How I became a location independent content strategist

Do you want to become a location independent content strategist? Sandra Muller is a content strategist and SEO copywriter from Melbourne, Australia. Sandra started her career in digital media in the mid-1990s and has specialised in creating and managing online content since 2004. After the birth of her son in 2013, she decided to leave […]

How I became a Science writer at TeamIndus Moon Mission

Introduction Jatan Mehta is the Science writer & officer at the TeamIndus Moon mission. He is a lifetime Astrophysics student and is passionate about #space and #technology. How was your academic time? Whilst your academic education doesn’t strictly define what you can learn and professionally do in life, it does get you started. My Physics […]

Face your fears and sail the tides of maturity

Face your fears and sail the tides of maturity Disclaimer: The narration below is based on a true story. Names of characters may be changed for privacy issues. Throughout the story you will find lessons that I learned. If you are able to filter them out, well and good, otherwise they have been summarized at […]

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