How Aidan Duffy Became an Oracle Consultant

What are your reasons for Becoming an Oracle Consultant?

Are you searching for information on Oracle consulting, or maybe you’ve worked on an Oracle project with consultants and wondered if you could do the job?

Are you interested in traveling to work in different countries, which is one of the big opportunities of working with Oracle. Perhaps you’re interested in increased salary or working on international projects with big companies. Or maybe you’re interested in or just like working with people from different parts of the world.

To help you make your decision I want to share some things about the impact working as an Oracle consultant has had on my life:

How Consulting has changed my life

From my own perspective, consulting really has changed a huge amount in my life. The first thing is it’s changed my outlook on life. It’s made me much more positive about what can be achieved. It’s given me an idea of the opportunities that exist. And it’s given me amazing experiences, both personal and professional experiences, in over almost 20 years that I’ve been working as an Oracle consultant.

It’s given me an emotional maturity I think to be able to react to the challenges of consulting life and working on projects. It’s also given me a professional maturity to kind of plan my career and ensure that I’m always developing along with my own personal philosophy let’s say.

Where I live, my friends and my Mindset

Due to consulting I was able to change where I live; I did two terms overseas; I did a year in Prague. I also did a year in Amsterdam, and I’ve travelled to most of the major European capitals on different Oracle projects.

It has changed who I associate with. I’m from a small town, I never would have associated or met the type of people I have done if I hadn’t have worked as consultant, so I’m grateful for that.

It has changed what I think I can achieve in the future and what might be possible, and that’s probably the most valuable thing that working as a consultant has done for me.

In short, it’s pretty much changed everything. I really don’t want you to miss this opportunity to find out more about how you can do it too.

So why I chose Consulting in the first place?

I was working as an Oracle report writer as a permanent member staff in Dublin, in Ireland; and we needed to do an upgrade to our Oracle EBS instance. We needed a lot of extra resources at short notice and hired some consultants to work on to the site. And after a while I started to chat to them, to know kind of what their life was like, and it became apparent about the lifestyle that these people had. They seem to travel around to exotic locations, I knew there were big salaries to be earned, and it really struck me kind of the freedom that these people had, the complete independence that they seem to have and the control they had over their own destiny. I was really attracted to the options that they had; it seemed far more exotic than working in Dublin. The travelling aspect of the life really appealed for me.

What did Consulting do for me?

Over time I enjoyed all of the benefits of the consulting life; plus a few more. I was able to start as an independent(self-employed) consultant, transfer from technical to functional, from functional into project management.

I am just about to start working as an instructor for Oracle Corporation, training people on Oracle Cloud. I currently work with Oracle education providing training to E-Business Suite enterprise clients in conjunction with Oracle; I provide methodology training and they provide their core product training through learning subscriptions.

I was also able to have my thoughts published by Oracle in a book, it’s called, “The Oracle Opportunity – A Blueprint for Success as an Oracle Consultant.” Now I divide my team between consulting engagements and enterprise training solutions, including career coaching and mentoring, to independent people like yourselves who are interested in becoming consultants.

So what do you actually need to know to become an Oracle consultant?

Well, there are number of pathways in that I’ve seen based on experience of people that I’ve worked with; you can transfer in from technical, I transferred in from technical into functional. You can transfer in from the business; you can transfer in from other areas of projects like support, testing, from project management. And you can cross-train in from other areas of IT. I have worked with people originally technical, business and other disciplines, they have built successful consulting careers after becoming a consultant.

So how do you succeed as an Oracle Consultant?

There’s more to it than it appears from the outside. There are 6 key skills to becoming an Oracle functional consultant; Objectives, Requirements, Design, Build, Test, and Transition. This is way more than I can cover in one article but don’t worry I’ll have lots of other resources to teach you those 6 key skills.

What if you Succeed as a Functional Consultant?

I just want you to stop and think what if you were able to succeed and make a transition or make dramatic progress in your Oracle consulting career, what would your life look like? How would it feel to be able to enjoy financial freedom? How would it feel to be able to have a real career plan; an upward trajectory to your career? How would it feel to be able to plan your family’s future, your kids’ education?

So just before we wrap up, I’d love to hear a little bit more about you,

  •  Why you want to be a consultant
  • What have you heard about the consulting life
  • What you think you could achieve if you could succeed in your journey to becoming a consultant?

If you just add something in the comments below or shoot an email([email protected]), then we’ll get in touch. I’m looking forward to giving you the help that you need in your journey to becoming an Oracle consultant.

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How Aidan Duffy Became an Oracle Consultant

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