What is the HDFC Bank Termination Policy?

HDFC Bank Termination Policy


In this article, we will see the HDFC Bank Termination Policy.

The Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) Headquartered in Mumbai, HDFC Bank is a brand new era personal quarter financial institution supplying a huge variety of banking offerings overlaying business and funding banking at the wholesale aspect and transactional/department banking at the retail aspect. As of 31 December 2020, the financial institution’s distribution community stood at 5,485 branches and 15,541 ATMs & Cash Deposit Machines (CDMs) throughout 2,866 towns and towns.

HDFC Bank additionally has one remote place wholesale banking department in Bahrain, a department in Hong Kong, and consultant workplaces in UAE and Kenya. The retail banking phase serves retail clients through a department community and different transport channels. This phase increases deposits from clients and makes loans and presents different offerings with the assistance of professional product organizations to such clients. 

To get a job in the HDFC Bank, one has to go through an attempt at the HDFC BANK RECRUITMENT EXAM. Thus, applicants who have completed 10th, 12th ITI, Diploma, Diploma (BE), B.Com, M.Com, MBA, CA, and Finance are eligible for this recruitment. Most of the time, the HDFC recruiting team needed a minimum number of graduates to fill the vacancies.

So, if you have to terminate your job in immediate effect due to family/personal reasons, one has to submit a resignation letter to the HR Manager. This would be a loss as your remaining salary will be withheld. This is called the resignation process, whereas termination is when the employer decides to lay off their employees.

HDFC Bank Termination Policy

There is some code of conduct for the employees to follow which when violated can lead to consequences of suspension or termination from the job. A few codes of conduct of HDFC bank are as follows:

1. Customer trust

No one ought to take unfair benefit of every person via way of means of manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts, or any other unfair dealing practices.

2. Corporate data security

Under no circumstance shall any employee transmit Corporate Data to his personal email account or to the non-public email account of every other person(s) without earlier approval of Business Head/ Regional Business Head /Functional Head.

3. Fraud and Illegal gratification

Any indulgence or involvement of a worker in any fraudulent transaction, once established, will be deemed as a severe violation of the Code other than inviting appropriate civil or criminal action under the relevant laws.

4. Prohibition of insider trading

HDFC has formulated an HDFC Securities Dealing Code (HSDC) in terms of the SEBI (Insider Trading), Regulations, 2015 that is relevant to all its Directors and permanent employees.

5. Corporate Governance

HDFC has been foremost in the practice of the principles of Corporate Governance. Based on core values of care and concern, performance and effectiveness, it renders us accountable to our customers, shareholders, employees, regulators, lenders, society and environment.

6. Dealings with Business Associates

Employees should refrain from accepting invitations for lunches and dinners or any other forms of entertainment, wherein the expenses are borne by the business associates. Maintaining unduly near touch with such enterprise associates could result in undue influence on employees in their official dealings

There are many rules under the code of conduct which an employee has to mandatorily follow without any excuses at this Private Sector Bank. The code of ethics/conduct is intended to ensure compliance with the highest ethical and corporate standards during the conduct of the Bank’s business and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, including compliance with section 406 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 and the regulations and framed regulations.

If the employee’s performance is not up to the mark, such employees will be laid off in the near fiscal year with some settlement in hand.

In conclusion, HDFC Bank does not tolerate any breakage of the code of conduct, corruption, malpractice, sexual harassment and inappropriate doings. 

Thus, the best thing is to abide by the rules and norms set up by the bank to avoid the loss of job or reputation of the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be able to rejoin HDFC Bank if terminated?

A. No, usually banks will never take in such employees again, but under circumstances where you’ve been falsely accused of corruption/violation and proven innocent, they might give you the job back.

2. How to not be terminated?

A. Comply with the bank rules and norms, and be sincere with your work.

3. Will there be the police or legal lawsuit against me in case of violation of the code of conduct?

A. It depends on the rule you have violated, if necessary the lawsuit will be filed against the violator, else the violator (employee) will be under suspension.

4. Will I be given a Permanent Job if I clear the recruitment exam and not a temporary contract?

 A. Yes, you will be handed a permanent job if cleared the bank exam, unless you’re not hired under contract from some private agency.

What is the HDFC Bank Termination Policy?

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