FedEx’s Termination Policy And Their Reasons

FedEx is considered to be one of the biggest courier companies in the world which offers diverse supply chain management and Parcel delivery services. The company is situated in the USA and offers year-drop and time-sensitive deliveries to more than 200 countries. Let us know about that the FedEx’s Termination Policy And Their Reasons.

FedEx's Termination Policy And Their Reasons
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FedEx also provides a bunch of specialized shipping services to their customers like overnight shipping and same-day delivery options. FedEx is also known for being the best returning in-order facility. Shoppers can also print their labels or use the ones with their orders to return any item.

By having so many benefits for customers and many on-day deliveries, FedEx also terminated their employees similar to other Corporate companies. FedEx is among the first choice when it comes to courier delivery but their employees also suffer a lot of problems related to their employment.

In this article, we are going to talk about the determination policies of FedEx and different aspects of termination in the USA.

What is Termination of Employment?

Before knowing about the termination policies of FedEx we need to know about termination of employment. Termination of employment is the term that refers to the ending contract of an employee with any company.

A company can fire their employee for any reason including employees deciding to leave the company. There are many reasons for employers to terminate employees such as downsizing Poor job performance any redundancies.

Below are some types of termination under which any employee can terminate:

Through Voluntary Termination

Employees can also give written notice of their resignation to their employers. Sometimes, they need to serve a notice period according to the company’s requirements before termination. 

Through Involuntary Termination

Employers can also terminate any employee for cause if they violate the code of conduct and policies of the company. Employers need to implement their policies early and terminate employees when they are suspected of unacceptable behavior.

Through poor performance

If any employee has unsatisfactory progress and it leads to major errors for companies, there are chances that any employer can dismiss their contract with the company.

Major errors in the account and finance department can lead you towards immediate termination from the company.

Through without cause

Employers have rights under federal and state medical laws such that any employer can terminate employment due to any medical reasons. Employees need to consult with an authentic source before any decision to terminate that employee’s contract.

Due to layoff

Due to economic and other economical reasons, companies need to reduce their workforce. Employers have the choice to lay off their employees based on non-discriminatory criteria. The employees who are laid off from the company get severance packages and also other insurance benefits.

Are terminated and fired the same?

If an employer fired you, then you get automatically terminated from the company’s employment contract. For example, companies can fire their employees for misconduct, poor performance and violation of the code of conduct.

FedEx Termination Policy

FedEx is an at-will employer and has the right to terminate employment at any time with or without cause as we mentioned earlier. In most caes, they usually give verbal and written warnings to the employees for violating the policies of the company before termination.

The user was terminated due to reasons like excessive absence, theft risk or any drug involvement during work. Employees also have the option to reply at FedEx just after 1 year when they terminate.

Like many other companies in the United States, FedEx gives employment to paper based on at-will employment which means that employees do not have protection when it comes to keeping their jobs.

Due to this reason, FedEx fired their employee with reason or without any reason at will. FedEx is a well-established company with several orders every day so the company cannot afford to fire or terminate their employees without any reason. 

Reason for the termination of FedEx

As we mention that FedEx is an at-will employer, and there are not any specific reasons for termination in FedEx.

Below are some cases due to which many employees get terminated every year in FedEx:

  • Due to laziness at work
  • Excessive absence
  • Theft risk
  • Due to violence with other staff
  • Consumption of drugs during work

These are just a few reasons due to which employees lose their job every year. There are also several reasons why an employee can be terminated. You can contact your HR if you have any issues while working or any misconduct of rules.

Is presence really important at FedEx?

One of the main reasons for the termination of employees is extensive absence during work. FedEx has a very strict attendance policy for their employees. You need to inform your manager if you are late or absent at least 2 hours before the starting time.

One or two absences from work do not lead you to termination but they can lead to strict warnings from your manager. If you have several warnings in a shorter period, then you need to worry about it because it will lead you towards your employment termination.


FedEx is one of the well-established delivery companies in the USA and also an at-will employer. FedEx is strict towards its Code of conduct and also keeps strict tracking of thitsmployee’s records.

You need to report to your manager before any absence or before any misconvenience in the workplace because it will lead you towards strict turbulence. In most cases, they usually give verbal and written warnings to the employees for violating the policies of the company before termination.

There are several reasons under which managers can terminate their employers like excessive absence, theft risk or any drug involvement during work. Besides this, employees also have the option to reply at FedEx just after 1 year when they terminate.

  1. What happens if you don’t show up for work at FedEx?

FedEx generally allows 3 no calls or no shows up before they terminate any of their employees. They usually provide strict warnings for deadlines.

2. What disqualifies me from working at FedEx?

If you are under the charges of theft, robbery or any misconduct, then it will lead you towards the termination of the contract with the company.

3. Can you get rehired at FedEx?

Besides having strict termination plans, they also automatically enrolled the terminated employees under FedEx corporate retirement savings plan.

FedEx’s Termination Policy And Their Reasons

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