Spotify SWOT Analysis- Let’s Find Out

Spotify is the leading music app dominating all over the world. As we know that in starting year music industry has never tried to digitalized industry. All the transition had done thorough physical object which was CD . For avoiding this piracy  in 2006 Stockholm invented on -demand audio-streaming service. After that in 2008 Spotify was fledged to launch by Daniel becoming the world most subscribed music app with 456 m users . Looking wide market of Spotify it is necessary to analyze it’s strength , weakness , opportunities, threats. Let us know What are the ‘Spotify SWOT Analysis’.

Spotify SWOT Analysis

Spotify SWOT Analysis


  1. It is easily available and accessible for people. 
  2. Anyone can listen music anywhere whenever you want and it makes it different from others . you can take example of gaana music which does not access to app without subscription.
  3. Spotify has 195 millions subscription and 456 m users which huge amount any app can ever have.
  4. Spotify gives people right to choose their playlist according to their taste and people are really getting used to it .
  5. Above 70 million tracks available on Spotify in addition various podcast available on Spotify.
  6. Any new artists who want to make career in music industry he can publish his art through this app. Nevertheless this feature is enough to make people subscribe to app . Many  people prefer to listen podcast it also provides variety in podcasts.
  7. Quality of Spotify’s audio is excellent.
  8. Spotify’s autoplay feature is one of the outstanding features. In past people had limited choices of songs they had to download it and then play it. But now on Spotify app  you play song according to the your preference it plays next song and we need not to search for it . Spotify is the first app which introduces this feature.
  9. One of the most important strength is that it gets updated often. Occasionally they add features like recently they launched wrap feature which allows to view trends on the platform as well as their activity on the platform over the past year.
  10. Competiting with huge embassy like apple and itunes spotify made his place in the market . And across in  180 markets Spotify is dominating.
  11. Users can make their playlist and can save to library and whenever they want they can play without searching for song.
  12. To improve quality of work Spotify is giving wellness week to it’s employees . which may lead positive environment in company.


  1. Internet connection is the main problem while using app . Without internet connection you can not play song which is severe problem in app.
  2. As we know that Spotify has too many adds which leads listeners disappointment without subscription you can’t avoid those adds.
  3. Nowadays spotify has made changes which will may cause loss in its users that is we can’t reply songs we can’t play last played song .
  4. In market point of view artists on Spotify gets less payment than other platforms Resulting many artist are shifting this platform to others 
  5. Dependency on other app can cause major problem without Google Play Store spotify can’t be downloaded even Google has its own Google Play music app.


  1. Advertising is main objective of the Spotify and in last few years they expanded their advertisement across the world.  Now there main focus is to capture the market of southest Asia which is second fastest growing region globally has most internet users . Spotify advertisers have the opportunity to connect with audience .
  2. Spotify is planning to add audiobook for the habitants of United Kingdom. According to them it will be great experience for people . It is a great opportunity to grow both the audiobook space and  the embellishment of app .
  3. In point of view stock market for those who wants to speculate on Spotify it is good chance to make move.
  4. Since the launch of apple music first time apple heightened it’s prices as a result of increasing licensing cost. Apple Inc. has  increased price of premium subscription which can be beneficial for Spotify. It will be great opportunity to capture Market.
  5. Stock prices of Spotify’s are cheap and they can attract buyers . According to study company profit margin will increase by 10 % in coming year 2023. In last 12 month company earned 12.2 billion revenue.


  1. Spotify is going to launch HiFi  streaming plan . The plan will cost users around $19.99 . While Apple music giving HiFi service at free of cost to its users .this service make users able to listen lossless music . This threat can causes losses in users of app.
  2. Facing toughest competition aginst Amazon , Apple , Google is major threat for Spotify . Due to increase in competition Spotify’ cost of revenue has raised from $5.9 billion to $7.1 billion.
  3. This year arguments between Spotify and artist was the top headlines which had damaged the image of Spotify . The podcaster Joe Rogan has accused for spreading misleading information about covid-19. Such news badly affect the reputation of app.
  4. Increase in number of users can result into hacking . According to news Spotify’s many accounts are hacked  this year. Hacking can be a threat .
  5. Past five years company is investing in expanding content and neglecting its profit which has led company to huge loss in its share . Day by day Spotify’s shares are declining it seems like the business becoming unprofitable . Decline in share is big threat for company.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Spotify SWOT Analysis’, In conclusion to our analysis we can say that Spotify has advantages like brand name , million of user, millions of tracks which is enough survive in the market . Moreover it has to focus on its relationship with artists which will  establish strong image in the market . Spotify also have to focus on its partnership with other companies . Spotify has to take account the it’s features which is similar to other apps . It  has to made changes which will help to grow. Spotify needs to minimize their add promotion and also needs to solve the problem of piracy , phishing , hacking. Reduction in cyber crime will generate confidence about the app. 

Hope this analysis will guide you through company’s ups and downs .

Spotify SWOT Analysis- Let’s Find Out

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