Google Software Engineer Level- Know More About It

A software engineer is someone who creates software tools that are used in building, designing, evaluating or maintaining various computer software like operating systems, electronic games, web applications, mobile applications, and many more. Let’s learn about ‘Google Software Engineer Level’.

Google Software Engineer Level

Google Software Engineer Level

So, what does a Google software engineer do? What are the requirements and qualifications for each level? How much do they earn? Are there advantages to having different levels of jobs in Google software engineering? Read to the end as we delve into answering these questions and more.

Simply put, Google software Engineer levels are job levels that determine the level of power or authority that is bestowed on an Engineer. They show your experience and your depth of responsibilities. They are nine in number and each has specific qualifications and requirements.

What do Google Software Engineers do?

Google software Engineers deal with the development of next-generation technologies that changes the way billions of users link up, research, and come in close contact with steady information and with one another.

How Many Levels Exist for Google Software Engineers?

There are nine levels for Google software Engineers and they are as follows:

  1. There is Software Engineer I (level 2) which is the beginner level for freshers or trainees. However, this does not count as one of the significant or common levels for Google software Engineers.
  2. Software Engineer II (level 3)
  3. Software Engineer III (level 4)
  4. Senior Software Engineer (level 5)
  5. Staff Software Engineer (level 6)
  6. Senior Staff Software Engineer (level 7)
  7. Principal Engineer (level 8)
  8. Distinguished Engineer (level 9)
  9. Google Fellow (level 10) Senior Google Fellow (level 11)

Who is Qualified To Work at Each Level In Google Software Engineering?

Software Engineer I (level 2)

Individuals who are recently out of college, who studied a software engineering course or related course or a trainee still seeking and pushing for a 4-year bachelor’s degree in an engineering program can work at this level.

Software Engineer II (level 3)

Google grad-level software engineer is a level 3 developing engineer who has a B.Sc degree in computer engineering or a related course. An MSc degree is usually necessary for engineers at this level. Howsoever, if they have 0-1 year of industrial experience they can be given an entry-level position.

Software Engineer III (level 4)

2-4 years of experience or a PhD is needed to be a Google software engineer at level 3. 

Senior Software Engineer (level 5)

A software coder at level 5 relishes autonomy and has bigger duties. They are given difficult jobs and tasks that need attention to detail and exhibition of impact.

They are also expected to provide 6-10 years of experience at the work level.

Staff Software Engineer (level 6)

This is the point at which software engineers start moving and growing into roles of leadership with 10 or more years of experience in the territory. The top 10% of competent engineers are where they belong and they direct and guide the wins/success of a project.

They are considered or referred to as a Software Engineering Manager II equivalent and assessments of their performances are easy to understand at this point. Individuals at this phase are eligible to oversee engineering units.

Senior Staff Software Engineer (level 7)

They are often considered senior managers equivalent. Individuals here should be qualified to take on the responsibilities of a level 6 software engineer. Some bigger expectations and duties are related to their work role although they have 10 or more years of experience. Bigger involvement and exhibition of impactful results in level 6 can raise an engineer to this level. 

Principal Software Engineer (level 8)

This set of engineers plays a pivotal role in pushing or driving technical plans for large-scale products or parts of infrastructure while synchronizing and leading massive teams of engineers. Software engineers at level 8 are difficult to get or recruit as they have already undertaken managerial and ruling spots Level 8 is associated or concerned with relatively high payment as software engineers start moving and stepping into firm governance/rule.

Distinguished Software Engineer (level 9)

Like level 8, level 9 software engineers are associatively rare and hugely respected. Their main duty is to create technological plans and impact wide technical sections.

Google Fellow (level 10)

The level 10 equivalent of the software engineering manager stage, also called vice presidents, basically rules a few thousand engineers in providing technical inputs. It is a respectable spot kept for the leading software engineering experts or know-hows in the world that normally stay or remain in the position or spot for the rest of the program of their careers. 

Google Senior Fellow (level 11)

This is the level 11 manager similar to the senior vice presidents.

How Much Do Google Software Engineers Earn at Each Level? 

Below is a table showing the breakdown of the highest attainable salaries at each level of software engineering per year. 

Level Total (base+bonus+stock)
9No available salary data
10No available salary data
11No available salary data

Which Skills Are Needed/Required to Become a Software engineer?

  • Computer programming and development
  • Software coding
  • Classy designing skills
  • The ability to handle Software tests and bugs spotting and elimination
  • Having sound judgement and the capacity to solve problems
  • Ability to pass information through speaking and writing
  • Ability to function efficiently with a team
  • Creating a field for your software coding

Is it Very Hard to Get a Job at Google?

Yes, it could be challenging to get a job at Google. The acceptance rate is 0.2% and this shows the level of competition that is involved in getting employed by the company.


Software engineering is an exciting area or field to build up a working experience and also earn money comfortably. There is nowhere else to enjoy this opportunity than Google so start applying today and after applying, keep on applying till you get approved and eventually employed by the company. If you are a newbie to software programming, get up to speed with recent trends and data, and enjoy being a software engineer.

Google Software Engineer Level- Know More About It

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