Kylie’s Cosmetic SWOT Analysis- And its Competitors

Kylies Cosmetic SWOT Analysis

Kylie Cosmetics is the most explicit brand of all time. This 5-year-old cosmetic brand as the name suggests is owned by Kylie Jenner, who is one of the most followed personalities of the world, having 285 Billion followers on Instagram. She promotes her over-the-top exotic cosmetic products. In this article, we will be doing Kylie’s Cosmetic SWOT Analysis!

Kylie Jenner who is the world’s youngest entrepreneur herself promotes her brand which increases sales as well as sets up trendy looks with these products. This urges Kylie’s billions of fans to buy Kylie Cosmetics.

Recently, they have launched their gold collection, which includes glitter gold eyeshadow, a wide range of makeup palettes, lipsticks, etc.

Any company’s large amount of investment is done on promotions but in Kylie Cosmetics that’s probably not the case. 

This iconic brand has a grand amount of followers:

On Instagram, it has 25.2 Million followers

On YouTube, I have 17 Million subscribers 

It has over 4 million followers on Facebook.

And a giant amount of Stan on Snapchat as well.

After analyzing the data of the popularization of this iconic cosmetic company. 

But first, let us know what SWOT Analysis even means?

SWOT analysis refers to analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of a brand. They help a brand to grow and overcome and be aware of all the disadvantages and factors that hinder the company’s growth.

Let’s know the Strengths of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics is listed as one of the most prominent companies in America in a short period of 5 years. This is because theirs 

  • Strategy 

Kylie Cosmetics uses mindful strategies to promote and launch its products.

  • Promotion

Being an iconic brand, the majority of the sales comes from the promotion done by Kylie herself and top models of the industry.

  • TrendSetter

Kylie Cosmetics is known for its over-the-top explicit products, which connect to the user’s emotions and aspirations. Hence are loved immensely worldwide.

  • Personal Touch 

During its initial launch in 2016, Kylie herself wrote personalized thank you notes for each product, which played a major part in connecting to people. She is also known as the most viewed person by Snapchat. Her Cosmetics never disappoint her fans. This brings large traffic in the consumption of products of Kylie to Cosmetics.

Every product has a special significance to Kylie’s body, the lips packaging are a glimpse of her thick glossy lips, and they also have Kylie’s signatures over some of the products. They create a special bond with the audience. These personal touches make the crowd want to buy Kylie Cosmetics.

After knowing the success reason of Kylie Cosmetics let’s discuss some of its Weaknesses:


  • Presence

Kylie Cosmetics competitors such as KIKO, Sephora, etc are located at prime locations globally such as New York, Paris, India, Wein, Mississippi, Rio De Janeiro, etc, and are easily accessible to many.

Whereas Kylie Cosmetics is only situated in Los Angeles and Oxnard, US.

  • Social Media Toxicity 

One of the major dropping sales reasons would be directly related to Kylie’s character, decisions, or acts. People tend to follow the actor and make a brand for themselves! So if Kylie’s actions are not appreciated by folks, it may directly ruin the whole company’s reputation as well as growth, irrespective of its products. 

After viewing the facts about weaknesses let’s explore the new opportunities for Kylie Cosmetics:

  • Recommendation 

Kylie Jenner is a social media celebrity Snapchat star and Instagram influencer. This allows her to let her brand be recommended to users all over social media. This would prove to be a great success for the budding cosmetic company.

  • Free Promotion 

Just as Starbucks customized the user’s name, they should also avail the service of customization as specified by customers to get free brand promotion in great numbers.

  • Trends

Kylie Cosmetics could be partnered with many makeup artists which set Trendy styles which the crowd looks at with enthusiastic zeal to intimidate.

  • Expansion 

This Iconic brand could gain so much popularity all over the world if the accessibility increases and costs are cut down to normalcy. 

After seeing Kylie’s Cosmetics strengths, weaknesses and opportunities let’s see the threats of this iconic brand.

  • Brand Fam

Most of the users of Kylie Cosmetics buy Kylie Cosmetics because of Kylie alone, which should not be the only criteria for sales.

The brand should build a specialty,  as they have in lipsticks but best in class to dominate the makeup industry, hence they should focus on their one supreme unbeatable product in Quality.

  • Price

Kylie Cosmetics just like that of Apple has become a style and status symbol, this could have adverse effects on the sales proposition of the local and Middle people. As they do not brag and don’t care if it’s not accessible at minimum cost to them.

Major Competitors 

Kylie is a Fandom driven cosmetic company, hence it has to face criticism from the haters of Kylie Jenner. Additionally, there are many powerful and dominant brands ruling the market with their A-1 quality of product form for a long period. For example MAC, Lakmè, NYX Cosmetics. 

  • New to Market

This 5-year-old brand lacks the market knowledge, experience and doesn’t connect to the sentiment of everyone. As of highlighting bolder features and not generally centric to major features of users.

  • Criticism 

Apart from Kylie lovers, it only supplies Kylie’s choice of products, and not what the audience wants to have. This creates discretion in the buyers and disagreeable circumstances which are not in favor of products and sales parameters of Kylie Cosmetics 

  • Sales

Sales are a great medium to attract many buyers, but Kylie Cosmetics only has sales on Thanksgiving occasions and not other than that. This could let shopaholics opt-out from it, because of wide options and ongoing sales seasons of other brands throughout the year.

The following was about the SWOT that is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of Kylie Cosmetics! We hope it has enlightened you about the iconic and emerging brand. Thank you for reading!

Kylie’s Cosmetic SWOT Analysis- And its Competitors

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