution in the USA, discrimination based on caste, race, color, region gender or status, etc is prohibited. One can file complaints against such injustice. If the company proves guilty for the accusations of discriminatory firing, it would face legal actions.

Walmart’s point system 

Walmart wants responsible staff for its various retail chains throughout the USA. To maintain that, the company has a strict ‘at will’ termination policy. There is also a point system on that basis the company can fire its employees or associates for breaching the rules.

In this point system, employees get penalty points for any undisciplined or irresponsible action. Every six months, if an employee reaches a 5 point penalty, the company fires him/her out of Walmart. These points are reset after six months. 

Earlier the maximum points for termination were 9, but after the uplifting in 2019, now Walmart can fire employees with 5 penalty points. This is done to maintain work ethics and disciplinary behavior in the organization. 

The point system at Walmart is used to check the factors like efficiency, workplace behavior, seriousness, dedication, honesty, etc. of the recruits with the firm. Points are given to employees for any act of irresponsible behavior and undisciplined action.

These are the reasons that could give penalty points to employees at Walmart. Coming late or not coming to work will give you penalty points according to the point policy. 

  • Employees who do not come for the shift according to the schedule get a 1 point penalty. 
  • Whereas those who go early from the shift get a half-point penalty. 
  • And the employees who do not come during the holiday period get a 3 point penalty. 

Apart from penalties, there are also rewards for employees at Walmart. For full attendance, a bonus is awarded to employees every quarter. 

How does Walmart rehire terminated employees?

Walmart’s ‘at will’ contract can fire you anytime. But there are also scopes of rehiring at the store. Walmart can rehire you depending on the reason you were fired off or left the job. 

If you left your job on positive notes like because of sickness, some family issues, or any other personal problem that is not related to your work discipline you can apply for rehiring after 90 days of leaving the job. 

Secondly, if the reason for the firing was negligence in work like bad customer service, tardiness, etc then also the company could rehire you. In this situation, you have to wait at least 6 months to a year before applying for rehiring. 

There are also certain serious causes of termination that do not allow you to apply for rehiring at Walmart. This includes serious accusations like any kind of harassment with fellow workers, any kind of theft or fraud, sexual harassment, or harassment with customers. 

This is a serious accusation in any firm. This could also force the company to take legal action against you. 

If you are eligible for applying for rehiring with Walmart, then try to contact the manager of the store you have worked in. He or she can give you information about vacancies and requirements in the store. 

How to escape termination at Walmart?

Inform if you are running late 

To escape from penalty points, inform the store that you are running late. Call 1-800-775-5944, that is Walmart Associate Information line, or call the manager of your store to inform. 

Using PTO 

You can use the Paid Time Off (PTO) facility of Walmart whenever you want to skip work. PTOs are given annually to the Walmart associates, using which they can get paid leaves for sickness, family times, travels, etc. The number of PTOs allowed to one employee varies according to the years of working. 


The ‘at will’ termination policy of Walmart is considered tough. But the company has such a rule because of its reputed image and services among customers. Walmart can fire you at the moment it realizes that you are not worthy. This is quite pressuring but on the other hand, it also gives a positive motivation to the employees to work efficiently. Through the point system, the company can terminate you whenever you reach the penalty of 5 points. But the good thing is, you can apply for rehiring to the retail chain company if you haven’t been fired for serious issues. 

  1. After how many days of termination I can apply for rehiring at Walmart? 

Answer: After 90 days of termination you can apply for rehiring to the previous or any other Walmart store. 

  1. After termination does Walmart pay out PTO to fired employees? 

Answer: Yes, Walmart pays the accrued and unused PTO (Paid Time Off) to the fired employees, who had worked for at least one year with them. 

  1. Can Walmart employees leave the job without prior notice? 

Answer: Yes, the ‘at will’ contract is for both parties at Walmart. The workers could quit the job anytime without notice. 

What is Walmart Termination Policy?

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