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What is SWOT analysis

Have you ever wondered what SWOT analysis is? I am pretty sure that if you are a college student, your teachers would have briefed you about it. SWOT analysis is an abbreviation for strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. Let me introduce you to SWOT analysis and how it can be applied to various companies and yourself. In this article we are going to about Xbox SWOT Analysis & Competitors.

Let us try an activity now. Take a piece of paper and a pen and make four columns, labelling each of them as strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Now, let us go through each one of these columns one by one.

Xbox SWOT Analysis & Competitors

Strengths: Let us choose the first column that is labelled as strengths. What do you think your strengths are? Let me give you an example. Suppose you are a second-year engineering student and are currently pursuing a course in computer science. Since you’re already in your second year, you would have had at least one skill set that you have developed. It can be designing or coding in a particular language. All your skill sets fall into the strength’s columns.

Weakness: Next, let us list out your weaknesses. What could your weaknesses be? Let us take the same example. Since you are in your second year, is there something you would like to address? Like, could you do better in class? Not doing well in class could probably be your weakness.

Opportunities: Next, let us list your opportunities again. Let us take the same example you are in your second year, and you have two more years of your engineering ahead of you. You can complete many more online courses, develop your skill sets and apply for internships. These are your opportunities.

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Jeff Bezos Career Advice

Threats: Now, let us list out your threats. For example, even after many mock interviews, stuttering in interviews could be a threat.

I hope that these examples have helped you understand what SWOT analysis is.

About XBOX 

XBOX is a video gaming venture started and owned by Microsoft. They consist of various games and console applications. The second generation of XBOX also called XBOX 360, was very popular. The games came in series, for example, the Harry Potter film series and Kinect sports- season 1, season 2, and so on. There are a variety of games one can choose from and this variety has helped XBOX in gaining popularity among the teens as well as the adults. 

SWOT Analysis of XBOX 

Strengths of XBOX

  • Market share: XBOX is currently leading the market and has the second-highest market share. They are practically dominating the market and hence will be preferred by customers automatically. 
  • Price war: XBOX has paired up with Microsoft to give its users a delightful experience to all its customers. This way, it has consistently been priced at acceptable rates, making it affordable and good to go.
  • Popularity: XBOX is very popular. Many people love to play XBOX when they are free or want to exercise. Moreover, when people enjoy a company’s products, they are more likely to suggest them to someone. 

Weakness of XBOX

  • Play station sales: Play station is more popular and dominates the gaming market. It has been and will continue to be a fierce competitor for XBOX. XBOX will have to come up with newer technology or eye-catching advertisements and features that will help attract customers. In case, XBOX cannot compete with Play station in the current markets, it should try to focus on the newer markets and try to build its customers. 
  • Competitors: XBOX is a company in one of the most competitive fields ever. The gaming field will continue to foster growing companies. One such company is Nintendo. Nintendo is also a fierce competitor for XBOX. While Microsoft seems to be focusing on customers left behind by Play station, Nintendo is taking up all the customers Microsoft left behind. Microsoft needs to focus on its competitors and ensure that it is not left behind. 
  • Pricing: Certain XBOX games are very expensive. Customers often do not like to spend on very expensive games. Instead, they opt for those which are not very expensive. Microsoft will have to reduce the prices of the games they are releasing to ensure that they do not lose any customers. 
  • Frequent Updates: Frequent updates will take up more space and excess data. If that happens, people will lose interest in buying their products. 

Opportunities of XBOX

  • Virtual reality: Virtual reality is already a thing in the gaming area. Most of us are looking for a better gaming experience. For example, if you were to play beach volleyball on XBOX, you would like to invest in virtual reality and get the feeling of actually playing on a beach. The concept of virtual reality is increasing and this could be a huge opportunity for Microsoft to get back all the customers it has lost.
  • Online games: Not many of the teens would prefer to play alone outside. Even if they were to play with their friends, covid restrictions will not let them do so. So, teens would choose online gaming over outdoor games. While this trend seems to be increasing, XBOX can try to invest in games that can be played online to attract more customers.
  • Reducing the costs of games on XBOX: Like it has been told before, the prices of XBOX games are very high. People often look for alternatives when the prices are so high. XBOX will have to reduce its prices to encourage customer inflow and product sales.
  • Introducing subscriptions: We all know how subscriptions work. Some of us love to play the free version of the game and then, if we like it, we try to play the paid version. How do we play the paid version? By subscribing to it. If Microsoft does introduce subscriptions, then it would attract more customers. 
  • Exclusive games: When two companies have the same model or product with the same features, people will go for the one priced lesser. This is common in the gaming markets too. Hence, if Microsoft can come up with new games, then the consumers would surely opt for those games.

Threats of XBOX

  • Dropping console sales: Constant competition will make consumers read thoroughly about the product from the company and similar products from other companies before they buy the product. This is one of the main reasons why console sales have been dropping. Along with that, if the product is very heavy or bulky, it would be nearly impossible for people to carry it around, hence making it a no-go for various consumers.
  • Mature markets: These are markets that consist of gaming experts and consumers who know the nook and corners of the gaming world. These customers are hard to please as they come with a mindset and with certain expectations. If their expectations are not met, it could be almost impossible for the company to survive in the market.
  • Constant competition: Microsoft has big competitors like Nintendo and Play station. It will have to come up with great ideas for gaming and virtual reality before its competitors do as that will then help them to gain more customers. Otherwise, Microsoft will continue to see a dip in sales and loss of customers.
  • Online gaming: The covid pandemic caused a worldwide lockdown and all the people were supposed to stay at home. During this time, when schools were closed and children and teens could not play outside, video gaming and online gaming took over all other forms of gaming. As a result of the pandemic, desktops for gaming are available at reduced prices and hence are preferred over traditional gaming.

Xbox competitors

Let us now have a look at Xbox’s competitors: 

  1. Wii: This was released by Nintendo in 2006. When it was launched, it was said to have better demographics when compared to both Xbox and PlayStation. In 2009, Wii was the biggest selling ‘home video game console.’ Today, Wii has sales all across the world. Wii is a competitor for Xbox as it has better prices, better consoles, better gaming remotes, better audience, better marketing, and above all, it has better technology.
  2. PlayStation 3: One of the biggest reasons why PlayStation does better than Xbox is because of loyal customers. PlayStation 3 also has amazing technology and was released in 2006. In some countries, PlayStation has better prices when compared to Xbox, hence it does better.
  3. Omek Interactive: This company is getting immensely popular because it has new technology. These days almost everyone wants a video game or something similar to Xbox 360. In Omek Interactive, you can download games from the Internet, and play them on the console. Downloading game is an amazing feature, and everybody knows that games on the internet are cheaper. This feature is winning customers over very quickly.
  4. Pandora: Pandora has been manufactured by Open pandora, and its main aim is to provide the best technology to all gamers. Ever since Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has been launched, Pandora has given a very tough fight in the market, and it still does. The main focus on technology by this company has helped compete with one of the best gaming companies.
  5. Zeebo: It has introduced gaming, Internet surfing, online communications, and education-related information all in one computer-in-console type of model. The all-in-one computer-in-console type of model has been preferred by so many students.


XBOX needs to come up with eye-catching advertisements and features that will help attract customers. Teenagers are choosing online gaming over playing with friends outside. XBOX will have to reduce its prices to encourage customer inflow and product sales. If the product is heavy or bulky, it would be nearly impossible for people to carry it around.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Is XBOX better than Nintendo?

Nintendo and XBOX are two different companies with different games. While XBOX has released a wide range of games, Nintendo too has come up with many mobile games and children-friendly games like Mario Kart. Both the companies are good at what they do, and it depends on the consumer and their preference.

  • Is XBOX losing customers on both ends?

No. XBOX is trying to focus on Play station’s customers while it is not paying adequate attention to its customers. If XBOX continues in the same trend, then it might end up losing its customers to Nintendo. 

  • If I were in XBOX’s place, what should I do?

Now that you have your SWOT analysis, you should make sure to grasp your opportunities or work towards them. You should also try to enhance your skills and your strengths while you try to overcome your threats and weaknesses. 

Xbox SWOT Analysis & Competitors- Know More

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