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About H-E-B

American private supermarket, H-E-B Grocery Company, LP headquartered in San Antonio, Texas was founded in 1905 (116 years ago) by Florence Butt. The company which started as a grocery store on the ground floor of Florence Butt family home has expanded to over 340 stores throughout Texas and also Mexico (northeast). H-E-B grocery has several manufacturing facilities. The company has one of the largest milk and bread processing plants in the southwest. Most of the products sold at H-E-B grocery stores are produced by the company. The company’s products include milk, bread, snacks, cooked meats and meals, and ice cream. In this article we are going to see about how to fill H-E-B application?

How to fill H-E-B application

H-E-B Careers

H-E-B offers job opportunities in different fields and they are;

  • Digital: 
  • Pharmacy& Magenta Health Primary Care Clinics
  • Corporate
  • University grads and summer internships 
  • Stores
  • Manufacturing, Warehousing & Transportation

 Pharmacy & Magenta Health Primary Care Clinics

H-E-B offers job opportunities in both Magenta Health Primary Care Clinics and Pharmacy

Magenta Health Primary Care Clinics: People working under this category at H-E-B are registered dietitians, primary health care workers, etc. Job roles under this category include both clinical roles and non-clinical roles.

Clinical Roles; These includes physicians, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, medical assistants

General Requirements: 

  • Must be certified professional in the relevant field
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in the specific field
  • Be patient, have good listening skills
  • Have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment


H-E-B offers numerous job store opportunities. This includes hourly jobs, department manager and store leadership, Pharmacy jobs, and H-E-B drivers.

Hourly Jobs: Jobs in this category includes; Checker, Customer service assistant, overnight stocker, bakery, beauty, administrative support, Beer and wine, bookkeeping, convenience store, cooking connection, deli, drug store, floral, gas station, general merchandise, grocery, healthy living, in-store demos, in-store shopping, meat market, Mia’s shopping, Produce, Restaurants, Sanitation, Seafood, Shelf edge, business centre, Texas backyard, loss prevention.

Stores General Requirement.

  • Must be genuinely interested in helping people
  • Must be committed to representing the company well before the customers
  • Have a passion for business
  • Must be proactive (always know what to do)
  • Be smart, and attentive to details
  • Be able to work in a fast-paced working environment
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment

H-E-P Hiring Process.

The H-E-P hiring process is in four stages. These include; Application, Online interview, In-store or physical interview, offer. 

Step 1


The H-E-P hiring process starts with job application which is done only through the company website online. H-E-P does not accept email applications for any job role. To apply for any job role of choice go to the company career website ( on your browser, a home page will be displayed as shown below;

How to fill H-E-B application

Scroll down the home page to view the different careers at the company, 

How to fill H-E-B application

Click on the career of choice by clicking on the name or picture representing the career pf choice, for example stores 

After clicking on it, you will be directed to the store career page as shown below;

How to fill H-E-B application

As explained above, stores careers are divided int o different categories, and each category contains different job roles. To know the category of the job you wish to apply for, read the “store” section of this article. To access the different categories, scroll down the store career page as shown below;

How to fill H-E-B application

To learn more about any of the category, click on the “learn more” button and to view available jobs click on “view jobs” button.

After clicking on “view jobs” you will be directed to the page to view available jobs 

How to fill H-E-B application

You can scroll through the page to search for job of choice, if the job you want is not among the displayed job, scroll down the page and click on “next”.

How to fill H-E-B application

 or simply search for the job you want by keyword, city and region, simply enter the keyword of the job, e.g. beer wine, enter the city you want to work and the region, then click on the red search icon after the region box.

To apply for the job of choice click on the “apply” red button at the right-hand side of the specific job

How to fill H-E-B application

After clicking on it, you will be directed to this page

How to fill H-E-B application

To apply for job at H-E-B, you have to create an account that will give you access to apply for the job you want. To do this, simply scroll down and click on the long-red “new user-create login” but if you have an account already simply enter your user’s name and password in the section provided as show in the image above. For new user after clicking on the long red “new user-create login button” you will be directed to the page to create an account, simply enter your details as shown below; 

How to fill H-E-B application

Click on the register button below the form, and the privacy policy page will be displayed.

How to fill H-E-B application

Go through the privacy policy to see if you are okay with it, it is advisable to read this, so many applicants do not bother to go through this, there are things in the privacy policy that you may not agree with. If you agree with the privacy policy, click on the “I Accept” button to complete your account opening (remember that you have not started the real job application). After clicking on the “I Accept” button, the job application page will be displayed as shown below; 

The first thing is to enter your e-signature which is your full name, when you are done click on the “save and continue red button” or you can “save as draft” to continue your application later and you can also “quit” if you wish to. After you click on the “save and continue red button” you will be directed to the page to upload your resume, after this click on the save and continue red button to continue to the next stage. Continue to navigate through each stage and provide the required information. Once you are done, click on the “submit” button.

 Step 2

Hire Vue online interview: After submitting your application online, if you meet all criteria, you will be contacted via email to invite you for an online interview, always check your junk or spam to avoid missing the interview.

Step 3

 In-store /Physical Interview: The in-store interview is for store jobs and the location is the store location you applied for, while the physical interview is for other job categories, the location will be communicated to you via email, this is if you pass the online interview.

 Step 4

This is after the in-store/ physical interview, successful applicants who have passed all required fields will be offered a job.

In conclusion, getting a job at H-E-B is not as stressful and difficult, all you need is to make sure you meet all requirements and prepare ahead of interviews, ensure to answer the interview questions truthfully because the interviewers will detect if you lie.

 H-E-B application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Do I have to know someone at H-E-B to get a job there?

Answer: No, knowing or having a relative at H-E-B does not guarantee getting a job at the company.

Question: Is it hard to get a job at H-E-B?

Answer: H-E-B is a reputable company, and highly sought for by job applicants. Getting a job at the company is hard but not difficult, you only need to prepare well for the interviews.

Question: How do I check my H-E-B job application status?

Answer: Via the email you provided during your job registration or simply go to and log in to your account to check.

Question: Does H-E-B conduct background checks?

Answer: Yes, they do.

How to fill H-E-B application? – Know More

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