Xerox Job Titles-Know More

Xerox, as a company, is focused on offering workers exceptional workplace experiences. Its operations are based on document management technology, publishing and printing, printers, copiers, multifunction devices, and fax machines.Let us know abouth that Xerox job titles.

Xerox Job Titles

Xerox has its headquarters in Connecticut and presently employs more than 24,000 persons and has different areas of specialisation as well as job titles to distinguish each role from the other. These roles range from. Machine operator to sales professionals etc.It is a purpose-driven organization. As with every futuristic institution, there is a chain of command and a collection of the departmentalized workforce that come together to push the team’s vision as a whole. The company is a multi-race and demographic enterprise. It does not segregate between persons but employs people based on their qualifications.

Xerox works to maintain good and healthy work relationships with its employees. Statistics have proven over time that the average employee is sold out to the company for 4.5 years. These spell loyalty and sacrifice, which is crucial for Xerox’s work ethic. The company also boasts of a non-politicalized working atmosphere. Although, its workers are primarily of the Democratic Party. 

We have carefully detailed a well-laid-out outline of Xerox job titles in this article.


Xerox’s mission is to transform the way businesses worldwide communicate and relate with their employees through innovative ideas to foster business and personal growth and development.

Xerox Job Titles and Description

These jobs ensure the smooth running of activities in the company. These job titles are in no particular order of importance.

1. Machine Operator

Machine Operators operate a host of equipment and office machinery. These machines are used to improve the efficiency of the working process. Some of this equipment is duplicates, photocopies, scanning machines, and readers.

 They also operate staplers, perforating machines, collators, and cutting machines. They are saddled with the task of assembling documents, sorting, and carefully loading these documents onto machines such as photocopiers for photocopying.

Machine Operators receive offers from customers and review these offers to collect details about the job and what is required and then give a billing. They clean and maintain all machines, carefully observing when they begin to deteriorate and hamper the easy flow of work to call in repairs.

2. Customer Service

The customer service job description is primarily focused on offering customers impressive and worthwhile experiences. These customer service agents respond to countless calls answering their questions, giving guidance, carefully analyzing their complaints, and proffering solutions.

3. Sales Professional

Xerox sales professionals are the human sales line of the company. They advertise the company’s products to potential buyers with detailed information on the usefulness and benefits of the products. These employees receive commissions for their sales as well as incentives.

As a solution company, Xerox offers hardware and software products to meet the cooperative and administrative needs of customers. The company assigns a specific quota to these sales professionals. They are responsible for researching companies and enterprises that might need their products, applying for proposals, and offering presentations to these companies to convince them why they need the products to improve business performance.

4. Site Administrator

With a rather busy work environment, activities are needed to retain schedules and remain unhindered. Site Administrators ensure a smooth running of operations by using software to schedule workers and working times, generate detailed reports and.

5. Press and Packaging operator

At Xerox, the Press and Packaging operator is responsible for keeping records of production done daily. They supervise the manufacturing process to ensure that the products meet the company’s standards. Products that do not meet the standards are disposed of and re-produced. After production, the packaging operator packages the products following company stipulated guidelines.

6. Education Program Officer

The education program officer is critically important at Xerox. They are responsible for technical leadership. They lead education activities in the company, supervising non-formal education programs and supporting the initiatives. They manage a range of programs, seek grants, and offer proposals.

7. Computer Operator

The computer operator is focused on monitoring and supervising Xerox’s computer systems and computer-related operations. The proper solutions to the computer systems and coding complications. They also help improve working systems by providing more efficient and practical processes to computer operations. They also ensure the machines are working optimally

8. Billing-Purchasing Administrator

At Xerox, the billing-purchasing administrator is responsible for ervisinervising the company’s purchasing transactions and procedures. Their job is to negotiate with products and equipment and suppliers to cut favorable deals for the company. They give an up-to-date inventory on a budget of products, quantity, and method of supply.

9. System Engineer

These employees look to spot issues in a company’s system. The test a product and system to locate areas that require adjustments, improvements, or a general overhaul. System engineers take a pain-staking path of carefully analyzing the process phases involved in developing these systems.

10. Senior Electronics Technician

The Senior Electronics Technician has the responsibility for writing software. They require strong mechanical aptitude, analytical skills, understanding of wiring schematics, and great communication skills. They assist in repairing and assembling electronic parts while also ensuring that this equipment is used the way it should be used and with proper care..

Here are some other job titles you can find at Xerox: Billing Associate, Delivery Driver, Senior Project Manager, Senior Manager, Senior DevOps Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Accounts Assistant, Floating Print Shop Operator, Senior Professional-Client Solution Development, Director-Global Benefits, Mailroom Clerk, Warehouse Associate, Marketing Manager, Security Architect, Lease Administrator, Data Scientist, Production Operator, Al Engineer amongst many others.

Advantages Of Working At Xerox

1 Life Insurance.

2 Employees get to enjoy holidays all expense free.

3 The company makes provision for eldercare and childcare support for employees.

4 Adequate Healthcare provision.

5 Provision easy-to-follow retirement savings plan.


Xerox is a good place to obtain substantial working experience. The company provides a suitable working environment.

 It has many computer-based and operable human jobs. The company also does work and learning provisions on artificial intelligence. All job descriptions are straightforward and require an analytical mind to execute.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What Does A Purchasing Officer Do?

A purchasing officer buys goods and products as a representative of his or her company for office use. The company can also resell these products if they have no use for them. They also carry out product surveys and negotiate with sellers.

2. What Are The In Demand Top 5 IT Job Titles?

The top 5 job titles in demand are Software Engineer, System Administrator, Business Analyst, Software Engineer, and Software Developer.

3. What Is The Meaning Of Xerox?

Xerox is a Greek word that implies dry writing. This name was invented after the first-day granular ink was used to print instead of liquid ink.

Xerox Job Titles-Know More

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